Peter Zielke first began his career in the technology industry at Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, Inc. Shortly after, he contributed his expertise and knowledge to a consulting firm focusing on network design and security before advancing to the position of Information Technology Director for a publicly owned company in 1999. Demonstrating his entrepreneurship, Peter Zielke decided to found consulting firm Exigo Office with his partner, David Thompson, in 2000. The business served a wide range of public and private clients including numerous financial institutions and the Internal Revenue Service. Collaborating together, Peter Zielke and his partner developed complex security applications and networking systems. Utilizing his consulting experience in varying industries, Peter Zielke recognized the need for easy customization of a hardware-software combination for business transactions. The solution would also require a powerful engine to withstand the hundreds of thousands of daily users while maintaining flexibility for alterations to individual needs. For 10 years, Peter Zielke continued research into improving Internet security and scalability. In 2010, Peter Zielke co-founded Aeprio Networks, LLC, a state-of-the-art data center that provides leading colocation services, host solutions, and server rentals. At present, Peter Zielke balances his time as Chief Executive Officer of both Aeprio Networks, LLC, and Exigo Office, both leaders in information technology management and support.

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2001 - Present

Chief Executive Officer

Exigo Office