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Petri Savolainen

Work experience

Apr 2018Nov 2018

Head of Sales Engineering

TokenMarket Ltd. - a global crypto-fintech leader

With TokenMarket, I provisioned customer token sale projects, managed and implemented demanding technical integration projects and provided technical support services to internal and external stakeholders world-wide.

Mar 2014Apr 2018

Digitalizer of real-world operational logistics

Vidamin Oy

Vidamin offers a operational (vehicle & cargo) logistics solution targeted to high traffic volume segments such as parking, logistics, industrial and recycling. The solution consists of a private on-site server deeply  networked with on-site hardware and software, and a connected cloud (ASP) service with vertical added-value, e.g. various ERP features.

I've designed and implemented the cloud service platform and various APIs used to communicate internally and with outside services and systems.

I maintain the internal Linux VMs running everything from CRM to the in-house highly scalable monitoring system (that I designed an dimplemented). Currently we monitor over a thousand live systems and services.

I am also the author of the Vidamin product offering to the environmental sector, and the one responsible for its marketing and sales.

Jun 2010Feb 2014

ICT consultant

Koodaamo (Helsinki)

Through my own company, I offered various ICT sector consulting services and CMS-based web system development and maintenance to the SME sector.

During this time, I was an active contributor to open source software projects as well.

Jan 2009May 2010

Marketing / business development manager

Hexagon IT (Helsinki)

Hexagon IT developed and maintained web sites built on the open source Plone CMS, extended in-house with advanced next-generation rich user interface innovations (Flash etc.) Hexagonit also offered PrimaPaper, a high-quality e-paper publishing service for top-tier brands. Customers included the city of Helsinki, S-Group, parish unions of Helsinki, Vantaa & Espoo, as well as Amnesty Finland and other NGOs.

I was a key resource in sales activities, both in meetings with customers, figuring out how to meet their needs, preparing bids and project proposals and so on. I also initiated direct selling of the PrimaPaper service to new prospects.

I prepared all written corporate materials, most of daily direct customer communications, as well as the occasional print / web advertising campaigns.

In a more strategic role, I seeked solutions to larger product and marketing challenges facing the company. In addition to strategy development and positioning development, this also involved large funding applications to TE/ELY-center, TEKES and EU.

I improved invoicing process and customer support,  and brought in & customized a CRM for improved sales support. I was also the de facto supervisor of the office / CEO assistant.

Nov 2005May 2008

ICT domain specialist / researcher

LTY Technology Business Research Center (Lappeenranta)

I served as an internal project specialist of the ICT domain, for the three-year "Sirmakka" project of TBRC at Lappeenranta University of Technology, with Nokia Networks & TeliaSonera as the industry project partners.

The research focused on emergence of the value networks and specifics of networked, joint value creation in the ICT industry, especially in services provided via telecommunications networks. In the project, a process and toolset was also developed for highly analytical and systematic, practical and repeatable means of connecting customer values and needs with those of a company offering.

The project was declared a resounding success by all stakeholders, and I was publicly acknowledged as having played a key part in accomplishing that.

Feb 2005May 2008

Senior Architect & Developer

Fairsay Ltd. (Oxforfd/London, UK)

FairSay provides expertise and support for NGOs to plan, run and measure effective campaigns. I provided technological expertise for planning web-based services and software tools for various e-campaigning tasks.

This included development of a large multi-stakeholder CMS-based website for GCAP (Global Coalition Against Poverty) that served needs of hundreds of partner organizations from all over the world.

(The position was full-time for about an year, after which I continued in supporting role on a part-time basis).

Feb 2002Jan 2005

Consultant & software developer

Amec Group Ltd (Lappeenranta)

While completing my M.Sc., I offered consulting and software development services in the region.

This included strategy, technology and product portfolio consulting, outsourced ICT architecture development and purchasing, and web service development and hosting services.

Sep 2000Nov 2001

Technology / operations director

Nomini Networks (Helsinki)

Iwas initially hired as the CTO for a new media firm Concrete Illusions Oy, which  developed and operated customized web service solutions based on an advanced ahead-of-its-time open source application server. I also held a significant minority share of the company.

The company soon merged with Nomini, which continued the business and developed its ASP/cloud products, notably a so-called e-printing extranet solution integrated into the workflow of graphic industry companies. The product was developed from the start for international markets.

With a key role in domestic product support and international expansion, I sourced the necessary products and services, negotiated support agreements, and developed budgets, rollout plans and the support function for the international rollout of the e-printing product. 

I also consolidated and rationalized the operations business ("hosting") that was before then a non-managed collection of leftovers from past acquisitions, both technologically and business-wise.

Jan 1998Feb 1999

Area Sales Manager

GRIC Ltd. (then GoRemote, now iPass - SF Bay Area, California / Paris, France) 

The company developed & operated a global service access network consisting of over 500 partner ISPs. Besides advanced multilateral, multiservice access, authentication and authorization features, the service provided global financial clearinghouse & settlement services for trusted and secure multiparty payment transfers world-wide for all partners.

In addition to plain roaming Internet access, GRIC offered advanced IP-based telecommunications services such as Fax and Voice Over IP, as well as billing / service management software for ISPs to manage their value-added IP services.

Opening challenging new EMEA region markets from scratch, I established partnerships with ISPs and oversaw their incorporation into the global GRIC access network (completing the extension of GRIC network to east europe and selected other key EMEA countries) and pushed the adoption of the other, value-adding services and products.

Jan 1995Jun 1996

Assistant Product Manager

Network Computing Devices (San Jose, California)

NCD was an early pioneer in developing, manufacturing and marketing thin client desktop computers and associated system management software solutions.

Managing thin client peripherals portfolio and NCD 'Explora' thin client desktop product, I supported NCD's product sourcing, marketing and launching activities to OEM and large corporate customers.

This included activities such as marketing collateral and pricing development, competitive analysis, new feature analysis and decision-making followed by driving-through of ECOs (Engineering Change Order), and so on.


Member of the board

AIESEC in Finland ( Lappeenranta)

AIESEC is a global student association whose main activity is international traineeship exchange. I served as a local chapter president for the term of '93/94, as well as a member of the national AIESEC board.

During my term as the local president, the chapter built on good work during earlier terms, stabilizing its financials and growing in membership.

During my term in the national board, it was responsible (in addition to overseeing the normal running of national chapter and those of the local chapters), for overseeing the financials of a large national project, with a budget of over one million FIM.




Lappeenranta University of Technology

Besides ICT, I studied business (notably marketing & technology management) and languages  (Swedish and elementary Russian, German & French).

I was also an active member of the guild of ICT students, the board of the University Dept. of ICT, and AIESEC, an international student association.


IT & media skills

With a career spanning over 20 years in information technology SMEs, I have worked in pretty much every IT position there is, and more.

I am proficient Linux system administrator and experienced software architect & Python programmer, having started with Python 1.5.2, back in the day. Needless to say, I can do some other languages, too, if absolutely needed.

I have worked with dozens of different kinds of servers from embedded databases to heavy-weight CMSes such as Plone, the gorilla of open-source CMSes.

While I am not a graphic designer, I have a pretty good eye for visual design and can handle Photoshop, as well.

Business, sales and marketing

Throw me in cold sales, can do. Channel marketing, will deliver. Product management, too. Business development or corporate strategy creation, check. I might not be the absolute top performer of your 200-strong telesales team, but you can throw me into any situation and I'll make it work. Been there before. 


I have excellent verbal and written language skills in both Finnish and English; upon graduation, my English teacher actually suggested I become a professional translator.

With Swedish I can get by, but that'd need some brushing to be really useful in a professional context.

I enjoyed studying a bit of Russian, German and French as well, but sadly I never had the time to become proficient in them.


I love good design. I'm a tinkerer of everything, hooked on IoT projects from KickStarter. I enjoy kayaking, cross-country skiing and dancing, and driving my FJR (a sports tourer motorcycle). I am a Sci-Fi aficionado almost since when I could read.