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Pezhman Mazaheri

Business Intelligence Developer and Sharepoint Expert

Work experience

Apr 2014On Going

BI Developer of Ayandeh Bank Company

Rahyab Rayan Farda

Jan 2013Jun 2014

BI Developer and Sharepoint Solution Teacher

Rahkar Khalagh

Feb 2010Aug 2012

HealthCare system optimization

Feb 2009Jan 2010

Research & Development




Microsoft BI Solutions

Big Data, MachineLearning, Reporting

Sahrepoint 2010-2013 - 2016

Teaching in Application, Design and Advance Level

Python DeepLearning and Big Data Analysis

JavaScript UI Design (Jquery , Angular, D3js)

Heuristic Analysis
Process Automation

RStudio and SQL Scripts

Data Analysis
Data Mining


    Jan 2016 – Present
    Employing Microsoft BI Solutions such as DAX , PowerView, SSRS , SSAS, ETL Solution, Microsoft PowerBI, R Analysis; for gathering data and create intelligence reports.

  • Design knowledge management system and monitoring all events in the world and create dynamic knowledge management reports up to level of minister. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran)
    Nov 2014 – Present
    (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.)

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran. (Darou Pakhsh Holding Company)
    Jan 2016 – Apr 2016
    Project description
    PWA project management and procurement systems in intelligent reports.
    (Darou Pakhsh Holding Company)
    -Train PWA Seminar in each 13 Departments.

  • A model for treatment and cost effectiveness in the industry of heart healthcare using data mining approachesOct 2012 – Jun 2015
    Project description:
    A join project between the two universities Amirkabir and Tehran university of Medical sciences
    Supervisors: Dr Abbas Ahmadi (AUT)
    Dr MahmoudReza Sarzaeem (TUMS)
    Advisor: Dr Kargar (TUMS)
    Case Study: Cardiology Center of Shariati hospital
    GA-νSVR hybrid model for predicting Length of Stay after cardiac surgery. (PrePublish Review)
    A Optimized model for measuring Cost-effectiveness of Cardiology Surgery. (Under Review)

  • Analysis and Optimization of Hull form Parameters for Performance Sailing Vessel Kraut
    Nov 2013 – Apr 2015
  • The project in Marine Industries as Deduction of military period project
     Output of this project, Composed the Seasons 3,4,5 and 6 of PHD Thesis (Dr khosravi, PHD Student of Amirkabir University)
    • The parametric study in modeling hull form with Genetic Algorithm optimization Cwp approach in the maritime. 16th Marine Industries Conference. 2014.
    • Designing Back Propagation Neural Network for Ship Seakeeping Investigations. Science and Education Publishing. 2013
    Parametric Study on Vessel Body Lines Modeling to Optimize Seakeeping Performance. Science and Education Publishing. 2014

  • Designing Dynamic BI reports Based on GIS Data for road map transporting systems in sharepoint.(Butane Company)
    Jan 2014 – Oct 2014


  • Design and Optimizing Cost Model in the e-health national Project
    Dec 2013 – Feb 2014
  • Diagnosis and re-engineering of Family Physician Program. Barakat Telecommunication
    Manager of cost modeling in electronic health services project. Barakat Telecommunication

  • Design and Feasibility study on Sharepoint Automation system in NBM Company
    Jun 2011 – Sep 2011
  • B.Sc thesis; “Design and Feasibility study on Sharepoint Automation system in NBM Company”

    • Supervisor: Dr Gholizadeh
    • Design Automation Systems is the NBM leading consultancy in the application of Knowledge Based Engineering concepts and tools to projects and manufacturers in the construction industry.

  • CRM solution: Designing Integrated financial system, administration, publications, logistics management and accounts payable workflow in sharepoint. (Social Security Organization Research Institute)


  • CRM solution: Workflow design and product application system and internal services in sharepoint. (Social Security Organization Research Institute)
  • Designing Control and monitoring financial and credit index and weekly reports. (Namaad Sanaat Pars) (NSP Group)


  • Designing integration system for meeting management and Approval assignments. (aawaat Co.)

  • Designing meetings management systems for Board of Directors. (Namaad Sanaat Pars) (NSP Group)

  • nameDesigning optimized ERP system integrated with SCM system. (in sharepoint). (Tehran Wagon Manufacture)

  • Designing registration system and leave requests for HR management department. (aawaat Co.)

  • Designing suggestion Systems with BI reports. (Zanjan Electric Distribution Company)


  • Teaching Courses
    Training Course as Teacher Assistant : Mathematical 1
    Training Course as Teacher Assistant : Mathematical 2
    Management Department of Guilan University 2009 - 2010
    Training Course “Designing Enterprise Portals in cloud computing with Sharepoint Solutions”
     First course: 06-2015
     Second Course: 09-2015
     3th Course: 01-2016
    Training Course with Workshop “Business Intelligence and Data Analysis with SQL Server and Sharepoint Solutions for IT Professionals”
    The Aim High Training & Development theoretical data mining sciences in industrials
    A Seminar with 3Days Workshop “Project Management and Portfolio Analysis in PWA environment”
    Darou Pakhsh Holding Company 04-2016
    Training Course “Knowledge Management Skills in Microsoft Sharepoint 2013”
    First course: 11-2015
    Second course: 12-2015
    Training Course "SharePoint Workflow and forms (Nintex) " in Orchid pharmed (Cinnagen Company)
    course: 10-2016