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A Graduate Assistantship position in a Student Affairs program. The offices I find most relevant to my skills are: Residence Life, Center for Multicultural Student Affairs, and First Year Involvement. I am open to any office, but those are the offices I feel best fit my experiences and current knowledge.


My name is Bryan Rose, I am a second semester senior at Longwood University and this is my VisualCV portfolio. I am in my third year of being a resident assistant, and student affairs/higher education is where my passion lies. In fall of 2010 I joined Phi Beta Sigma Fraterniry INC. and am now the Vice President of the organization. Whether it is giving tours through my involvement in Longwood Ambassadors, mentoring High School students through Young Life and coaching, or focusing scholastically with my participation in Lambda Pi Eta, the Communincation Studies Honors Society; I have worked hard to involve myself on campus. All of these experiences have led me to holding a passion for student development and growth through the occupation of student affairs.

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Aug 2008Present

Resident Assistant

Longwood University Residentiall and Commuter Life

As a resident assistant for three years i was in charge of the daily needs of my residents along with programming, staff needs, paperwork submissions, fire checks, and many other resdence hall issues. I learned how to deal with conflict affectively, how to run a meeting, how to run a program, how to advertise, and how to work within a diverse group of people. Having a completely new staff each year grew me and made me capable of handling different types of workers in each setting.

Aug 2009Nov 2010

Football/Basketball Coach

Randolph Henry High School

I spent my Junior and Senior year of college mentoring and coaching young high school boys, while getting paid what you would assume a single A school JV football coach would get paid. The high school was 35 minutes outside of Farmville and I made the drive out there every day. This involved much more than coaching, it invovled being a part of a community, knowing the kids and where they come from, and even going to bat for them during their legal troubles. I learned the value of investing yourself and time management from this grueling yet rewarding job experience.

Jun 2010Aug 2010

Summer Intern

Southside Area Young Life

During my time as a Young Life summer intern I performed many different tasks. I did lots of planning for the upcoming year, and was in constant communication with the volunteer college leaders. I helped plan a fundraising night for the Middle School ministry we were trying to start, and spoke at it as well. It was my job to get the paperwork together for our camp trip of 30 high school students, and to organize the camp reunion event. Because of the internship, my event planning improved, my communication with possible and current donors improved, and my vision and understanding of what "the long term" means in an organization improved.


Aug 2007May 2011


Longwood University

My focus in the Communication Studies major was Public Relations and Organizational Communication. I excelled in my classes and was inducted into the Communication Studies Honors Society, Lambda Pi Eta. While in school I did my best to take Outdoor Recreation Classes that furthered my love for the outdoors and gave me stronger leadership skills.