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I am looking for a Management Position in Finance or Strategy, or an I-Banking or Consulting Position where I can add value through my past international working experience and my academic background. I consider myself as an open minded person with a strategic and analytical mindset, processing valuable working experience from different cultural environments.


  • Capital Markets
  • Investment Management
  • Alternative Energy
  • Sustainability
  • Bottom of Pyramid
  • Soccer
  • Tenis
  • Volleyball
  • Skiing
  • Off-road
  • Foreign cultures & traditions


I am an Austrian national working and living in Mexico since almost three years. In my last job I worked as the Director of Finance for a local, Mexican contract manufacturing company based in Monclova, Coahuila.

In addition to my Master Degree in International Business Studies ( I just finished the 2nd semester of the Executive OneMBA Program ( at EGADE Monterrey and am currently visiting the 3rd semester. I do have valuable and successful (international) working experience* in the fields of Management Consulting (ProCura/ KPMG – Corporate Finance), Financial Advisory (IFI AG) and as already mentioned as Director of Finance of an industrial company (AZ Industries SA de CV).

I speak fluent Spanish, English and German and have a deep understanding of Mexico, its culture and people.

* International Experience:Spain, USA, Italy, Germany, Mexico


Javier Toussaint Parrodi

“Peter is highly result/task driven student, always contributing with additional perpectives and sharing different cultural and profesional aspects that enrich our learning process. I like to work with Peter in different tasks because he activeley listens, contributes, and shares his opinion while repecting others. I highly recommend Peter as collegue, student and friend.” September 19, 2009

Michael Breumsø

“I am studying a global Executive MBA (OneMBA) together with Peter, where it truly comes out that Peter is a "citizen of the world" – this is shown in his remarkable and critical analysis of businesses in Latin America vs. Europe, his insight into financial benchmarking instruments in different regions and also through his highly developed ideas about sustainability and triple-bottom-line reporting. Peter is not only one of the brightest students in our class, he is also constantly challenging the various concepts and theories being presented, which secures an interesting learning environment. I can highly recommend Peter - both as a great fellow student, a close friend and I am confident that his professional skills make him a great and valued colleague in any business setting."” May 4, 2009

Palle Roy Jensen

“Peter is an open-minded thinker and knowledgeable person. He is not afraid to challenge current ideas but in a respectful way. He has a strategic mindset and a global view and is both trustworthy and a fun person to work with. One you can count on to share his experience. His high-end grades on our 1st. semester Executive MBA were very impressive.” April 14, 2009

Curriculum Vitae

Peer Assessments - MBA Program

Work experience

Feb 2007Jan 2009

Director of Finance

AZ Industries SA de CV

As the CFO I was responsible for the finance and administration department of the company. In this function I successfully restructured the capital structure of the company to match more effectively long term and short term funds with long and short term capital needs. I renegotiated established long term credits and short term credit lines and negotiated new short term credit lines with very favourable conditions. In addition, I managed the company’s working capital and decreased the overall cash conversion cycle, thus decreasing the company’s cost of capital and increasing the profitability and the value for the shareholders. Besides that, I prepared the monthly reporting to the CEO & President of the company and supervised the whole export of our products.

Feb 2004Oct 2006

Senior Financial Advisor

Institut für Finanzierungswesen & Investment AG

As a Senior Financial Advisor I was successfully acquiring new high net worth clients and establishing positive long term relationships by providing first class investment advice. I was managing my client’s individual stock and options portfolios showing constantly positive excess returns. I had around EUR 35 Mio under my own management. In addition, I was doing extensive market and company analysis to identify new investment opportunities for my clients. Furthermore I was co-leading the development of a proprietary portfolio management software and client relationship database.

Jul 2003Feb 2004

Private Finance Consultant

Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG

As the co-branch manager I successfully established operations in the new office in Graz, Austria. I actively hired and trained 35 new sales analysts and consultants and within 6 month we acquired a new client base which allowed us to show a positive bottom line.

Apr 2002Jun 2003

Corporate Finance Consultant

ProCura Unternehmensberatung GmbH (KPMG - Bertl Fattinger & Partner)

As a consultant in the Corporate Finance team I was doing complex financial modelling and company valuations using contemporary valuation methods (DCF, Multiples, Comparables, Real Options etc.). I was successfully preparing client presentations and identifying short lists for M&A mandates (sell & buy side). In addition I was leading a major research project for the Styrian State Government which contracted us to prepare a comprehensive analysis regarding the current financing structure of Austria’s Universities of Applied Science and to provide recommendations for improvement. Most of our recommendations have been implemented.




Universidad de Valladolid

ERASMUS - Program @ University School of Business of Valladolid