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Throughout my career, I have been consistently chosen to lead key projects and manage business units at all stages of development. Throughout my tenure with Logtek Inc., a division of Linpac Group, I have served as the general manager, where I established the business from concept to generating 48% EBITDA in 2007, 15% above budget, with 65% market share in Canada and the Northeastern US. While engaged in the above position, I was selected to lead four large LINPAC group projects described below: • Traveled extensively to optimize customer service worldwide: Developed a method to optimize departmental collaboration with customer service using Responsible/Accountable/Consult/Inform (RACI) analysis. Ensured standardization of practices through the creation of a system for reporting customer service KPI’s to division level and from there to consolidation at group level. • Spearheaded customer service, S&OP, and logistics teams to unify operations/processes between Linpac and Allibert, a newly acquired plastics manufacturer: Maximized efficiencies and capital, which resulted in the closure of several plants, combination of sales forces, and rationalization of product range. • Led an eight-person, multidisciplinary international team to address worldwide logistics and warehousing issues: Developed plans and installed measurement systems, which led to savings of $10M in the first year of implementation as well as ongoing annual savings of $20M+. • Led the tender process for the provision of management services for a rental pool of crates to Coles Myer, an Australian food retailer: Was awarded the contract on a cost plus basis, which was immediately profitable, generating profits of 12%, and spent ten months in Australia setting up the business as their first GM. Previously, I served an extensive tenure with CHEP, advancing from general manager, CHEP Ireland to vice president of customer service, CHEP U.S.A.

Work experience


General Manager Logtek Inc.


LINPAC 1998 to 2008$2.0 bn. Plastic packaging and supply chain solutions group with 9,000 employees operating through four core divisions on five continents.

Group Customer Service Project Manager (2007 to 2008)

Led teams selected from functional areas of each division. Mission: (1) to optimize customer service worldwide by evaluating methods used in successful subsidiaries and identify/implement best practices in other business units; (2) Develop methods for standardizing high-level KPI's and install a reporting system for Group Board to identify trends, problem areas and corrective actions. Extensive interaction with IT to enhance systems. Heavy travel throughout Europe. Reported to Group CFO.

o Increased productivity through identifying and eliminating redundant processes. Used RACI (Responsible/Accountable/Consult/Inform) analysis to identify current practices. Changed existing methods where appropriate and standardized cross-divisionally, where possible, to implement best-practices. o Selected and implemented standard KPI's: Developed a reporting system which targets subsidiaries individually against standard KPI's which carried through consistently from operating unit to divisional and ultimately group- level.

Post-Acquisition Integration Team(s) Leader (Dec 2006 to Dec 2007)Following the acquisition of Allibert, a major French plastics manufacturer, by LINPAC led three separate teams in post-acquisition integration: (1) customer service; (2) sales & ops planning; (3) logistics, transport and warehousing. Very extensive travel throughout Europe, U.S. and Canada.

o Maximized efficiencies and capital: Resulting from the closure of several plants, combination of sales and service forces, and rationalization of product range.o ERP System Standardization: Participated in selection of IFS and transition of former Allibert locations to IFS from JDE and started work on introducing CRM system.o Enhanced communications and optimized processes by utilizing employee surveys and conducting meetings with company personnel.

Logistics & Supply Chain Charter Team Leader (2006)Led a multi-disciplinary international team of seven LINPAC employees and one consultant to address worldwide logistics and warehousing issues, including the identification of current costs, the evaluation of potential savings, and the development of plans to achieve them in 2006 and in the future. Implemented measurement systems to monitor the cost areas and ensure ongoing control.

o Achieved $10m savings in 2006 - equivalent to $20m on an ongoing annualized basis - mainly through outsourcing to third party carriers and closing redundant/overlapping facilities

General Manager Logtek Pty, Melbourne, Australia (2005)Led the tender process for the provision of management services for a rental pool of crates to Coles Myer, a food retailer transitioning from cardboard boxes to plastic crates. Was awarded the contract in February 2005 and spent ten months in Australia as general manager to finalize legal and commercial negotiations, establish a corporation, set up washplants at seven locations around Australia, and hire personnel.

o Awarded a contract on a cost plus basis, which was immediately profitable, generating profits of 12%.o LINPAC awarded contract to manufacture 4 million crates through Australian subsidiary.

General Manager Logtek Inc., U.S.A. and Canada (April 1998 to May 2008)Launched U.S. and Canadian subsidiary of this LINPAC company. Retained responsibility for this during the projects detailed above. Recognized the opportunity to own/rent/track the lobster industry's supply of crates and set up business from scratch. Logtek Inc. now controls a 65% market share of this industry in Canada and the Northeastern U.S.

o Generated 48% EBITDA in 2007 - 15% above budget



Mobility Van Conversions Inc.

Mobility Van ConversionsSeptember 1996 to April 1998

During a non-compete period following departure from CHEP, purchased this existing business which specialized in installing adaptive equipment such as wheelchair lifts in vehicles.

o Doubled revenues by adding van rental operations with a partner

o Sold business to partner before joining LINPAC


Vice President Customer Service

Chep (Europe & USA)

CHEP (U.S.A. and Europe) May 1983 to June 1996$4.4 bn. worldwide ($1.6b in U.S.) operator of pallet pooling systems (249 million pallets, of which 100 million are in the Americas) generating $1.0b in operating profits.

Vice President, Customer Service, Chep USA (1990 to 1996)Functional head of 200 person CS operation with matrix management at regions. As initial holder of this position created, defined, communicated, and monitored customer service strategies and policies. Monitored operational efficiencies and profitability and took appropriate action where necessary. Served on the Executive Board and was involved in a broad range of issues outside immediate area of responsibility.

o In conjunction with regions recruited and trained initial service force of over 100 ready for launch on Day One.o Personally responsible for P&G account which grew to $12 million

Member, Chep USA Pre-Launch Project Team (1989 to 1990)As a member of a small pre-launch team, assigned to investigate the feasibility of launching the Chep business in the US-by far its biggest expansion project to date - sold the idea of pallet pooling to senior executives of major food manufacturers and retailers. This was to a large extent a concept sell. Was also involved in data preparation and analysis.

o Team received go-ahead from shareholders for start-up after twelve months' preparation

Business Development Manager Chep Europe (1988-1989)Worked in conjunction with Ford and GM to develop what ultimately became CHEP's automotive division. Conducted investigations into other business opportunities such as trailer rental. Led project to review customer service offerings in different European countries and conducted training to standardize where possible

Commercial Manager Chep U.K. (1986-1988)Staff role, focused on customer profitability and development of service package for customers

General Manager Chep Ireland (1983-1986)Overall P&L responsibility for CHEP's operations in Ireland



Harvard Business School

M.B.A. Coursework



Trinity College Dublin