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To obtain a position in utilizing my customer service skills.


Nick Marino was born on June 17th, 1992 at around 1:00 a.m. He was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He first began living in an apartment off of Loughborough and Gravois right next to King Highway Boulevard. He lived there with his mother Mary Marino and his father Nino Marino. After a few years they moved to a house on Blow Street right by their apartment. Then Joseph Marino his brother was born into the family. After living there for a couple years, his complete family moved to Affton.Nick Marino went to St. Simon’s until he was in 6th grade. His family moved to the Lindbergh School District and when he was in 6th grade he attended Sperreng.

Nick would go on to attend Lindbergh High School. During high school Nick took many martial arts but after sophomore year he began mma and elite boxing. He trained 8 hours a day at his gym over the summer and just became a beast. That made him the 2 time golden glove, 3 title having fighter he is today. I was interested in boxing because of self defense and the shows I used to watch when I was younger. Boxing has helped me with a lot of my attributes of life. It has helped my work ethic as well as my respect for myself and others around me. His life was moving forward, after that he got a job at Lion’s Choice then he got his first car. Senior year hit and he started working at Wal mart and crashed his car. After that he bought a new car with the money he saved up from Wal mart. Both of these jobs have made my work ethic more and more stronger physically and mentally stronger. Basically I am just a hard worker.

At the same time he met the love of his life senior year Andreja Vidovic. Amazing in every way. She went to his Golden Glove finals and he won, he gave her his Jesus chain to represent their love, and now they are lovers and Nick is working on college information and loving his girlfriend. She will be with him through all his life lessons and choices.Upon graduation from Lindbergh High School in May, Nick plans on going to Meremac to get his basics out of the way and plans on becoming a paramedic EMT and EMS by transferring to an elite college for his career. But at the same time he will be with his girlfriend while him and her are both going through college. As he gets older his life will be great and loving with the woman he loves with a great education an ambitious wife and a loving family.

Work experience

May 2011Present

Sales Associate


§Complete projects for managers and provide associate support.

§Meet customer service needs.

§Provide cleanliness to isles and organize departments of store.

May 2010Aug 2010

Customer Server

Lions Choice

§Prepare food.

§Take customer orders, maintain cleanliness, work cash register

§Maintain store cleanliness


Health Services

St. Louis Community College @Meramac
Aug 2007Present


Lindbergh High School


Boxing Coach (Squires class)
I am a volunteer for my caoch Tim Connor's. I teach the Squires class and our Co-ed boxing class, I have been volunteering for my gym for approximately 2 years. I teach kids from the age of 6-12 and adults from 18- 40. I teach them self discipline, self honor, self respect, and respect for others. I do not just teach them how to fight, or self defense, I teach them how to become fit and respect life as well as them self. One of the big things they learn is to have self confidence but be humble. My teachings are based off my coaches and we teach our student's how to be fighters but respectable on the street.