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My single most valuable skill is my ability to pick up new things extremely quickly, and be very flexible.

Work experience

Assistant Developer


Sleep.FM is the alarm clock of the internet.  This is a start-up that first hired me as an intern to help with some code on a short term basis, and quickly made me a permanent assistant developer.

Apr 2009Present

Head Developer

1amW1z4rd Development

1amW1z4rd Development is my web development company that I use to market my services.

Jun 2009Jul 2010

Freelance Developer is a web design and development firm based in Belgium.  I have done a number of freelance jobs for them, including several in foreign languages.


Bellevue College

I periodically take computer science courses here, thus far, maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

Jan 2000Feb 2007

Emanon Academy Homeschool

Graduated early and with honors.


C / C++
I have always had a passion for C and C++ development, however, I have found web development to be a more reliable way to sustain myself financially, therefore, other things, such as C and C++, have not been a priority.  I have, however, written some basic Linux kernel modules, as well as doing some work with GUI toolkits such as QT and GTK.
Python was my first language, even preceding html and web development.  I have been using it for years, and have worked with it in a variety of ways and applications.
Linux Administration
I have spent several years working with Linux, and have become vastly familiar with the majority of a Linux system.
Web Development
For the past several years I have been working as a freelance web developer under the screen name of Ian Wizard.  Some of my more prominent skills include:   HTML5 / XHTML CSS3 JavaScript / jQuery Python / Django PHP MySQL / SQLite / NoSQL Apache / Linux Administration


Ryan Spahn

Mr. Spahn is the person that originally brought me to Sleep.FM as an intern.