fencing, music, socializing with friends, gluten free baking, keen interest in reviewing natural beauty products and treatments


Petra Coulson's success in the arts came at an early age, providing her with opportunities that helped inform her career as a model and actress. As a student at Gymnázium Františka Martina Pelcla in the Czech Republic, she produced an educational magazine for her fellow students. Petra Coulson's excellence in this role earned her a prestigious stipend and a visit to Holland, where she took a brief course in English and lived with her teacher's family.In 2001, Petra Coulson began her acting and modeling career in London, taking on a variety of roles in television, films, and commercials. Among these roles was a theater performance of a Christmas pantomime in 2002 and 2003, in which she played Cinderella and was tasked with singing as well as acting on stage. While performing in the production over the course of two months, she never missed a single show. In 2005, Coulson's work was nominated for a Clio Award, a collection of awards that acknowledges creative excellence and innovation in advertising, communication, and design.Petra Coulson also maintains a strong passion for cancer advocacy and increasing breast cancer awareness. After being asked to appear in a viral video targeting young women in hopes of raising breast cancer awareness, Coulson returned her appearance fee and did the appearance without pay. The resulting viral video was screened in Zurich, Germany, at an Oncology conference.Outside of work, Petra Coulson holds many interests, including fencing, music, and socializing with friends. She enjoys participating in gluten-free baking and is an avid reviewer of natural beauty products and treatments.



Masaryk University Brno