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Peter Dawson has been associated with the Information Technology vertical for the last 22 years. Over the last 6 years has been involved in Project Management , Business Systems Analystprocess that lead to innovative product and process development for Businesses and Internal customers. A proven track record in delivering solutions that go beyond and above set success criteria. Recognized as demonstrating leadership and ability in motivating teams across the Enterprise with Business Partners and supporting Mission Critical Applications.


Attending BarCamps and Core Technology Previews, Pen /Beta testing, Blogging, Reading, Tennis, Global Social Collaborative Technologies.

Work experience

May 2007Dec 2007

IT Project Manager

Konverge Digital Solution, Inc
  • Reported to the President of the Company.

  • Assigned to Review and initiate Change in Project Methodologies and processes.

  • Managed internal and external projects, inclusive of documentation, status reporting, tracking and resource management.

Selected Projects

Project Server 2007 -

  • Pen tested Project Server07, MOSS and Sharepoint services in a collaborative environment. Crafted specific /generic process and work flows to sustain business objectives.

  • Incubation status on Continuous feedback to the executive team and an active member on the Project server forums of MSFT. Identified bugs and glitches that was integral to sustain Service Pack release from MSFT.

Project MPA

  • Test Drove application and created Test cased and results for an on-line, web enable Folio Analysis package. This included briefing stakeholders, developers and customer on demand and results matrix.

Project TNG

  • Drafted out requirements for change requirements to an existing desk top application.

  • Liaisons with stakeholders to create and drive cohesive project plan, requirements,test plans and progress reporting to stakeholders.

Nov 2004Nov 2006

Project Manager

UPS Supply Chain Solutions


  • Reported to the Director of Regulatory Compliance, Trade Services and Innovations.

  • Assigned as Project Manager on the acquired partner under a Merger & Acquisition of UPS, Inc.

  • Realigned an ongoing Customs Self Assessment initiative

  • PM and Consultant for specialized for Projects that directly related to Compliance and regulatory affairs.

Selected Projects

Merger & Acquisition Mandate - Jan 2005 -Mar 2006

  • Designate Project manager for the acquired side. Tasked to handover of all business facades of MWTS, Canada (Acquired partner) to UPS-SCS, Inc. (acquiring Partner)

  • Lead a team that transitioned Operations, Customers, Human Capital, Inventory's and business documentation to UPS SCS (Acquiring partner).

  • Legacy systems and documentation need to be re branded to sustain brand equity mandates within a specific mission critical time frame along with strict compliance to all regulatory instruments for Canada Customs.

  • Formulated strategy for the customer outreach and communication program during the transition phase.

  • Leveraged all systems resource from MWTS legacy platform into the operational platform of UPS -SCS.

  • Provided timely feedback to stakeholders by representing projects led in monthly Project management Office (PMO) and departmental meetings, clearly presenting current progress, status, risk and issues resolutions.


  • Managed the transition of the Strategic Business Unit with zero customer turnover and an increase of 10% revenue during the transition phase.

  • Was given a commendation letter /Certificate of appreciation by the Director of the Business Unit.

Project CSA – April 2006 – Oct 2006

  • Was tasked to Streamline and ensure the Customs Self Assessment (CSA) application was developed to the E-commerce Platform requirements of Canada Customs.

  • Produced a gap document after independent review of application and crafted detailed WBS plan to ensure that development efforts were in line with scope.

  • Crafted Test Plan and expected test results case. consulted with Canada Customs whenever required for clarifications to their program.

  • Ensured that all data transformation within the value pipeline was in adherence to both internal and external compliance requirements .


  • Created a new product for the market space and was the one of the first CSA service providers to be certified by Canada Customs.

  • Value pipeline eventually generate $2.5Million for Aerospace vertical customers within 6 months of deployment.

  • CSA provisioning becomes a new value offering for the Business Unit and thereby creating a landscape change for Custom's brokerage operation's.

Mar 2000Nov 2004

Project Mnager / Business Analyst


Reported to the Director of Strategic Business Unit.

  • Built value pipelines on customer facing projects which were tightly integrated with Technologies.

  • Identified the needs of internal and external customers regarding operational process and recommending automated or other appropriate solutions.

  • Created a knowledge management, collaborative and document database strategy for the Business Unit.

  • Interfaced with vendors and IS to identify and implement applicable solutions.

Selected Projects

  • Project Impower – Project Lead for documenting a 'data on demand' strategy for a web based data mining & reporting tool for Kellogg's . The Team was located in multiple time zones and locations. The initiative was based in creating an application that harvested data from legacy systems (progress DB) and moving it to a Oracle data mart for reporting consumption. Crafted out a detailed WBS, Data Mapping, and UML Specifications. Application was developed in a .net Framework with Oracle as the Middleware. Worked closely with Enterprise Architecture team to ensure that the final product had industrial strength capabilities.

Realized increased customer loyalty with new business opportunities. Application was leveraged to other Customers for near real time data reports.

  • Project Celestica – Tasked to created a stand alone customs Brokerage environment that interfaced with daily overnight feeds from partner's SCM platform, which projected inbound commodities. This included crafting out method's to sustain mission critical process to address the needs of JIT (Just in Time) to dock for manufacturing. Collaborated with local and international team members and Corporate Commodity & Logistics Manager to ensure requirements were captured to sustain SLA's. Project included working with External/ Internal IT Teams, Vendors, and C level Stakeholders. Triple Constraint monitoring was critical to success.

Realization - One year of post launch, New line of business (Montreal ) was awarded based on the success of this project.

  • Project Documentum - Crafted a knowledge management, document database strategy for the Business Unit using the Documentum platform. Lead a 3 member team that implemented the solution which resulted in employees having access to all Standard operating processes. This was a 'grass root' initiative that involved identifying all business process from all departments across the strategic business unit.

Eventually the knowledge repository was the lookup tool for internal users so that consistent customer experience could be leveraged across all operational ports/ office of the business.

  • Project ACROSS -Phase3 Gathered and crafted the requirements plus created test cases for an internal project that included working with Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Electronic Commerce Unit of Canada Customs and Directorate's of Major Projects /Planning group of Canada Border Services Agency. The initiative was to implement an upgrade to the operational legacy platform.

The new component realized new product offerings to the market space and customers with increased performance for time associated SLA's to the customer base.

  • Project Keystone – Assigned as PM to ensure that Keystone Automotive was transitioned as a new brokerage customer. This included creating an application /process with an environment to support over night daily EDI feeds from clients Procurement platform. Project needed to be implemented from Start to finish within 45 days.

Post implemented realized a healthier compliance level along with lower payments of Duty and taxes to CBSA

  • Project PetSmart - Lead a data mining initiative to sustain a Customs /Revenue Canada Audit for a PetSmart, US. My Final recommendation eventually saved the Customer approximately 50,000CAD.

  • Corporate Six sigma (DMAIC) initiative on process defect removal. Analyzed and customized the templates for the Canadian business Unit for Key Performance Indicators (KPI's ) and Customer Satisfaction Indices (CSI's).



Osmaina University
  • BA -Finance and Accounting, Hyderabad University, India – 1994

Sep 1997May 1998


Washington Int'l University

Thesis title -"Internet Protocol V6- A Busines Model"


Project Managment
  Experienced with Project Methodologies of PMBoK, Agile and the RUP (Rational Unified Process). Active member of the MSDN Professional Community for Project Server 2007 and it's associated components. Good understanding of the ninth Knowledge Area of the PMBoK within the sub areas of procurement, Sub-contracting and Off-shoring. Firm Believer of Continuous feedback using PMO templates and Work flow methods for Risk Analysis, Scope Issue and Quality to Stakeholders and team members. Facilitates Requirements Gathering , JAD Sessions with External & Internal Clients with a clear emphasis on “Cut once, measure many times” project control philosophy. Demonstrated Leadership in managing conflict within and around a responsibility matrix. Strong management of Virtual teams. Managed teams that were situated in various time zones. Passion on determination of business problems, Investigating the root cause to a business problem and recommending likely solutions plus evaluating likely solutions to determine viable solutions. Apply modeling to understanding root causes for the AS-IS state and the TO-BE state (process and work flow modeling). Assisting the QA Department in Creating Test Plans, Creating Test Cases. Supporting the Test Team for User Acceptance Testing. METHODOLGY & SOFTWARE TOOLBOX PM: PMI / PMBoK, RUP, FDD, SCRUM, CMMI,Project 2003, Project Sever07 BSA: UML, JAD, MS Visio03, MS Office07,CaseComplete, MOSS, Sharepoint, Documentum Prototyping: MS Designer, HTML, MS Excel, PHP, Prolog DEV: SQL Server, TFS, VSS, Apache, IIS,Unix 6.1 , Citirx, Progress, C##, .net, SunSprac, E10000 Server mount, QA: IssueTracker (Bug Management), HDS (Helpdesk s/w) Training Material Development: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Netmeeting


Certified Customs Specialist (CCS),

Canada Customs