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M.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Art: Goddard College-2010
B.F.A in Illustration with a Double Minor in Art History & Drawing:
Maine College of Art-2006

Work experience

June 2019Present

Visual Art Guide & Maker Space Manager

Academy of Thought and Industry, San Francisco

I currently lead the Visual Art Program and develop curriculum for students 8-12.  I lead foundation art course work and specialized electives.  I integrate emerging trends in new media and design thinking pedagogy into all my course work.  I support students one on one as a coach and lead a life-design core class.  My work covers many aspects of visual art, design and support for students who are interested in pursuing  careers in the creative field.  I spend time developing student portfolios and supporting other faculty members as they develop curriculum in the MakerSpace at ATI.

JUNE 2017June 2019

Founding Art Faculty Member & Maker-Space Lead Teacher

Sequoyah School

As a founding member of a Progressive High School, I designed  courses that shape all aspects of students visual art studies.  I lead Drawing, Painting, Animation, Film, Printmaking, Graphic Design, Design Thinking, Digital Arts and Critical Theory classes.  At the K-8 campus I support the teaching and learning in classroom projects with design-thinking pedagogy and practices.  

AUG 2016JUL 2017

Digital Art Teacher

Sierra Canyon School

I led courses in Animation, Film, Digital Photography and Design Thinking at a 7-12 Visual Art Program at an Independent School.  I assisted the admissions office directing films for prospective local and international students.  I curated and ran a student film festival and the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.  I led a ninth grade advisory period and assisted teachers with the use of 3D printers and emerging trends in technology.

AUG 2015JUN 2016

K-12 Art Teacher

Manlius Pebble Hill School

I work to implement emerging trends in New Media and technology into all my Lesson Plans.  I balance digital and traditional mediums and techniques as a K-12 Art Teacher.  I lead a 7th grade tutorial period and I lead a graphic design class that oversees the production of the school yearbook.  I work closely with primary classroom teachers to create lessons that have context and application into student’s classroom learning.  I serve as a mentor to Upper School students leading classes in illustration, animation, photography, film, graphic design, 2D, Art History & Drawing.

Jun 2011Aug 2015

Visual Art Faculty

The Putney School

Residential Arts Faculty at the Putney School Summer Programs. I teach course work in Illustration, Animation, Printmaking and Self Publication at a summer arts program for students ages 13-17. I organize and facilitate the faculty gallery exhibition. I Lead community events and presentations and serve as an educator and mentor in a summer arts program in Putney Vermont.

Nov 2013Jun 2015

Art & Design Teacher • Innovation Lab Manager

Sea Crest School

Led Visual Art workshops for K-8 students supporting the creative development of students throughout their Academic Program. I manage the Innovation Lab working with emerging trends in New Media and Design. I lead after school Art and Design Programs. I worked as the Web Designer and support communications and development projects.

Aug 2013Sep 2013

Teaching Artist in Residence

Neshobe School

I was a full time teaching Artist in Residence at a Kindergarten through Sixth grade primary school in Vermont during the month of September in 2013.  I lead workshops in Animation, Printmaking, Drawing and Illustration.

Aug 2012Jun 2013

Art Faculty

Vail Mountain School

Full-time Arts Faculty at the Vail Mountain School teaching K-12 Visual Art courses.I am also a 6th grade home-base teacher and work with web design and social media projects in the communications office.I teach various digital art, animation, and AP art classes integrating emerging trends in new media with traditional mediums and practices.

Apr 2010Jan 2011

Arts Education Director

Chaffee Art Center

During my time at this position I have worn many hats, as a liaison of all the education programming.Serving as the graphic and web designer. I had the opportunity to meet and work with a diverse group of artists on a curatorial, administrative and educational capacity.

Jun 2010Oct 2010

Arts Instructor

Middlebury Studio School

worked with younger students on animation and graphic novel workshops. Helped students work together in group projects and individually to explore trends in new media, stop motion animation, and illustrating a visual narrative.

Sep 2006Apr 2010

Carpenter's Assistant

Harrington Custom Building

Assisted in all aspects of fine home building.  Experience with construction tools, technology and application.

Jun 2007Aug 2007

Apprentice Teacher / Dorm Head

The Putney School

I was the Apprentice Printmaking Instructor under Doug Lynch.I also lead a stop motion animation afternoon program as well as a self-publishing workshop.I provided a strong leadership role with the staff as well as the students.I led camping trips, hiking afternoon activities and got a chance to mentor students ages 13-18 as well as international students.

Jun 2006Sep 2006

Teaching Assistant / Intern

The Center for Cartoon Studies

The Center for Cartoon Studies is a small MFA program in White River Junction Vermont. During this summer I was a teaching assistant to very interesting panel of cartoonists and artists. I gained valuable teaching experience, learned about the history of narrative practices and supported this summer program as a teaching assistant.


Feb 2008Jul 2010

Master of Fine Art

Goddard College

2010 • Master of Fine Art • Goddard College, Plainfield Vermont

Focus on Graphic Novels, Printmaking and Peace Studies

Jan 2001May 2006

Bachelor of Fine Art

Maine College of Art

2006 • Bachelor of Fine Art • Maine College of Art, Portland ME.

Illustration Major with a double Minor in

Art History & Drawing 

Studio Work

Personal Work

Student Work


Peter Wallis | Teaching Philosophy

Foundation courses 2-D, 3-D, Drawing, Art History & Critical Theory are an essential ingredient to an academic and personal journey into any Art Practice.  A comprehensive understanding of Art History both past and present gives the artist’s work context.  I plan all my studio course work to adhere to clear guidelines, technical support and classroom critiques. Exploration with form and content, in most cases is a Non-Linear learning process. Establishing clear goals and guidelines helps to organize the expectations I have of students and the expectations they have of themselves.

It is inspiring when my students become passionate and engaged in the work they are creating. Exposing students to different approaches, new materials and ways of expressing themselves gives the student the tools and critical discourse needed to create their own definition of Art.

Thoughtful exploration of traditional 2-D, 3-D & Drawing techniques as well as an understanding of Art History and contemporary art empowers students to be insightful and establish their own path as an Artist.

I want students to leave my class excited about what they are learning, and eager to push the boundaries of what they thought they were capable of in the next class and beyond.


Foundation: 2D | Drawing | Figure Drawing | Observational Drawing

Illustration: Graphic Novel | Intro to Cartooning | Stop Motion Animation I & II

Printmaking: Block Printing | Monotype | Etching | Screen-printing

Digital Arts: Web Design | Graphic Design | Animation | New Media

Art History: Art History Survey I & II | Contemporary Art | Critical Theory

Design Thinking: CAD | 3D-Printing | Prototyping | Collaborative Teaching Approaches

Technical Skills

-Comprehensive understanding of Adobe Creative Suite, strong understanding of layout and design for both print and web material.

-Experience cultivating databases as well as proven leadership with marketing and fundraising efforts for Non-Profit organizations. Familiarity working with administrators and faculty members organizing workshops and gallery exhibitions with younger students and adults.

-An interdisciplinary approach to Printmaking techniques. I have a strong enthusiasm for the use of green printmaking materials and techniques and feel that my creative practice centralizes around a passion for printmaking, drawing and Art History.

-Strong interpersonal skills in both managing gallery shows, as well as implementing visual art education workshops for adults and children. Proven leadership experience managing arts workshops and instructors, teaching experience in many different techniques and practices.

-Experience with narrative forms and contemporary illustration approaches.  Teaching skills leading digital and traditional animation techniques for students K-12.

-Design Thinking and experience developing an Innovation Lab space and curriculum in a K-8 independent school.


Carlota Perla: Residential Director

Can     Serrat
08294 El Bruc, Spain tel. (34) 937 710 037
[email protected]


To whom it may concern, 

On behalf of Can Serrat International Art Centre, I am pleased to confirm that Peter Wallis has been working as an artist in residence during the period of April 1st to May 20t h at the Can Serrat International Art Centre.

Peter Wallis has been selected by our jury to receive a Support Stipend.

He has been working hard on his project with the Graphic Novel” Becket’s Nexus”.

It has been both challenging and inspiring to take part in Peters working process. Peter is a very talented illustrator and his work also deals with difficult questions such as, war, peace, illness and spirituality. An important inspiration soars for Peter has been to walk in the footsteps of the main character in the novel all the way to Spain and also to research the Spanish Civil war and Picasso’s Guernica which constitute the background of the graphic novel. 

Peter Wallis is intelligent, serious and possesses a great working moral.

This working moral has been proven in the shape of a well-structured plan of how he wanted to use his time at Can Serrat. He has been following this plan in detail and at the same time been interested in the other resident artists and their work.

During the course of his residency Peter has made two presentations of his own art and practice to a varied audience. He has also been participating in and collaborating with other resident artists in the organization of several art symposiums and internal exhibitions.

We believe residents of this kind offer rare and wonderful opportunities for an artist to engage in dialogue with other artists from all over the world, and to further develop their art in relation to new locations. 

Yours Sincerely,

Carlota Perla
Can Serrat International Art Centre       

Jessica Kaminski: Chaffee Art Center

December 3, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

Peter Wallis worked at the Chaffee Art Center as the Education Coordinator in 2010. As Peter’s co-worker, I experienced his enthusiasm for teaching first hand. Peter is fun, responsible, and imaginative when dealing with children, and as a result, children always loved taking classes with Peter. He even developed his own following of elementary aged students while teaching at the Chaffee. Peter has a great personality for teaching as he makes everyone feel comfortable, even first time art students.

At his time at the Chaffee Peter created and facilitated many new programs including a weekly open studio drawing class, a series of Saturday children’s classes, school break camps, a home school art program, and an all aged drawing club. Peter also managed the Chaffee Studio School classes for adults, and taught Introductory Printmaking. Aside from teaching, Peter created marketing materials for the studio school, and took over web design for the Chaffee’s main website.

Here at the Chaffee we are confident about Peter’s teaching abilities and invited him back this past October to facilitate the children’s activities at our Fall Foliage Art in the Park Festival.


 Jessica Kaminski
Gallery Coordinator

Chaffee Art Center



Debra Dauphinais: Rutland Public Schools

November 30, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Peter Wallis based on his work experience at the

Chaffee Art Center in Rutland, VT. I am a current member of the Board of Directors, and

also as a long-time art teacher for the City of Rutland Public Schools.

Peter proved himself to be an incredibly talented and personable young man while

working for the Chaffee. He has strong inter-personal skills, both with adults and with

young students. Several of my students in the public school system took classes that

Peter taught and gave him the most positive reviews. He conveys a sense of enthusiasm

and enjoyment for the classes he is teaches as well as strong technical skills and

knowledge. He provided quality instruction in many areas of art, including technology,

making him a valued staff member for a small organization such as the Chaffee. A

significant contribution that Peter made was in improving and updating the Chaffee’s

webpage, which was badly needed.

Peter has strong organizational skills that were evident in his ability to design and

schedule classes, prepare for classes and events at the Chaffee, communicate effectively,

work with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors, and plan and carry out

events within the community. He helped to make the Chaffee a presence at the

Downtown Farmer’s Market, offering art activities to children. He was directly involved

in the two annual Art in the Part events, coordinating entertainment and children’s

activities. Peter also contributed to the success of the Chaffee’s first annual Art Auction

and Fundraiser in 2010.

Chaffee members, artists and other community members have shared with me

numerous positive comments about Peter. They were impressed with his energy, skills

and talent. I have every confidence that Peter will be an asset to any organization he

becomes part of in the future.


Debra Dauphinais

Fran Bull: Gallery in the Field

To whom it may concern,

It is with pleasure that I write this letter on behalf of Peter Wallis. In one of those

oddities of fate, I met Peter in Barcelona, Spain where we were both working in

printmaking residencies. We discovered we lived in adjacent towns in Vermont! I

have known Peter for over five years now, and have admired his art and seen him in

action as a teacher of great inspiration and ingenuity.

The programs in printmaking he developed at the Chaffee Center for the Arts in

Rutland were extraordinary examples of arts education. Through Peter’s vision,

skill and great energy, these programs enabled people of all levels and abilities

to participate joyfully in printmaking. Peter worked tirelessly to demystify the

technical process and to facilitate creativity.

Peter is someone brimming with ideas and the fiery energy to implement them. He

is a tireless worker led by his own enthusiasm for art along with an affinity for the

academic setting. I’d go so far as to assert he is a natural teacher, albeit one who is

well educated and literate.

I am happy to answer any other questions you may have regarding Peter Wallis, his

work and character.


Fran Bull, Director

Gallery in-the-Field

Brandon, Vermont 05733


Big Sky Bakery- Group Show: Recent Landscape Drawings -2002 (ME)
Portland Public Market- Solo Exhibition2004 (ME)
*Free Street Tavern- 
Group Exhibition- Recent Etchings2005 (ME)
Five Town Massive- 
Group Exhibition & Multi-Media Presentations2006 (VT)
Putney School Faculty Gallery Show-
Etchings and Children's Book2007 (VT)
*Goddard College Gallery Show- Recent Printmaking and Illustration Work-2008 (VT)
*Goddard College Gallery Show- 
Illustration Group Show-2009 (VT)
Can Serrat International Art Residency-
Beckett's Nexus Graphic Novel Process Exhibit and Presentation-2009 (ES)
*Chaffee Art Center- 
Summer Member's Show2010 (VT)
Chaffee Art Center-
Death of the Pain Body Installation2012 (VT)
Firefly Collective Gallery- Artists & Grief Exhibition- 2012 (VT)
*Putney School Summer Faculty Exhibition- 2011-15 (VT)

           -2011-Graphic Novel-Beckett's Nexus
           -2012-Charcoal Boy Installation
           -2013-Honto's Cave Installation
           -2014- Aquarius Installation
           -2015-Animation, Multi-Media, Recent work

Mindful Art Exhibition: Mangalam Art Center, Berkeley California-2019 (CA)

* = Curated Exhibition


Design Thinking in the Classroom: Camera Obscura

Animation and Dance Collaborations at the Putney School

Sabra Field at Chaffee Art Center in Rutland

Innovation Lab Opening at Sea Crest School

The Art of...Graphic Novels

The Color of Nature

Can Serrat International Artist Residency
Support Stipend 2009 | Graphic Novel, Illustration Studio work


Graphic Design & Video Media Projects