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Aug 2007May 2010

High School Diploma

Trinity-Pawling School

T-P is a private boarding high school. 

Work experience

Aug 2010Present



I am a part of Information Technology Associates Program (ITAP) which a Program of Distinction at Depauw University. I have already went through rotations of Web Authoring and Instructional Design.  I am currently learning how to code a program using Visual Basic. I am expected to have completed Sound Editing Rotation by the end of the year. I am very interested in Video/Sound Editing and would love to work in that field for ITAP next year. 

Nov 2010Present

Co - Founder/Owner


On November 15, 2010 two young passionate men were sitting in their room and talking about different ideas and ways to become successful. That was the day when we joined as FirmFounders and decided to start our journey towards success. We created our own website/network/exclusive club for talented people. We worked for straight 6 months apart from school to set up a platform for artists on the web. It is called Formally Invited Rep. Members usually referred to as F I R M. This network not only exposes talent but also brings all types of talent from across the world under one club. It is basically a social network with exclusivity, and you can also buy our merchandise of our website. 

F I R M was officially launched Feb 06, 2011 :

and our promo can be found on :

Mar 2012May 2012

Psychiatric Clinic Intern

Saudi Aramco

I interned at a Psychiatric Day Clinic and sat in many sessions with mentally ill patients. I worked on one schizophrenic patient and saw unbelievable progress. 

Aug 2011Mar 2012

Technology Intern

Student Disability Services / Academic Affairs - DePauw University

I was able to work on projects that would help the university overall and help students daily with new technologies. 

Jun 2008Aug 2008


Karachi Disable Children Funds

I worked with disable children and collected charity for them. I also helped them with daily needs and made them feel special by spending most of my time with them.

It is very hard to go down on the streets of Karachi, Pakistan and solicit people to give money for the needy. Many people think we are scamming them, thus working really hard and almost collecting almost 2000 dollars for the health care of the children has been a turning point in my life. Since that day in my life till today I have never looked back and have decided with determination that my life will be surrounded around helping the needy people. 

Jun 2007Aug 2007

Supervising Attendant

Saudi Aramco

I have had experience supervising a whole recreation for Saudi Aramco during one summer. It gave me a lot of leadership experience and management experience. 


Doctor-Patient Communication Skill
I have shadowed multiple doctors and have developed a skill in how to talk to patients and build a relationship with a patient. 
Video/ Sound Editing
Managing an online network
I manage a network called F I R M with my partner. 
Analog difficulties
Installation and trouble-shooting

F I R M Promo

ITAP Projects

Visual Basic:

Flash Card:

Web Authoring:



Instructional Design


I am Bilal Sadiq, currently a Junior at Depauw University, IN. I am expected to graduate May, 2014, with a Bachelors Degree of Arts in Biology. I am also minoring in Chemistry and Math with Pre-Med distinction. I look to go to Medical School after I graduate and pursue a career in Health Care. 

I am a young passionate man who is looking for internships preferably related to Health Care or also business administration. I would love to work at a hospital and experience and learn a lot from a everyday life of a doctor. 

I played Tennis for collegiate level. I was Varsity Tennis Captain for two years at Trinity-Pawling School.