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Ambitious and flexible student with strong communication skills. Enjoys personal interactions and assisting others. Works well in teams and in individual endeavors. Seeks workplace experience to augment years of volunteering and school related work.



Youth Volunteer

Appalachian Service Project

Organized and participated in team building and fundraising events. Each year's work culminates in a one week trip to the Appalachian range to repair houses and give hope to America's poorest people. A combination of physical labor, problem solving, and interpersonal fellowship. Currently participating in team building and fundraising for the 2015 trip.

Jan 2014Jan 2015

Youth Deacon

church Board of Deacons

Served a one year term as one of two youth deacons at Northminster Presbyterian Church. Responsibilities included monthly meetings, providing pastoral care to church members through organized dinners, care packages, and flower deliveries for those in mourning. Was one of two people on the Newborn Committee, in charge of organizing services for the new children of the church.


Aug 2011May 2015

Expected Graduation: May 2015

Evanston Township High School

Well rounded student interested in engineering, history, and psychology. Member of National Honor Society, AP Scholar, National Merit Commended Scholar, and have received several departmental honors. High Honor Roll student for all completed semesters.

GPA through 7th semester: 4.425/5


18 year old high school senior. Enjoys hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. Has played tennis for seven years, and is rounding out his last year on the ETHS tennis team. Has been on the school math team for two years, including the state competition team. Hopes to studying environmental engineering college.


  • Reliability
    • Focuses on detail and follows directions to complete projects on time
  • Personable
    • An approachable and effective group worker 
  • Self directed and motivated
    • Identifies and completes tasks without need for direction
  • Experienced group leader
    • Listens to individual ideas and organizes members to tackle problems efficiently