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  • B2B IntegrationExpert
  • Enterprise Application Integration ( EAI )
  • Message Oriented Middleware ( MOM )
  • Service Oriented Architecture ( SOA )
  • Enterprise Service Bus ( ESB  )
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design  ( OOAD )
  • Software Design ( UML , RUP )
  • E-Business Frameworks ( RosettaNet, ebXML, OAGIS, xCBL )
  • Multi Enterprise Integration


  • SAP Integration ( BAPI, RFC, IDOC )
  • Database Technologies ( SQL , PLSQL , C-API, ODBC, JDBC )
  • Java Technologies ( J2SE,  J2EE , JEE )
  • Web 2.0 Technologies ( Ajax, GWT, ZK  )
  • Web Services (WSDL, SOAP )
  • XML  ( XSD, DTD, XSLT, XPath, XQuery )
  • Systems Programming ( C, C++, Unix)
  • LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • Microsoft ( Visual Basic, VBA , MS Office )
  • XML Messaging ( MQ Message Broker, JMS )


  • Application servers ( Tomcat 5.x, Geronimo , WebLogic )
  • Database platforms ( Oracle, Informix, Sybase, MySQL , SQLServer )
  • SoftwareAG webMethods platform - versions 3.2 to 6.5 (Integration Server, SAP Adapter, Trading Networks, Broker, Mainframe Integration Server, ATC)
  • Baan ERP  (BaanTools, Distribution, Manufacturing, Finance )


  • Phal Tatla is a professional integration architect with broad and deep experience of successfully delivering enterprise scale projects. This has been accomplished by working directly with technical and non-technical clients, vendors and system integrators at all levels.
  • With over 20 years proven experience in developing and integrating applications, Phal finds it second nature around many integration challenges that an organisation may face, from both technology and business perspectives.
  • Phal has excellent analytic skills and a great ability to turn a requirement into a solution based on a constantly increasing portfolio of tools and technologies.
  • An established technical document author from defining best practices, governance and quality procedures to functional specifications, detailed designs and end user material.
  • A highly motivated self starter with a hands-on approach.
  • An excellent written and verbal communicator able to express technical ideas clearly.
  • A good manager of people and processes able to bring complex projects to a successful conclusion on time.


Sep 1985Jun 1988

Computer Engineering

Work experience

Sep 2011Present

Enterprise Integration Architect

Royal Sun Alliance

Engaged with multiple stakeholders to design and validate the enterprise integration aspects of key projects and programmes, mainly involving integrating high volume, public facing websites and partners with back end systems such as quotes, claims, payments, exotics and policy management. Gathered requirements and created high level conceptual and physical integration solutions to deliver real business benefits. Worked with developers (being pragmatic and hands-on where required) to ensure that the solutions were properly translated into low level designs and that all aspects of the implementation lifecycle was in adherence to governance criteria. The main platform being Software AG webMethods 8.2.2 with a sprinkling of other integration tools.

Nov 2010Jun 2011

Integration Architect / Delivery Manager

DX Network Services

Undertook a wide scope of responsibilities, primarily to implement a common services platform (CSP) for the DX Group as the foundation for all future integration projects, all the way from initial discussions with SoftwareAG Pre-Sales through to delivering the first project built upon the platform involving SAP, JD Edwards and bespoke operational systems using webMethods 8.2 stack. This included all IT delivery aspects of the CSP including the project management of all integration activities. Worked closely with key business stakeholders to design business processes and the underlying complex technical and integration solutions. Put in place Best Practices including processes, templates and guidelines. Managed the development of deliverables through DX's offshore development partner and performed quality reviews of the deliverables.

Jan 2010Nov 2010

Solution Architect

LCH Clearnet

Working with subject matter experts and third parties, designed several enterprise integration solutions between legacy systems, COTS applications, Investment Banks and Brokers. Supervising a team of developers, implemented projects using both the traditional waterfall model and agile methods. Also carried out basic project management tasks on the pilot projects/ feasibility studies. Defined best practices and templates for designers and developers. Tools used include Rational Software Architect, Oracle Service Bus, WebLogic, Java, JMS, SFTP, Oxygen, WebSphere MQ, FpML, FIXML and FIX protocol.

Oct 2008May 2009

Hands On Integration Architect


Developed high performance middleware for the Financial Services Authority's SABRE II system, integrating derivative transactions (ISIN, AII, OTC) with Investment Firms and European Regulators (CESR). Using Rational Unified Process (RUP), designed the high level solution with Rational Software Architect / UML ensuring that it aligned with the FSA’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Strategy. As a hands-on team leader (onsite and offshore) designed and developed components for the first 3 iterations of the solution using Java, J2EE, FpML, BEA WebLogic, AquaLogic Service Bus, Solaris and Oracle. Provided support during integration testing. Other tasks included involvement with the Sun Logical Domains for virtualisation, data migration and parallel running.

Jun 2008Aug 2008

Enterprise Architect

NEC Europe

Analysed and documented the existing application landscape and integration mechanisms within NEC Europe. Working with key stakeholders (technical, non-technical and board level) across several business areas, determined the functional and non-functional requirements for enterprise and B2B integration. Engaged in vendor selection. Provided in-depth recommendations at several price points for a new middleware infrastructure enable the deployment of in-flight and future projects. Educated team members on integration development guidelines and best practice.

Aug 2007May 2008

B2B Supply Chain Onboarding Manager

Managed the technical aspects of the integration of several Vodafone operating companies (Greece, Group, Malta, Albania, Hungary and Egypt) into a multi enterprise supply chain management system hub. The work was from the point of making initial contact with the operating companies, understanding their current B2B landscape, performing gap analysis, mapping message structures through to providing support during integration/UAT testing and end user training. The role involved close communication with senior stakeholders at the client, technical and non-technical staff at the operating companies and 3rd party suppliers. The messages were typically SAP IDOCs and OAGIS BODs being mapped to and from RosettaNet PIPs using Contivo.

Feb 2007Apr 2007

Solution Architect

Cable and Wireless

Brought in to quickly and effectively develop a Clarify CRM integration into the middleware infrastructure developed last year. The integration work was done from requirements capture, design, build through to test and delivery

Aug 2006Dec 2006

SOA Solution Architect

Cable and Wireless

Designed and built an integration solution between an in-house order management and a billing system using webMethods 6.1 integration server and message broker. Designed the XML canonical messages in a way that future integrations could be added easily. Put into place the infrastructure and managed the outsourced development team (onsite and offshore) who performed the build.

Feb 2006Aug 2006

Technical Architect

GE Healthcare

Designed an integration solution between a legacy ERP system (Flat File and JDBC) and several external marketplaces (Generix, GHX and MedicForma) using webMethods 6.5, xCBL, SOAP and WSDL. Wrote the full set of detailed integration design specifications and the project plan for the offshore development team. Also developed and performed migration on another major EAI / MOM project deployed onto a mixed environment of an existing webMethods 4.6 and a new webMethods 6.5 environment.

Sep 2004Dec 2005

Global Design Authority (Hands On)

Cable & Wireless

The main remit of this role was to ensure that solutions developed by external System Integrators were of fit for purpose, scalable and maintainable. In order to achieve this, the following set of best practice documents were written and used at milestones in the review process : integration architectural principles, development standards, lifecycle guidelines, non functional metrics (performance, volumetric, security, error handling) and quality procedures. The externally developed integrations were to various packaged applications (Siebel - XML/HTTP, Arbor - JavaDOM, ViryaNet - IBM MQ) and legacy systems (DCE, Oracle-based, Flat File). Other work included defining the structures of environments in which to run the various stages of middleware projects, performing Data Centre Move of existing middleware projects, creating common utility modules (error handling, general functions etc.), upgraded an environment from webMethods 4.1 ATC to webMethods 6.1, developed a general purpose file transport engine, some production-support activity on existing in-house projects and building prototype interfaces.

Feb 2004Jun 2004

Hands-On Technical Architect


Put in place Orange's retail EAI middleware infrastructure and developed integrations between SAP Retail, an EPOS system (MQ Adapter) and external partners (Trading Networks) deployed using webMethods 6.1 integration server/broker with publish-subscribe XML canonical messages loosely based on SAP IDOCs.

Dec 2003Jan 2004


Amersham Health (now GE Heathcare)

Post-implementation role to put in place technology and fine tune the original middleware project such as writing high availability unix shell scripts(working with HP ServiceGuard), optimisations and automation of administrative tasks.

Jul 2003Oct 2003

Technical Lead

Rolls Royce Aerospace

Leading a team of developers, implemented integrations between independent SAP systems and a custom Oracle application using webMethods 6.0.1. Designed the XML canonical request-reply messages. Migrated data from from a legacy system to SAP.

Oct 2002Jun 2003

Lead Developer

Amersham Health (now GE Healthcare)

Developed integrations between SAP and legacy systems using webMethods Enterprise 4.6/Broker5 (Adapters: SAP, FileIO, Oracle, Email), Integration Server 4.6 and Trading Networks in a GxP quality environment. Designed neutral document formats based on the OAG standard. Designed and built end user cross-referencing tool.

Sep 2002Sep 2002


British Aerospace

A short contract to integrate Yantra (an eProcurement system) with CommerceOne MarketSite using webMethods Trading Networks, exchanging xCBL documents.

Aug 2001Dec 2001

Middleware Consultant

Ford Motor Company

Introduced webMethods middleware infrastructure (webMethods Enterprise, Integration Server, Trading Networks, Mainframe Integration Server) into Ford Europe with interfaces to 3rd party call centres and various Ford mainframe systems using IMS. Involvement from requirements capture through to development. Installed and configured webMethods software in the development environment. Designed XML Schemas, wrote B2B services and configured the webMethods and Oracle environment

Oct 2000Mar 2001

Senior Integration Consultant

Undertook projects involving integration of systems using webMethods, Java, XML, Oracle, C and Unix. Also provided training and knowledge transfer to other colleagues.

Mar 1998Aug 2000

Baan Consultant

Fresh Software

Projects for the following clients :

  • GKN Westland Aerospace
  • ACCO
  • IBM
  • Accenture
  • Avesta Sheffield

Tools used included Baan IV, Safari, Proloq, Unix, C, Perl, Informix, Oracle, SQL and MS Office. The roles at most of these clients involved customising and extending the functionality of Baan IV in areas of Sales, Purchasing, Distribution, Manufacturing and Finance. Also designed and built interfaces to external/legacy systems (EDI, SAP R/3, Microsoft Office, Timecard) and devices such as fax engines and bar code reader. Wrote best practice standards and mentored client personnel. 

Oct 1996Jan 1998

Middleware Developer

Information Builders

Designed and built the Baan adapter for IBI middleware and reporting products using Windows NT / 3.x / 95, Unix (HPUX, Solaris, AIX), Baan IV, Java, JDBC, C, HTML, Perl, Focus, EDA, SQL Server, Oracle 7, Informix, ODBC. Built utilities to extract metadata and derive other useful information from the Baan Data Dictionary for tools such as report writers (raw and enhanced), data warehousing tools and data migration to and from Baan. Took the projects from inception through to delivery. The projects were deployed in multi-tier environments.

Dec 1992Aug 1996

C/Unix Developer

Fresh Software

Projects for the following clients:

  • EDS / Delco Electronics
  • Lombard Tricity Finance
  • Brite Voice Systems
  • Telecommunications Service Bureau (TSB / TMSE)

Tools used included C, HPUX, Solaris, QNX, Unix Tools (awk, troff, lex, yacc, SCCS, RCS), Sybase, Oracle, Ingres, Informix, X.Window and Motif. Designed and built programs to provide real-time interfaces between MANMAN/X ERP and several legacy/customer/supplier systems. Developed a customer and retailer financial settlement system, integrated it with CHAPS/BACS and performed the data migration from the legacy system. Integrated components within a large-scale multimedia / voice mail system. Work was done in all phases from design to end customer delivery. Built configuration management / version control tools for multi-site development teams, automated build and installation. Systems integration testing was followed through to commissioning the system on the customer site.

Jan 1992Nov 1992

Software Engineer

AT&T Network Systems

Full development lifecycle of an OSI compliant SDH network management system using SunOS 4.1, C, C++, Unix, Informix, OLIT, X Window, Xlib, X protocol, IPC and RPC.

Sep 1988Dec 1991

Software Engineer

Racal Redac

Development and support of Electronic Design Automation CAE/CAD software using HP Apollo, Solaris, Unix, C, C++,Informix and Smalltalk.


Nov 2000Present

webMethods B2B

webMethods Inc.


United Kingdom