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Peter Vogt

Sales and Operations Executive

Executive summary

Seasoned executive with a solid reputation for achieving corporate growth objectives through providing strategic direction, diverse perspectives and positive leadership. Increases organizational efficiencies and improves sustainable revenue while reducing costs. Establishes teams of high-performing employees through ongoing professional and personal coaching which includes hands on mentoring. Proven strategist with a track record of helping startup and early growth companies increase revenues and achieve profitability

Work experience


Director of Sales and Marketing

Beyond BookSmart

Needham, MA - Director of Sales and Marketing

Company focused on Executive Function Coaching for ADD/ADHD kids. Executing vision of “Join a family that changes lives for a lifetime.” Executive leader responsible for growing sales. Originally brought on to increase New York sales. In three months was leading all sales and marketing efforts of the company and was added to the leadership team. Changed morale of sales and marketing teams which has led to improved communications.

  • Increased revenues and clients after being hired. Led sales team to record level sales in company's history.
  • Created sales and marketing plan for 2017. In process of implementing social selling via HubSpot. Improved blog presence. Created and implemented a unified look across all marketing material. Decreased marketing costs and budget from 2016.
  • Beat second half 2016 forecast for new clients by 10%. Beat second half 2016 revenue forecast by 6%. Beat second half 2016 profit/loss budget.
  • Changed script for inbound sales resulting in decreased call time, increased efficiency and improved close rate from 20% to 35%.
  • Implemented new website. Researched, implemented and trained staff on new CRM. Integrated CRM with Marketing system. Created slide library for continuity of message. Researched and implemented new project management tool.
  • Increased sales meetings by personally working the top end of the funnel as an SDR, Created outside sales procedures. Implemented cadence pre and post referral meeting.
  • In process of creating faster referral business through on-line registering of potential clients.

Beyond BookSmart Projects

Part of team that brought New website onboard in 3 months

Implemented New CRM

Implemented new digital marketing

Created unified messaging and corporate look


Senior Director of Inside Sales

Castle Branch

Wilmington, NC - Sales Manager/Sales Director

Generated revenue by selling solutions of background checks across the country. Strategized product services by creating corporate positioning statements delivered through multiple original marketing campaigns. Drove new client acquisition through a SaaS SDR/AE model where top of the funnel campaigns were implemented and marketed through outbound email and call initiatives. Worked with business development to train, market, and sell new/enhanced product offerings. Hired, trained, and mentored employees, many of whom this was their first job out of college.

  • Turned around a department that had been having declining sales for 5 years. In 3 months new product sales were increasing year over year. 
  • Envisioned and created Sales Development Rep (SDR) team to address slowing sales. Implemented structure of the team, its pay structure, call cadence and metrics, and service level agreement. Inspired team to hit new growth objectives through coaching, lifelong learning classes, and sales labs.
  • Closed new revenue gap in year over year sales from 27% under performance to currently 5% under by implementing SDR/AE model. Ended year with 3% growth. Total revenue for division hit budget. All this achieved while reducing overhead by 50%. First two months of 2016 were over budget.
  • Implemented social media and digital marketing strategies that are being used company wide for solicitation of new business. Implemented RFP response team. Created unified look in prospect presentations using ClearSlide.
  • Mentored two individuals in other departments as part of company's directive to grow strategic employees within the company.
  • Served as a leader for the “Concierge Service” team. We provided proactive client solutions for issues that arose when our SaaS products needed enhancements in order to strengthen the clients business.

                                   Castle Branch  Projects

Created and Implemented learning library

Implemented sales labs for SDR and AE teams

Created lifelong learning sessions for company focused on motivation for millennials

Two time speaker at Ted Talk Tuesdays, a company initiated and company wide learning session

Team lead for Revolution project focused on Internal Communications


National Sales Executive/International Business Development


Delano, MN National Sales Executive/International Business Development Generated new business opportunities, promoting and selling play safety surfaces across the western United States and international with a specific focus in the middle east. Led efforts across conceptualizing & executing sales promotion campaigns to increase brand visibility; preparing product launches, inbound and outbound marketing information, pricing and product positioning

  • Achieved or surpassed quota every quarter. Achieved 110% of quota each year.
  • Closed largest international project for company in Kuwait. Trained all new sales distribution teams across the US.
  • Vetted and trained all new installation companies across the US. Trained international distribution teams in Japan, China, Kuwait, Australia, Israel, and United Arab Emirates

Owner and President


Armonk, NY Co-Founder/General Manager/President Drove strategic revenue by selling solutions and installation of a urethane based surfacing system for water play and playgrounds across the world to new and existing key customers ensuring revenue and product mix targets are met. Strategized product services offerings and positioning by developing strong relationships with key decision makers. Developed a competitive business plan, uncovering/creating new opportunities, identifying dynamic and flexible solutions and managing account activity. Worked with channel partners to ensure execution in order to meet the objectives. Drove new client acquisition efforts for maximizing revenue through application visits, and proactive service solutions. Hired, trained and certified multiple installation crews. Developed pricing strategy, implemented effective promotional strategies, trained a high-performance sales distribution team and defined corporate image.

  • Developed, implemented and managed AOP and business plan. Met both plans annually while managing annual double digit growth. Effectively managed P&L with weekly, monthly and annual reporting on health of business. Bi-annual shareholder meetings held on share distribution, business health, and dividend payouts.
  • Managed worldwide field service techs and sub-contractors including implementing employment and sub-contractor contracts, contract reviews, performance evaluations, training, job assignment and field installation. Administered and supervised safety program, safety and operations training and drug policy screening.
  • Acted as human resources manager which included managing insurance and employee benefits, fielding employee benefits questions, negotiating insurance contracts, hiring and terminating employees, administering/approving time and expense reports, and administering payroll.
  • Developed and analyzed statistical data and product specifications, established quality protocols, directed quality training and safety programs, and developed procedures and reports to capture statistical data for both operations and sales. Improved sales policies and practices.
  • Defined the sales cycle, created accurate job descriptions and developed standards for customer relationship management. Used social media as a way to interact with our global customers and distributorships. Improved profit margin from 0 to 23% in 3 years.
  • Closed business with major accounts including Disney, Six Flags, Marriott, and Legoland. Captured 10% of soft surfacing market where no other company had more than a 5% market share. Developed and implemented monthly product

                                    Pebble Flex Projects 

Featured Speaker at World Water Park show

Featured Speaker at Toronto Playground symposium

Designed and installed first successful head impact test for impact over 12 foot

Developed and installed first non porous surface in New York 

Created and installed first dual use facilities with continuous surfacing for water play and playgrounds.


Owner and President


West Caldwell, NJ Owner/President Responsible for managing complete P&L operations and identifying market share, gauge market dynamics and trends for the growth of self started Construction Company specialized in decks and remodeling kitchens/baths to create outdoor living spaces. Handled Strategy planning for enhancing brand image, acceptability and positioning, resulting in increased sales and consistent growth in business opportunities. Steered efforts to provide exceptional service and delivering quality craftsmanship. Introduced Pebble Flex as a new product offering in 2005.

  • Grew revenues from start up to over 500K and sold business for a profit.
  • Conceived and marketed the creation of outdoor living spaces instead of a simple“ deck” which allowed sales to grow exponentially by offering additional products and upselling to the Trex® brand Invited to participate and speak at multiple product design and innovation“ think tanks” for major synthetic deck manufacturer.

Business Development/Director Customer Relations


Hackensack, NJ Business Development/Director Customer Relations/Professional Services Deftly managed overall channel marketing & business development operations for wireless data products and expanded its presence in 25 of the top 100 fortune 500 companies. Forecasted product requirement by analyzing market regularly aiming at achieving best possible revenues for diverse product lines. Maintained good relationship with clients & external associates and secured repeat business & long term customer loyalty. Directed customer support teams in Atlanta, New Jersey, and Florida managing a staff of 100 and a for hire call center as Customer Relations Director. Promoted the sales and service culture through coaching, guidance and staff motivation; achieved individual sales goals through new business sales, referrals, and retention of account relationships. Provided training, marketing and sales promotional materials and tools. Managed Product Lifecycles with associated transitions/communications. Part of team that was responsible for acquiring 2 add on verticals into the corporate environment.

  • Doubled add on revenue in first year by identifying and implementing add on modules to the core product. Add on modules were identified by in-field surveys conducted for first time in the enterprise space.
  • Achieved 150% of quota. Identified and closed acquisition of startup Software Company which facilitated development and release of critical new add on product. Subsequently secured major fortune 500 clients as a result. Partial client list included JP Morgan, Merril Lynch, Chevron Texaco, and GE.
  • Directed professional services staff for onsite implementation of software services for these companies. Achieved Performance Award for outstanding sales results 2 years in a row. Award given to those who exceeded quota more than 125% annually.
  • Successfully presented to and sold to“ C” level executives. Featured speaker and panel speaker at multiple wireless data conferences. Decreased churn rate by 25% in first year and 50% in second year by implementing an enterprise specific value added services.
  • Measured performance through three tier matrix tying performance to monthly bonus. Bonus derived by revenues generated by the department.
  • Reduced costs over 50% and increased net profit of operating division by 15-20%.

Director of Operations

VP Operations Director of Operations(95-97)

VP Operations

Edison, NJ VP Operations(97-99)

Manager of Installations

Manager of Installations Field Technician(93-94)

Front Desk Manager

Philadelphia, PA Front Desk Manager


Bachelor of Science

University of Houston