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Anthony Buckenham

Chris worked for the Hospital for 10 years in a senior technical consultancy role. He worked on the front-line involved with clinical systems and on back-office applications in a most challenging environment. In latter years, he was responsible for staff IT and Internet training.

He was always completely trustworthy and reliable. I have nothing but praise for the high levels of professionalism and enthusiasm he brought to the Trust

Hayden Mayes

Chris is a highly motivated instuctor who clearly knows his subject thoroughly and gets this knowledge across to the students in a unique and effective way. 

Always friendly and approachable he is immensely popular and respected by his students and colleagues alike.


  • I have a background working as an IT professional in organisations as diverse as the Royal Greenwich Observatory, Lloyds TSB and the NHS. I specialised in network design and have managed large nationwide engineering teams. I have always had a keen interest in instructing and training. I now run training programmes for those new to IT
  • I have also run classes for Maximus UK Employment & Training in Eastbourne, for the long-term jobseeker with a view to using IT to help a return to the workplace. Additionally, I am registered as a tutor for  the BBC First Click initiative
  • For an overview of the curriculum for the 4-week training course I provide and the background behind it, please refer to my website  https://sites/