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Work experience

Jan 2011Present

Marketing Services Intern

The Children's Society

I was recently an intern within the marketing department of The Children's Society based in London, England. The Children's Society is a not-for-profit charity focused on simply making childhood better for all children. Our focus is on disadvantaged children such as those living in poverty, abusive relationships, abusive care, or are disabled. The Children's Society will lend support to any child,however, whether it be trying to escape vicious gang circles or struggling with identity. My role within the marketing department was to aid in creating the communications which build awareness in and around project sites as well as provide young people with the information they need to pull themselves out of their troubling situations. I brainstormed designs, wrote marketing briefs, communicated with designers, communicated with project workers who knew the target audiences the best, made amends to designs, and oversaw everything which falls within the brand guidelines. I often  branched into event planning, promotion, evaluation analysis, and media relationship building. Making sure the research concerning the well-being of children gets a spot in a newspaper or blog can play the largest role in spreading the message and goals of the charity. An incredible amount of creative input is necessary, however my knowledge as an English major plays a large role as intricate description is necessary to portray ideas to designers through the marketing briefs.

Sep 2009Oct 2010

Literacy Tutor

America Reads

Designing and implementing literacy programs for specific students in different after-school sites. Students were specifically chosen to be tutored because of illiteracy or struggle in other academic area. Had to work with students on individual and group levels as well as track their progress and make amendments to original literacy curriculum. Ensured each student was meeting standards for their particular grade level/age.

Jun 2010Aug 2010

Senior Staff


Senior camp counselor, directing 2-3 Junior camp counselors, ensuring safety and well-being of 15-30 girls (ages 8-15) for twenty-four hours a day, six days a week, first aid/CPR certification, skill leader – had to design and teach a skill throughout the week to hundreds of children, ensure their safety at all times, know how to react responsibly and appropriately to any controversy or emergency, keep calm in high-pressure, high-stress situations, work alongside 40 other Senior Staff members. Creativity was a must as it was necessary in every talent show act, fireside song, and camp activity in order to make sure each child was having the best week of their summer.


Sep 2008Present

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

I'm a third year student at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. I am a student of the Honors College of Liberal Arts as well as a student of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I will be graduating in 2012 with a BA in Public Relations as well as Honors in English. So far I've succeeded in my classes and plan on carrying my work ethic far into my future. There is a lot to work through in college - life changes, growing up, coming to terms with reality, crazy roommates, and rowdy hall-mates. Not to mention the Twin Cities offers an infinite amount of distracting venues such as music scenes, theaters, and restaurants galore. I've learned to live my life in this balance between indulging in art, music, and the occasional Al's Breakfast, and focusing on academia. I'm focused, prioritized, and put in only my strongest efforts. Graduating first in my class of 250 in high school, captain of the lacrosse team, student council officer, and much more, I'm acquainted with challenges and crave a busy life full of hands-on, interactive outlets. I love learning everything new. In the past I've taught myself a variety of activities and am always willing to step up to leadership positions. I can add determination to any atmosphere, except often hope I can purge my sense of humor on my co-workers as well. Everything should have a little bit of fun added to it.


Social Media
A large part of my future endeavors complies to the modernizing world. This means an online, social media kind of world. The future of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkdIn will only progress. The advances have already been seen with platforms such as MySpace and Xanga advancing to what we know on the web today. It is crucial to know more than the simple Tweet. One must know how to adapt and captivate or huge markets could be lost in the limbo of loose language and nonsensical statements.
My school district has the rare advantage of offering German, Japanese, and Spanish to its students since they first enter it in kindergarten. I have been learning and improving my fluency in Spanish since I was six years old. My 1st year as a Golden Gopher I passed my Language Proficiency Exam with flying colors, granting me 'official' fluency in Spanish. I have been able to utilize this skill in several of my past jobs. An understanding of the language and culture has been valuable in my work history.
Computer Skills
As a child of the digital era I have a tight grip around essential computer programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I have knowledge of AutoCad and Photoshop - both of which I utilize. As I have taught myself several instruments in the past including guitar, piano, and tid-bit of violin, I know my limits, and they are boundless. I can teach myself anything I need to know and take pride in doing it. What's the point of having a brain if one isn't willing to expand it and let it flourish?

Extra Bits About Me

Internship: Samples of my Work


My objective is to build a career by doing the things I love. By chasing majors in English and Public Relations, I have an eye for detail and an insatiable craving for networking, building relationships, and even reaching into the fields of marketing and advertising. I want to be seen as who I am and who I am is a powerful, prioritized, driven yet fun-loving student in the prime of her days. I absolutely cannot wait to leap on to the fast ride called Life. I'm living in a metropolis, walking along sidewalks and streets which are lined with golden opportunities. These are the opportunities I want to dig into. The public relations/marketing opportunities in Minneapolis are grander than most others in the Bread Basket of America. I cannot sit still and have these chances staring me in the face - I need to accept their challenges, learn, and develop in the world of public relations. Bring it.


Public Relations Student Society of America:

As a member of the philanthropy committee of the UMN-TC's PRSSA chapter, I was able to work with several different local clients. One of our first endeavors of the year was working with the local UNICEF chapter. With UNICEF, the philanthropy committee raised awareness and involvement for several activities they held throughout the semester. Despite UMN housing such a massive undergraduate population, only a dozen or so are members of UNICEF> Awareness is vital to raise membership and aid for those in need.

We raised funds and awareness for the Aurora Center in preparation for a domestic violence awareness concert being held on campus. The event needed to be well-advertised to draw in donations and crowds. Along with spreading awareness of the concert and cause, many behind the scenes work needed to be done to make the event a success. Tasks such as booking sound equipment, bands, and communications such as posters, cards, and radio spots were needed.

The philanthropy committee also worked closely with the founder of an organization called Music Mayhem. He is the creator of a music trivia game. After hearing the stories of how the majority of his family has died as a result of early onset Alzheimer's, the philanthropy committee was devoted to spreading awareness of not just his game, but also of the devastation Alzheimer's can cause as well as how it has been proven that music can help keep the memory alive in those suffering. Shortly before the end of the semester, though, his brother passed because of Alzheimer's, thus drawing our meetings to a halt for a time.

The Wake:

The Wake is a completely student-run magazine strecthing across the University of Minnesota's campus. Unlike The Daily, The Wake is writeen by, photographed for, illustrated by, and edited by students. The oversee of the issues in every bi-weekly issue is deemed by those at the meetings, yet the editing of the articles is harsh and professional. The students who have the passion to work for little to no pay for a mag sitting in the shadows of The Daily is committed. I wrote for The Wake for a short time, focusing on feature articles as well as those related to the arts. I also played photographer for a brief time with the magazine.


I take an incredible interest in everything. I have a passion for improving the lives of others as well as just living within the tides of my own. I enjoy good music, good wine,and good company. Nothing will ever prove better than sitting back and making moments with close friends, family, and my dogs. Those are the ones who give unconditional love which can be paid forward back into society.

I like to cultivate ideas and take chances. I'm never afraid to learn new skills. I recently bought a calculus book to resuscitate the knowledge I had in high school calc. courses. I also have keen eye for design and all things visually appealing. 

My care for people is unending. The thousands of hours I have spent as a tutor, a counselor, a mentor, and friend to children in summer camps, classes, and everything in between have been some of my most memorable. i will never end my work with children - enriching their lives and enriching my own.

I love life and I will always pull for my goals - I simply cannot accept defeat. Life is too short to roll over and die on your very own dreams.