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Honors & Awards

18 Emmy nominations and 4 Emmy awards

J. Hal Connor Awards for Creative Writing, Northern Illinois University

Best Cinematographer, Downstate Illinois Stations, Illinois Association of Broadcasters

WIFR-TV 2 Washington DC Ad Council Awards

WDCA-TV 2 Emmy nominations

NATAS (National Association of Television Arts and Sciences)

WDCA-TV, Washington DC

6 Emmy nominations, NATAS, WKRC-TV

Cincinnati 1 Emmy Award, WKRC-TV

Cincinnati 1 ProMax Gold Award

Promotion Directors Association, WKRC-TV, Cincinnati

12 Emmy Nominations, NATAS, KCTV

Kansas City 3 Emmy Awards, NATAS, KCTV

Kansas City 10 Missouri Broadcasting Awards, KCTV, Kansas City


Director of Communications

Strategic Creative Vision • Brand Identity & Design • PR Campaigns • Internet & Video Production • Copywriting Team Leadership • Multiple Media Awards • Social Media Marketing • Online Presence

Having over 20 years of multiple award-winning Media, Communications, and Marketing leadership experience, I have aggressively accelerated revenue stream and produced impressive results across multiple industries. My successes in local and national Media, multimedia production, strategic branding, and business ownership uniquely positions me to quickly impact your bottom line. I am highly experienced in video production with an emphasis on internet media strategy, with outstanding output both as an entrepreneur and within leading companies.

More importantly, I have consistently brought strategic market-driven focus and tactical direction to the Marketing and Communications efforts I have led, resulting in excellent user response and significant profitable returns.  If your company is positioned to drive revenue through comprehensive and cutting-edge marketing and communications strategy, let’s have a conversation regarding how my qualifications and passion fit your vision for the future. 

               •High Profile Experience with Industry-Leading Media Entities

               •Top Caliber Team Leader Achieving Outstanding Results

               •Expert in Producing Effective and Powerfully Branded Multimedia

Key Skills: Exemplary management presence •Branding and creative campaign specialist •Broad media knowledge •Highly influential communicator •Expert ability in leveraging new technologies •Adept at developing strategy & evolving it into action •Skilled in producing under high pressure •Unwavering commitment to excellence • Excellent negotiator. 

Peter Barrett Communications

New Landings Fundraiser

Music Theatre for Young People

KC Charter Christian Schools

Work experience

Promotion Director & Promotion Manager

Additional Production & TV Experience

Promotions Director, WKRC-TV (ABC) CincinnatiSupervised all brand awareness campaigns at this ABC affiliate, driving ratings and therefore revenue. Managed Graphics Department.Promotion Manager Edit, WDCA TVBrand manager for this independent TV station, leveraging movies and local major league sports broadcasts to build awareness for this UHF station as an alternative viewing choice.Promotion Manager Edit, WIFR TVBrand manager, promoting local newscasts and programming to enhance ratings (and revenue). Served in ALL technical positions (audio, camera, teleprompter, character generation, videographer for news and sales, director, editor, lighting director).


Owner/ Principle

Peter Barrett Communications

Crafted video production for nonprofit which garnered $169K in donations—tripling their previous year. 

Earned high praise from a multitude of production clients for inventiveness, quality, and for meeting budgetary and time constraints.  

Engineered video podcasts to create and bolster company’s online presence before this became a mainstream practice.  


Director of Marketing & Client Services

Medical Imaging

Supervised all aspects of sales, client retention, public relations, marketing, brand management, and more-resulting in a ten-fold increase in monthly clientele

Created performance-based bonus structure which drove revenues from $6M to $10M+. 

Developed 100+ marketing and communications employees by replicating skill sets with an emphasis on preparation for higher level roles. 


Director of Marketing, Production & Programming

KCVT5 (Meredith Corporation)

Served cornerstone role developing KCTV5 brand, implementing cutting edge technologies to establish web presence.  

Earned four Emmy Awards for marketing efforts including best branding and marketing, nominated for 18 others

Promotions have been featured in USA Today and have been recognized by the White House.  

Worked with small team to ascertain Dan Rather for a promotional spot resulting in $4M+ in revenue and boosted ratings.  

Created a stand-alone television program netting $3M+ in revenue over a three-year period.  

Developed annual marketing plans with budgets exceeding $1.7M.

Conceived and implemented a digital promotion, quadrupling ratings

Consistently led teams to meet and exceed goals with an average 7% increase in year-to-year revenue.