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In 1999, I left a career in Mechanical Engineering to pursue a call to professional ministry life, which continues today. This journey has taken me to attend several different schools, live in various cities as well as serve in several different capacities. Seventeen years later, there are still new frontiers and opportunities I believe God has in store for me and is calling me to engage and accomplish.

I am very passionate about discipleship development, and connecting people into transforming relationships that lead to living out faith missionally and in a community. I seek to lead others in seeking after the heart of Jesus, where together we create environments of love, compassion and grace that make all the difference to the people and community God places us in and calls us to live.

I am at a point where my passion is growing to define, design and develop leaders in the church and to produce systems that help create cultural shifts in discipleship that become part of a church's DNA.

Work experience

Jan 2013Present

Pastor Connections & Discipleship

Center Pointe Christian Church

I am currently serving as Pastor of Connections and Discipleship at Center Pointe Christian Church in Liberty Township Ohio. Some highlights and achievements:

  • Generated increased awareness of groups and serving opportunities by updating our partnership process to include a next step component. This change increased inquiries and communication between myself, new guest and longtime attendees to Center Pointe. Our conversion from attendee to partner (member) averages at 30-45% per each session of 24 people per session.
  • Part of my role is the oversight and responsibility of the Connections Ministry. This ministry is comprised of Greeters, New Guest Children Check-in Host, Cafe Team Host and Ushers. I brought these siloed teams together under one umbrella we called Connections and instituted a shirt that raised the visibility of the team for our weekend experiences. Here is one effort that has made a tremendous impact:
  1. Moved an analog system for checking in a guest to a digital format by computerizing check-in and data collection. Previous data collection was a box of index cards containing new guest information; which was not shared with anyone outside of children's ministry. In creating a centralized gathering point of new guest information within our data management system, helped us between January 2014 -to current in processing and communicating with over 500 unique persons visiting Center Pointe.
  • Developed a unified team of volunteers, with ongoing training, recruitment, accountability and role development and communication. To date, I have brought together a team of 80 volunteers that now compromise our connections ministry. These once siloed teams, are now unified and working from the same visioning perspective and are becoming a stronger growth engine for Center Pointe. They have been given clear role descriptions along with regular intervals of meeting for sharing, celebration, and vision casting.
  • Led in developing and integrating social media into our connections process and communication.  Net results were:
  1. Increased event registration with fewer volunteers needed.
  2. Improved and fast response to acknowledge new families before Sunday morning was over.
  3. Creating text voting for use during worship experience, and text information group.
  4. Increased new guest first step (Starting Pointe) registration by streamlining and offering registration on multiple platforms.
  5. Created a digital guest survey process which increased responses more than 200% of previous efforts. 
Jan 2013Mar 2013

Sr. Assistant for Strategic Projects

Center Pointe Christian Church

Sr. Assistant for Strategic Projects

Jan 2013 - Present

Currently on a short term employed assignment as the Sr. Assistant for Strategic Projects, reporting to both the Sr. & Executive Pastors at Center Pointe Christian Church. I was brought in to assist in creating a staff-wide cloud server environment for greater collaboration, productivity; transferring server upkeep cost off-site. Additionally, I am tasked with developing a church app design and deployment along with staff training, and Google Apps deployment for a staff of (15) fifteen.

Jun 2003Oct 2011

Lead Pastor

The Bridge Community Church

In 2004, My family moved to Portage Indiana to plant a church. We planted that new church in an existing facility of a Methodist denomination. The method of planting for this church was a parachute plant; with no team, we were required to develop a core group and leadership from our community.

This new church taught me renewed and vital lessons in complete dependency on God, prayer for the protection of my marriage and family. During this startup, I loved the evangelism aspect along with the creative aspects involved. We had to build every part of the community life of the new church from small groups, to worship and multimedia teams. Even though the teaching schedule was long and without breaks, in the beginning, I did love teaching and preaching because I grew and it allowed me to better my communication skills.

Church Planter and Lead Pastor

  • Led church from beginning in an existing facility to becoming a vibrant community focused church. 
  • Demonstrated strong communication and leadership skills in effectively preparing and delivering biblical messages that focused on seekers and mature believers developing a culture of service and discipleship.
  • Developed and led discipleship and biblical educational opportunities.
  • Hired and mentored new staff, both part-time and full-time.
  • Strategically prioritized, planned, and coordinated projects to ensure the best possible programs and facilities for growth and development.

Team Leadership & Management

  • Led a broad range of fundraising efforts that resulted in upgrading the existing facility and expanding the budget for acquisition of needed equipment.
  • Efficiently developed internal processes to define goals, boost productivity, and performance of volunteers and staff.
  • Directed the growth and development of a plurality of elders to establish proper long-term leadership of the new church.
Jul 2000Jun 2003

Associate Pastor

Wilmington United Methodist Church

During my time at Wilmington, I served as the associate pastor with key responsibilities in Student ministry and Adult discipleship.  I truly loved being a part of student’s lives, opening up opportunities to not focus on their desires, but to serve those who did not have the access or opportunity to live as they lived. I created a partnership with a street ministry called Sugartree Ministries where I learned a lot about young people who were not part of our Christian culture, and how they saw the world.  Additionally, I had the chance to lead bible studies at Wilmington College and to be a liaison between the campus and the church community. God used this time of ministry to prepare me for planting the Bridge Community Church.

Aug 1997Jul 2000

Chairperson Family Ministry

Cornerstone United Methodist Church

As Chairperson of Family Ministry, I lead a team tasked with developing a program of education, activities aimed at bridge building between students and adults to intentionally strengthen families. To this end we developed activities centered on increasing intergenerational interaction.  Our team sought out speakers and others who would come and conduct weekend events for families.  Additionally we sought to develop adults who would interact with our students to facilitate potential mentoring.

Jan 1978Jan 2000

Other Employment


·Twenty year career in Contract engineering field, contracted to Procter & Gamble Cincinnati and P&G Far East in Akashi Japan; More information available upon request.


Jan 2005May 2010

Bachelor of Science-Biblical Studies -

Liberty University

My time at Liberty prepared me to be a leader and a teacher, to engage in meaningful interpretation and application of biblical texts and theology, which has prepared and equipped me for a lifetime of ministry in all areas of Christian involvement. Additionally, I was challenged to be a disciple who makes disciples; and to have a life worth imitating.

Aug 2003Jan 2005

BA in Religious Studies

Valparaiso University

The study of the origins and development of Christian thought as it forms communities and engages the world; with emphasis on Old and New Testament Studies. Heavy emphasis on the impact of the Reformation. No degree transferred to Liberty.

Oct 1998Dec 2002

BA in Religion, Minor in Philosphy

Wilmington College

The practice of the presence of God is the heart of religious life. Courses in religion at Wilmington College are intended to challenge, promote, and deepen the understanding of God in human experience. To this end courses are offered that introduce students to the Bible, and that explore religious beliefs, behaviors, and practices of the most prevalent religions of the world.

Philosophy is the love of wisdom. Wisdom emerges from clear, logical, and creative thought, and an earnest attempt to understand reality, knowledge, ethical responsibility, and other concerns in our everyday lives. Philosophy attempts to integrate all human thought and experience into a meaningful whole.

No degree, transferred to Valparaiso, then to Liberty. Studied at Wilmington for total of 80 credit hours.



Happy to provide references upon request.


    * Teaching * Preaching * Worship Development * Family Ministry * Community Missions * Church Planting  




Music, Composing, Computers and Technology, Photography & video.

Called to Lead..

I am a Christian, husband, father & disciple called to lead a group of passionate people into a season of personal growth, to become disciples who make disciples. Using my gifts to empower others creativity and calling to pursue both covenant and kingdom as representatives of our Father.

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