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Work experience

Jun 2010Jul 2010


Basil Thai

·Greeted customers as they walked in

·Took orders

·Served food

·Worked cash register

·Maintained store cleanliness


Sep 2007Present


Lindbergh High School


Customer service


Somphone Kham

Sean Erwin

Portfolio Items


Amanda was born in St. Louis, Missouri at St. John’s Mercy hospital. She was born to the parents of Somphone and Leonora Kham on January 22, 1993.

She was raised inside the city where her parents were landlords. Having parents that owned their own company, she gained a lot of experience in dealing with money management and investing. Her father has taught her some carpentry skills and basic knowledge about how to manage a household. She learned how to be independent by doing chores around the house starting when she was young and earning money during the summer helping with her parents company.

Experience for her was also gained by traveling to many places. She has been all over the U.S. as well as parts of Canada, Mexico, and Southeast Asia. While in Asia, she went to Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. These poor countries taught her to appreciate the opportunities she has, making her a student dedicated to her education. Traveling has also brought on knowledge of other cultures and how to survive in unknown places and navigate thru difficult cities.

Aside from earning money, she also continues to volunteer her time and be an active member of the community. She has helped out at a local daycare, the Salvation Army, the Special Olympics, as well as serving on the St. Louis Buddhist Council. She has also participated in the Walk for Autism, Walk for Melanoma, and Walk for Diabetes.

Amanda is currently a senior at Lindbergh High School and will graduate in May of 2011. Upon receiving a diploma, she will attend community college and medical school with a 3-8 year residency program. She hopes to become a pediatric anesthesiologist and work for herself.


Obtain a job as a receptionist or sales associate

Community Service

May 2007 - Day Care

·Read books to children

·Watched over them as they played outside

December 2011 - Toys for Tots

·Greeted customers as they walked in

·Helped them pick toys for their children

June 2008 - Walk for Autism

·Emptied trash cans

·Put a new trash bag in