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Natalie Jacobs was born on September 11, 1992 in La Jolla, California, and then later at the age of 3 she moved with her immediate family to South County St. Louis, Missouri where her family is from.

Natalie is an amateur writer with many career ambitions from social work to teaching. Throughout Natalie’s life she has used personal pain and events to help her write. Her main writing style is suspense thrillers but she also writes songs and poems. Natalie is currently in the process of writing a novel titled, Disorder.

Before developing these goals Natalie went through many different activities, events, sports, and organizations to give her the experience to aspire in those certain goals. As a child Natalie was a dancer and an athlete. She participated in soccer, baseball and basketball for 7 years and from the age of 3 to 12 she danced at Motion Express and was offered to start competing but quickly turned it down to peruse music. At the age of 11 Natalie took on the clarinet and was highly active in the middle school band. Later when she hit high school she joined the marching band, where she devoted her life to band. She helped the band host flea markets and went to over 20 competitions.

During school Natalie was a part of many different organizations. She has always been a self motivated person. She gets out and works out every day, and try’s to help people in any way she can, from her friends to strangers Natalie is always finding new people to cater too. She participated in builders club for 3 years where she joined in helping a local camp for disabled children remodel their walking tracks. Natalie has also volunteered for the Salvation Army, where she developed many social work skills in the process.

Natalie Jacobs is graduating High school in May of 2011. In the fall of 2011 she will be attending St. Louis Community College. After community college Natalie will complete her degree in Teaching then later becoming a kinder garden teacher then following that she will attempt to master in sociology.


To obtain a position involving communication with people, primarily involving children if available.

Work experience



All Around Home

·Clean Houses

·Help Pack or Move stuff

·Help where is needed

Feb 2010May 2010


Jack in the Box

·Maintained Cash Register

·Worked Fryers

·Ran Drive through

·Made Drinks

·Washed dishes

·Restocked supplies

Aug 2008Dec 2008

Men’s Sales Associate / Cashier


·Maintaining clothing displays

·Customer service

·Maintain cash register



John Reinsmith

Sean Erwin


Aug 2007May 2011


Lindbergh High School


Cash Register