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Work experience

Oct 2011Present

Leading Hand

Fero Group

- Checking all finish product for identification of customers and recording.

- Weighing of all galvanize items

- Assuring quality of items will pass base on company and international standards.

- Getting Items zinc thickness

- Supervise the personnel that they have all the materials they need for the whole operation.

May 2002Apr 2011

Logistics Supervisor

Industrial Galvanizers Corporation of the Philippines

♦Over-all supervision of trucking utilization.

♦Handling of customer inquiries regarding deliveries and pick-up and truck availability.

♦ Makes daily production schedule for galvanizing.

♦ Makes daily pick-up and delivery plan for the schedule of trucks.

♦ Monitoring of deliveries and pick-ups to make sure it will be done..

♦Hiring third party trucking if needed to serve all the customers.

♦Makes payment request to the accounting for the third party trucking.

♦ Arrange booking of shipment in piers for customers in every shipping lines.

♦Accommodate incoming shipments from pier to the plant for our provincial customers.

♦ Submits weekly and monthly freight Expenses to the Manager and accounting.

♦Liquidates all expenses of Logistics in accounting.

♦Submits monthly reports for Quality and Safety Performance Indicator (QPI & SPI).

♦ Ensures that all guidelines and policies of the company are followed.

♦ Makes over time report of logistics personnel every cut-off.

♦ Ensures that company’s trucks are properly maintained and completely recorded the data.

♦Assets the needs of logistics personnel.

♦Supervise the truck drivers and helpers and the dispatch personnel.

♦Ensures the quality and safety of galvanize steel materials are based on standard.

♦Direct reporting to the Department Manager for all concern in Logistics and Dispatching.

Nov 1998Sep 2001

EDP Coordinator

Simplick Automation Systems

♦Updating database of Local Area Network.

♦Pricing and coding control of all products.

♦Handling of monthly and annual inventory of all ophthalmic products and accessories.

♦Printing daily sales reports and other related transactions.

♦Technical support on corrections of sales and returned receipts, printing and printer problems, stocks availability, and allPC software and hardware troubleshooting.

♦Handling workshops to the employees in product knowledge and computer usage.

♦Publishing artist (making posters, banners, leaflets and other design)


Jun 1993Apr 1998

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Technological Institute of the Philippines