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Work experience


AVP, Legal Support Manager, Legal Documentation

First Collateral Services

Managed department operations and team of 11 in production of contractual legal documentation, as well as, backup of team functions, as warranted, for this mortgage warehouse loan originator where total commitments exceeded $4.5 billion.

  • Revitalized and motivated team in a rapidly expanded department using management techniques such as weekly staff meetings, team development, training, and “Fish” culture. Actions afforded individual job enhancement, sense of accountability, maximized production, and invigorated environment.

  • Selected by Citigroup management as senior manager to wind down all department operations that included, but not limited to, notice of defaults, wind down status of all remaining accounts, packing and retention reporting of legal files, and termination notifications to respective vendors.

  • Transitioned department to 100% usage of web-based CRM database through active participation on development team, integrating elements of proprietary system with web-based CRM database tool.

  • Developed and managed valuable analytical production reporting requested by company president for senior management. Recapitulated month-to-date and year-to-date new commitment growth in approved credit lines booked as well as profit and loss of legal pipeline in future commitments.

  • Addressed risk management control regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley that mitigated future vulnerabilities and ensured controls, processes, and supporting documents met compliance standards.

  • Structured comprehensive aptitude screening to measure skills, goals, and values of candidates to needs of department that provided recruitment of most versed team members.

Trade Finance Specialist

Administered trade finance product solutions for this privately held bank.

  • Initiated development of workflow requirements manual. Established solid groundwork to ensure future transactions met regulatory controls, facilitated relationships with customers, and gained exposure to these financial services.

Contract Administrator/Contract Specialist

Systematically prepared and disseminated contract documentation for venture capital-backed start-up companies in high technology and life science sectors for this venture finance company which completed over $1 billion in equipment-based and working capital transactions.

  • Developed and utilized process verification list that reduced redundancy and improved accuracy and efficiency. Achievement included coordination of contract requirements with all departments with 99% customer satisfaction. Initiative facilitated optimum administration of multiple concurrent transactions in deadline-driven environment.

  • Designed and managed analysis report that monitored covenants, conditions, and economic information specific to assigned accounts that produced valuable time management tool, guaranteed obligations were compliant with equipment provisions, and troubleshot emerging problems specific to loan.

  • Prolifically incorporated additional role of Contract Specialist during company downsizing, which ensured processes and supporting documents met time limitations and compliance standards.

Sales Associate I & II

Comdisco, Inc.

Contract administration and sales support for provider of technology solutions that included services in computer leasing, asset management, network services, and business continuity with annual sales of $4 billion.

  • Collaborated with customers to assess and develop strategic reporting, which provided a clear understanding of their contractual and financial obligation. Hands-on approach instilled strong customer relations, avoided recurring customer challenges, and reconciled accounts receivables.

  • Consistently recognized as solid contributor in deal formulation and management of all contract documentation that included complex deal structures, price negotiations, follow-up, and problem resolution that achieved customer confidence for large companies such as Fujitsu, ABM Industries, and Wells Fargo Bank.

  • Capitalized on training opportunities which provided continual development of contracts, sales, management, and finance skill sets that enabled accurate completion of large deal transactions (e.g., $500,000-$2,000,000).


Associate in Applied Science

Thornton Community College


Macro & Micro Economics


Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) Email Internet CRM Deal Flow and Data Tracking Proprietary Systems External Record Retention Database SAP (Portfolio Accounting System)    
Training and Coaching: Finance Essentials Understanding and Using Contracts Commercial Lending Requirements and Loan Documentation Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Fundamentals Ethics and Code of Conduct Respect at  Work Managing Upward Communicating with Confidence Assessing Performance Managing Your Time Hiring  
STRENGTHS CA State Notary Public Complex Deal Structuring Contract Negotiation Research Reporting, Analysis, and Maintenance Risk Control Management Problem Resolution Policy & Procedure Development Customer Relations and Service Uniform Commercial Code filings - Revised Article 9    


  • Management Training
  • Research Reporting
  • Organizational Development
  • Golfing
  • Hiking
  • Walking
  • Biking
  • Kayaking
  • Reading
  • Pet sitting


Insightful contributor with 10+ years of contractual experience -- emphasis on deal formulation, creation and management of customer contracts, and financial structuring. Diversified industry exposure in warehouse lending, banking, venture finance, computer leasing, original equipment manufacturer, and steel manufacturing. Experienced in regulatory compliance, interpretation of legal language, elements of due diligence, proactive process improvement initiative, and demonstrated ability to collaboratively work and communicate with all levels of organization and customers. Propensity to manage multiple concurrent projects, bringing a positive attitude and sense of humor.


 Hoping an organization with the following similar values is seeking individual with same.   

- The attitude of employees is as critical to the success of a business as the quality of the product.

  Positive employee morale promotes a better working environment and identifies valuable employees

  who will go the extra mile at work–with a smile on their faces.

- The "FISH" philosophy to “Choose Your Attitude”, “Have Fun”, “Make Their Day”, and “Be Present”.

- Pride in the quality of my work and a willingness to personally perform even the most menial tasks to

  remove obstacles and get the job done to deliver a consistent and professional product with

  uncompromising customer commitment to make a positive contribution to the overall organizational

  goal and objective.

- An open-mind and understanding of diverse personalities, challenge, change, common sense, and a

  strong desire to understand the mechanics and processes within department.

Given the opportunity to contribute 150% to the goals and objectives set forth not only by department but for the business as a whole, I am confident that my experience and personal disposition would be an asset to your organization.