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I'm looking for an internship and career to help further my knowledge and skills in organizational communication with a position in sports marketing or event planning. 


I have always loved sports.  I played travel sports growing up, mainly volleyball and basketball, but I have been involved with athletics since I was two years old.  I joined my sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha my sophomore year and participate in philanthropy events like Special Olympics, S. June Smith Center, and Relay for Life.  I enjoy seeing my family. I like hanging out with my friends, and I have found a new passion in art and really enjoy drawing and being creative.  I like to read life quotes and my horoscopes in the morning to give me a morning boost.  I always find the most peace in music; almost all music, and the beach is always my favorite place to be.


I am a recent graduate from Longwood University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in Organizational Communication and Public Relations. I graduated this May 2011 and I am currently looking for an entry level in marketing, preferably sports marketing, or some experience with event planning. I have some experience in auditing, marketing, creative design, and event planning. I have created marketing plans and events through classes I have taken while at Longwood as well as through my internship with the sports marketing department. I am a sorority member of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Since graduation I have been waitressing in a Restaurant called The Dunes in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and I am moving to Breckenridge Colorado this December.  However, that is up for change depending on where job offers lead me.

Work Examples

Work from Internship

Crisis Plan/Sample Press Brief

Team Audit

Team Contract


Work experience

Sep 2010Dec 2010

Sports Marketing and Publicity

Internship- Longwood Athletics Sports Marketing Department

I had in office and out of office hours working on ways to promote Longwood's men's soccer team, men's basketball team, and women's basketball team.  My duties were to increase average attendance at men's soccer by 30% which I surpassed tremendously; to increase awareness about our Division one athletic teams and increase fan loyalty; create effective promotional events that attracted Longwood students, staff, and faculty, as well as people from the Prince Edward County; and to create new promotions and marketing strategies.  Along with these duties I created awareness around Longwood and Prince Edward County by making flyers and creating group events on Facebook.  I had to create two promotions for men's soccer because that was my sport alone.  I had a Breast Cancer Awareness night and an Honor Roll Student night for kids in the Prince Edward County. 

Aug 2009Aug 2010


Buffalo Wild Wings
Jul 2005May 2009

Hostess and Carside- to- go

Applebee's Neighborhood Bar and Grill


Aug 2007May 2011

Bachelor of Arts

Longwood University

I am a recent graduate with a major in Communication Studies with a concentration in Oraganizational Communication and Public Relations. I took public speaking, communication theory, mass media, interpersonal communications, applied organizational communications, fundamental of public relations, conflict resolution, communication ethics, crisis communication, communication research methods, gender and communication, senior seminar, persuasion theory, and organizational communication.


Alpha Sigma Alpha- Alpha Chapter


Marketing and Publicity
I have past experience with my internship with marketing and publicity from creating awareness through word of mouth, making flyers, facebook groups, and making promotional plans.  I had to communicate with people outside of the office for help with promotions.  I emailed a Breast Cancer foundation for fact sheets and statistic sheets about Breast Cancer to give out at the Breast Cancer Awareness night.    I am currently in organizational communications and my group is planning a bingo night at the Longwood Center for Visual Arts to raise money for children at a daycare.  My position is marketing and publicity and my job is to obtain donations at local businesses, work with public relations to make sure the event is well attended and well publicized, and utilize sources of marketing such as social media marketing, traditional marketing, and word of mouth marketing.
I have some experience with auditing from my applied organizational communications class.  My group audited InterFraternity Council (IFC) and we were trying to find ways to help them raise the average amount of guys who sign up for fraternity recruitment.  My job was project designer and I created the logo for the group.  I also attended IFC and took notes on how the meeting went, what was discussed, and how I thought things could improve.