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I have experience from many different industries, and the last 10 years from the IT industry. My roles have been within management in varying levels as Managing Director, Sales Director, Sales Manager, e-Business Manager etc. But all roles have been sales and business related. My strength is to develop business, organizations and people.

Work experience

Dec 2004Present

Managing Director

Global Knowledge

Global Knowledge is the largest privately held IT training company in the world, and provides high level technical training. It’s a US company, and are located in 20 different countries. As Managing Director for Sweden, my responsibility isto develop the business and relationship with customer, partners and vendors. In Sweden, there are 22 employees, and about 40-50 contracted instructors.

Sep 2003Nov 2004

Sales Manager

Martinsson Informationssystem AB

Martinsson Informationssystem AB is one ofthe largest IT-system integrators in Sweden, and is located at 19 sites in Sweden. Martinsson has 600 employees.AsSales Manager at the largest office -Stockholm, I was the head of sales organization, consisting of 20 people with positions like Account Managers, Back Office Sales and Presales Engineers.

Turnover budget: 300 MSEK.

Jan 1999Sep 2003

Sales Director/Sales Manager/e-Business Manager


Merkantildata Systemintegration AB, Sales manager (1999)

This was my first employment in the ITC industry. When I started, the former management had been discharged. It wasquite a turbulent situation in the organization. Initially,I was partly Manager of the whole local office, partly Sales Manager whith the task to organize the sales organization and develop business and market share. The sales organization consisted of 25 people, and the turnover budget was 300 MSEK.

Merkantildata Systems AB, Sales Director (2000)

After several company acquisitions, and merges of two large business units, I was promoted Sales Director of Merkantildata Systems AB.The sales organization consisting of65 peolpe, was devided into 7 sales teams.Each sales team had a Sales Manager reporting to me, and the teams were responsible for different industries, such as Manufacturing, Finance/Insurance, Healthcare, Ericsson, and Public. Furthermore, the Manager of the Presale organization was reporting to me. The turnover budget was 700 MSEK.

My main tasks was to organize the sales team, and to coach the Sales Managers and helping them to evolve their business, supporting them through recruitments. I established, together with the HR Manager, Merkantildata Business Academy. A developing program för Account Managers to train them into Solution Selling strategies with the TCO-concept as a corner-stone.

May 1995Jan 1999

Regional Sales Manager/ Sales Area Manager

Posten Sverige AB (Swedish Mail)

Posten Sverige AB, (Swedish Mail) Sales Area Manager (1995-1997)

The Swedish Mail reorganized in 1995, and established a new business unit, Posten Försäljning (Posten Sales). My responsibility as Sales Area Manager was to establish a local sales organization, aimed to evolve the B2B business.Furthermore I was manager of the private sector in the area, which means operating 13 local post offices with 5 Post Office managers reporting to me. My organization consisted of more than a hundred people, and the turnover budget was appr. 150 MSEK. I coached the B2B Account Managers, and the bank & finance Advisors, and the Office Managers as well. The services of the Swedish Mail was quite unknown on the local market. My goal was to change that. We did it in quite unorthodox methods. In addition to traditional aggressive marketing activities, I started a radio program broadcasting live at the local area two hours a week. It became a very successful way to market the products and services of the company. My sales area was one of the most successful areas of the company.

Posten Sverige AB, (Swedish Mail), Regional Sales manager B2B(1998)

In January 1998, I was promoted Regional Sales Manager, consisting of 9 sales areas. I was the head of all business to business sales in the region. My main function was to support and coach the nine Sales Area Managers and Account Managers in the region, and to evolve the B2B business in the region. When I was promoted, the region was ranked the last but one of 13 regions, within an internal bench marking model, based on economic results, customer satisfaction, and employees satisfaction. After establishing a detailed business plan and anchoring it to the sales organization, the hard work started. At the end of 1998, my region was ranked as number one of the 13 regions, mainly due to my clearly objectives, and method of following up the business, and last but not least, a strong team work.

Furthermore, I established a Sales Academy, a training school for Account Managers which became very successful.

Jan 1994May 1995

Sales Manager


The business concept of the company is to simplify company’s administration of employees pensions/insurances. The unique services provided, was based on the company’s own developed computerbased system. The output for the customers is foreseeable reports, and spending less time in administration. When I started, the company was just founded, so the first period, my role was mixed by developing sales- and marketing concepts, deploying marketing materials, categorizing the market and pinpointing suitable companies for the services. As Sales Manager, I was responsible for the company’s market- and business plan, and for the sales organization, initially consisting of 3 peolpe. I was also the head of the Sales Support Organization. The market’s interest in our services was huge. But as an unknown newstarted business, it was a challenge to persuade the customers to delegate such sensitive datas as employees salaries, insurance fees and so on. Despite this, the company’s growth was very successful.


Jan 1983Jun 1986

Electro Engineer

Stockholm Technical Institute