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Work experience

Android Developer

Currently working for as an Android Developer Interned at HDFC Life Insurance, India Worked for Popular, a Malaysian bookstore company Developed an Android application that allows users to order books online. Features include selecting books, requesting new books, a cart and checkout page. My role includes creating mockups, designing and developing the user interface and development of the database. Worked for Department of Andhra Pradesh, India Developed a cross platform mobile application using PhoneGap for reporting crime, emergency and traffic violations. The user uploads picture along with text and sends it. This information is sent to the nearest patrolling vehicle and stored for future analysis. I was the lead developer for this project. My key role was to integrate the different modules of the app while building the server end. Also took part in designing the user interface. Emphasis was laid on keeping the app as simple and intuitive as possible. Worked for TeamCloud, a cloud based file sharing company, India Developed an Android application which focused mainly on sharing files using cloud. My primary duty was to quickly create a testable model of the functionality for the app. I used“ Parse” to perform file upload operations and working on the user interface. Worked as a using backbone. js for Mauka, an online job portal, India





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