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Work experience

Nov 2010Present


Pizza Hut

Responsible for washing dishes, answering phones, bussing tables and prepping dough

Oct 2009Mar 2010

Concession Worker

Ronnies Theather

Served food, reached customer satisfaction and janitorial duties

Jun 2009Aug 2009


Bartilino's South

Customer service, cleaned & bussed tables, and janitorial duties


Aug 2008Present


Lindbergh High School


Songwriter, poet and short stories


Daveta Key

Pam Mason

Frank Mack



Sports, art, music, videogames, television, reading, writing and charity work


Timothy Nicholas Perry

Tim Perry was born in Detroit, Michigan on February 14, 1992. He’s interested in anime, cartoon making, computer programming, skateboarding, writing songs, short stories, poems, producing beats, game designing, fashion, mixed martial artist, philosopher, acting, dancing and various types of other art forms. He’s, a well-rounded guy and all American, multi-culture person. He’s also mostly open-minded or 2nd thoughts about any and everything. Tim Perry’s dream is to pursue variety of his interest as careers and he doesn’t care long or how hard he has to try to achieve those goals.

Tim’s skills consist of rapid reading, typing and public speaking. He’s good with some electrical functions, wilderness survivalist, amateur mechanic, and moviemaker. He’s mostly worked in the food industry at restaurants. His previous jobs were Deal’s dollar store, Alp’s Grocery store, T.G.I. Friday’s, Bartilino’s South and Ronnie’s Cinema. Now, he is currently employed at Pizza Hut. The skills required at all the businesses is being put under pressure, satisfy the customer, handling long, stressful, tiring hours, and just being a righteous worker.

The qualifications for these jobs is job history, resume, which is optional,truthful on applications and just making sure every bit of information matches your description and the employer’s qualifications. Other qualifications for most jobs are always and definitely personal hygiene. With any job, good work performance means promotions or more hours in a case of a fast, moving business such as a busser at a restaurant. Most of the jobs that, Tim Perry has applied for also requires good education and a clean police record, which he has had both. The more jobs and skills that Tim keeps acquiring, the more job offerings, he may get.

Service Learning is community service that Tim does for his school, not because he has to, but because he wants to. He has already done community service at the Goodwill and an annual charity Austuim walk. What and where will be his next act of kindness be next? His choice for doing this is to do good for mankind, also show alittle compassion and to feel proud of himself. I think Tim would be an inspiration for others to get involved in doing community service not for personal benefit, but just to pay it forward. Tim Perry’s plans for the future is to study hard, train hard and be the best, just be all that he can be.


I have achieved  to do a project called Service Learning. Which is basically community service, which has to be done at a certain amount of time. People write a lay-out of their plan, volunteer somewhere, complete 4 hrs. of community service, document the work and finally write a reflection of what that person did.