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My name is Alecia Kubicki. I am currently a sophomore at DePauw University. I am working towards being a double major in Biochemistry and History .Once I finish my undergraduate degree I plan on continuing my schooling in pharmacy.

I am part of the Information Technology Associates Program or (ITAP) , a program of distinction at DePauw Some of my extracurricular activities involve, Flute Choir, Pep Band where I am Wind Captain and Equipment Manager, Ultimate Frisbee and my philanthropy and other events associated with my sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Work experience

Aug 2011Present

ITAP Intern

DePauw University Printing Services

As a member of ITAP it is required that we do an on-campus internship for our sophomore-senior years of college. In order to get an internship we apply and interview to different departments that are looking for interns. Since I am a member of ITAP I am responsible to help the department with their technology issues and help them move forward with better equipment and ways to process information. I will be staying with this internship until I graduate.

May 2011Aug 2011

Marketing Intern

Rogan Corporation

My role in this position was to help the marketing department better showcase Rogan Corporation's products. In particular, my project was to work on their small order website . I was in charge of updating the pricing of the knobs, including at different price breaks which required me to make customized discount templates on the back-end of the website. Additionally, I needed to update all of the images and charts which required me to use many applications in the Adobe Suite including  Illustrator, PhotoShop and DreamWeaver. I also needed to add seven new pages of knobs. Aside from the website I helped with information for the trade shows and post trade show mailers to potential leads that were gathered.

May 2010Aug 2010


Six Flags Great America

I stated off as a host in the Games Department. After a month I was promoted to CDC(Cash Distribution Center) where I had the responsibility of checking the aprons of people in game units. A couple of weeks after being in CDC I was promoted to Lead and had the responsibility of ensuring the other hosts in CDC were doing there jobs in their respective areas. I was also in charge of money and taking large bills from the hosts in game units and giving them more singles in return in order to make change.

Apr 2010Jul 2010


U.S Census Bureau

In April I went to designated areas such as banks to answer any questions people may have about the census form and how to answer the questions. I also aided in translating for Spanish speakers if they did not understand. From May until July I verified that everything was filled out on forms that enumerators filled out. After checking them, I entered the information into the computers and got the forms ready to be shipped to the regional headquarters.


Aug 2010Present


DePauw University




Audio Recording
I have some experience in using pro tools and editing recordings done by people as well as some recording I have done myself.
Web Authoring
I have been through a 6 week rotation learning how to use DreamWeaver. I also used this application while at my internship at Rogan Corporation.
Video Editing
I have had 2 months of training in creating videos and learning how to edit them in order to make the video look professional.
Microsoft Office
I enjoy making power points for presentations and adding special affects.