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Phan Thúy Anh

Phan Thúy Anh

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Work experience

Work experience

Receptionist and Translator

May 2015 - Present
Phoenix Invesment Advisers
A part-time job which is an office support position. I receive calls; contact with visitors, patients, or clients; control mails and messages; manage website and facebook fanpage; and I also translate some contracts and documents from Vietnamese to English and reverse.


Jul 2014 - Present
IU ArTeam Cheerleaders
A sport which needs lots of skills to keep balance at high; requires health, strength, flexible, high focus and team spirit; cheers others up by cheer-face, stunts and dancing.

Promotion Girl

May 2014 - Sep 2015
Vườn Cau Wedding Restaurant
A weekend part-time job. I fully make up, get dressed, stand in 2.5 hours and smile, then help the Bride and Groom get ready to enter the wedding hall.


Nov 2014 - Jun 2015
Tutoring Volunteers Group
Tutor for poor children in neighborhoods for free.



 Second year Student

2014 - Present
International University
I major Biotechnology which is one of the most important technology applications of our lives.



Responsibility, enthusiasm

Volunteer Experience

I enjoyed many Volunteer campaigns in University and my neighborhood.

English Communication

I can communicate in English.