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Hello. My name is Cara O'Brien and I am currently a Senior Student-Athlete at Longwood University. I am studying Communication Studies with a concentration in Organizational Commuication: Public Relations & Event Planning.

I have done two internships that correspond with my major. These internships were on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to concentrations but it made me open to many types of careers. It also has given me multiple types of skills that will help me in my life after college.

While studying Communications, I have been playing Lacrosse for this University. My sport is Division 1 which requires a great deal of dedication and time management. It is not an easy task to be a Division 1 athlete, as well as a student in a very prestigious major.

You are probably wondering why I call my major "prestigious." As an undergraduate, I have already completed a Communication Audit, planned an Event for the local SPCA, created a Persuasion campaign, and formed a Public Relations proposal for a PR firm. I am currently writing a Crisis Communication plan and a Thesis for the last two major courses on my curriculum as an undergraduate.

Work experience