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To obtain a position where I can utilize my customer service skills.


My mission in life is to:

Never give up on anything in life

Complete all of my goals in life and not take no for an answer

Live my life the way I would like to live it

To move far, far away from STL

Maybe even travel other countries

Help others in need of it



Krista was born on Feb. 27th, 1993, and has lived in St. Louis her entire life. Krista is a strong, intelligent, and competitive person that aspires to be a physical education teacher.

Krista was the girl that could not stay still for more than 5 seconds.She is constantly on the go.At the age of 5 her mother, Lisa Hitschler enrolled her at a dance studio.It was at that time she realized that she had a deep passion for dancing.

During elementary school, Krista had been involved with many team sports, including; select softball, select soccer, girl scouts, taekwondo. While trying to balance all of this and dancing she had to drop the softball, soccer, girls scouts and the taekwondo program.During this time she concentrated on her dancing.

Krista auditioned for the cheerleading team in the sixth grade and successfully made it. After leaving middle school she went on to Lindbergh High School. When Krista was a freshman she tried out for the Junior Varsity Pom/Dance team. She competed so well that she was asked to be part of the varsity team. Krista had established herself as the first freshman girl to make the varsity team in Lindbergh High School.

Through participating in school, Pom/Dance, and dance after school she was able to develop good time management skills.Often times she would arrive home every night around 10 p.m. At this point, Krista’s homework seemed impossible. Krista is currently auditioning for commercials and danceopportunities while finishing her senior year at Lindbergh.

Krista is also active helping others in the community.In the past two years Krista has served over 100 hours of serving the community. She will graduate in May of 2011 from Lindbergh Senior High School. In the fall of next year she will be attending St. Louis Community College for a year After completing Meramec she plans on transferring to Webster University or UMSL to complete her bachelor’s degree in education.Krista hopes to be a Physical Education teacher after obtaining her degree.

Work experience

Customer Service

Royale Orleans

§Directed people to their party

§Bussed party’s room/tables

§Cleaned up/ served food

Customer Service


§Answer phone calls/take orders

§Take food to customers/take counter orders

§Maintain restaurant cleanliness

Aug 2009Jan 2010

Customer Service

Imo's Pizza and Wings
  • answered phones
  •   took orders
  •   prepared food


Aug 2007May 2011


Lindbergh Senior High School


Dancing; Soloist à Platinum Trophies, Overall trophies, Runner Up Awards, Dancing scholarship Taekwondo: 1st place trophies and ribbons P.E. : Presidential Fitness Award


Natasha Jansen

Sean Erwin

Andrea Manfrede