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Present Situation

Have just before Easter (2018) moved away from the Leicester area, where I was employed as a TIG welder, fabricator and general handy person to have around, in a factory in Old Dalby making medium-sized machinery for the food industry. While this was not ideal, I still learned a great deal and was able to fine-tune some of my skills and it gave me a good starting point after our relocation (at their request) from Germany in September of 2017. That decision turned out to have been made a little too hastily and is the main reason that I am now looking further South and possibly towards the West for a more permanent position with a slightly different and perhaps less manual emphasis. The only exception to that might be 'having' to work in restoration again or interior outfitting or grease-monkeying in the Marine sector :)

Over a span of more than 40 years I have gathered a great deal of experience in a wide range of skills. I have been able to hone my abilities in a number of professions and pride myself in being meticulous and efficient, can isolate and find the cause of faults rapidly and am creative at permanent problem-solving. I now seek to utilise my transferrable skills to a slightly different level, where I am using more my head than my hands. The multitude of experience that I have gained through the years might lend itself to keeping an eye on quality, training, communicating or logistics, technical innovation, testing or technical coordination or communication. I have a thorough knowledge of the requirements, design and implementation of technical documentation, handbooks, safety manuals, assembly and workshop manuals, owners and training manuals, including their illustration using isometric projections for their unambiguous nature - all according to EURO and DIN norms of clarity and multilingual sparseness.

I have excellent communication, liaison, linguistic and interpersonal skills; client relations are high on my list. I am understanding, presentable and pleasant in all internal or customer dealings, whether face-to-face or by mail or other channels, whether in English or in German and in French at a pinch, too.

I have massive experience with all manner of mechanical assemblies from bikes to aero-engines, excavators and machines. Electrical and mechanical fault-finding, repairs, disassembly, reassembly, rebuilding and ergonomic, reliability or safety-related redesign where necessary.

I am a reliable and responsible team player, I have also taken on responsibility for training and coaching young people in the safe handling of tools and in metal- and woodwork, have experience with teaching programs, was employed for many years in a middle-managerial position and am very conscientious about safety at work. I also hold qualifications for crisis counselling, arbitration and small business management.

You will of course find a lot more detail in the following passages of this CV, which for clarity's sake, has had to be simplified in detail in some areas. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at any time by phone, e-mail or Skype. I am presently temporarily in Tunbridge-Wells, but now actively looking for meaningful employment; where we end up will depend on where I find work, of course.

Able to relocate at short notice (realistically we will need about a week to physically find somewhere to live permanently, though).

I look forward to hearing from you.

Peter Gouws

07561404 626

[email protected]

Skype 'thingummybob'

Skills, interests

· Use of Machine-/Hand-Tools:

· Lathe (conventional)· Horizontal and Vertical Milling machines (mostly conventional, some CNC)· Surface and hollow grinder · Pillar drills of varying sizes · Press Brake · Guillotine.

· Mig/Mag, AC/DC-Tig and Oxy-Acetylene  Welding and cutting· Hard and soft soldering, brazing (Oxy/Propane/Acetylene)

· Bench-planer· Bench-/Table-saw· Band-saw· Disc/Face sanding machines· Vertical/ Horizontal/ Profile planers and belt sanders· Bobbin sander · Thicknesser/Planer ·

· English Wheel· All appropriate hand, air- and machine-tools (Western/Japanese where appropriate)

· Manual/cognitive skills:

· Maintenance and servicing of any machinery; once introduced to a new system, whether plant, machinery, truck, car, bike or aircraft, I am able very quickly to acquaint myself with and grasp their running and maintenance.

· Fault-finding, repair and possibly modification of mechanical systems to remove or minimise design weaknesses and faults and to optimise their efficiency

· Repair and refurbishment and return to use of mechanical and simple electrical systems under adverse or limiting  circumstances.  Highly developed 'bush-mechanic' skills to 'get/keep things going' when the going gets rough. Experienced at emergency repair 'in the field'

· The ability to fully understand complicated systems to such an extent that I am able to fully explain them in the simplest of terms, train others to use them and for me to demonstrate them with ease, even to the uninitiated

· Overseeing, monitoring , teaching or training staff and ensuring a high standard of work, integrity, responsibility and work-ethics, adherence to work and safety procedures and  of healthy relationships and cooperation processes within a workforce to promote good teamwork, constructive feedback and work satisfaction

· Good communicator with clients, colleagues, management and suppliers to ensure smooth running of all operations within company structures from small to large. 

· Marketing and business economics, ergonomics- and logistics- aware. Fully conversant with the necessity of and compliance with legal restrictions, duties and requirements, from non-disclosure to Intellectual property and copyright, sensitivity of private information and the importance of the maintenance of company 'trade secrets' at all counts.

· Materials/Other:

· Metal: Precious Metals (Gold/Platinum/Silver), Brass, Bronzes, Aluminium and Magnesium, Iron and stainless steel.

· Wax: Wax modelling for lost-wax-castings,

· Wood: Natural European, ‘exotic’ and synthetic woods (i.e. "Ureol").

· Resin: GFK, PE, PU, Epoxy and others including silicone rubbers and moulding materials.

· Modelling large Industrial Patterns in hollow-box constructs and Styrofoam for castings up to 25 tons each.

· Conversant with lost-wax (block- and ceramic shell) casting, shell-moulding, core-making (hot-box and CO2) from a few milligrams up to 2-3 Kilos weight.

· Plaster and other inelastic moulding materials.

· Leather, canvas etc used in upholstery and general interior fittings as well as for decorative  "accessories".

• Language Skills:

• English: Native-Speaker; >40 years experience as speech trainer for adults and children, German/English translations including medicaltechnical, administrative and legal at all levels. High level of grammar and spelling, neutral accent understandable to all foreigners

• French: Originally bilingual; understand well, use has been somewhat limited over the 25 years that I was in Germany.

• German: Having lived there for 25 yearsextremely good with a huge vocabulary and understanding of legal, technical and 'Civil-Service-Talk'; communication both written and spoken at interpersonal, professional and technical levels better even than many native speakers. Neutral accent universally understandable.

Since early school-age I have been fascinated by language and particularly the English language which I studied in great depth in the UK;

(I lived in Beirut for 14 years and was then sent to school in the UK at the age of nine, since I spoke and wrote mostly French and Arabic at that time)

English I learned back to it's early pre-Roman Anglo-Saxon and Celtic roots.

As such, since 1981 and the move to Germany, I spent nearly 25 years teaching English to business people and technicians, in the evenings in an "Inlingua" language school and also privately from home.

In Australia between 2005 and 2013 taught (mostly Philippinos) English as a second language, and then in the Ukraine between 2014 and 2016 involved with different projects around language and communication, including setting up an English Theatre group at the DomKultura and voluntary language work with the Library. I also had Private students, of course. I taught English and German full time as a freelancer with rooms in a local school.

· Computer Skills:

· MacOS (1.0 – OS X 10.12.5/Sierra)

· Windows DOS (DOS/NT/XP/Vista/7)

· Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)· Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, PageMaker, Freehand.

· Firefox, Explorer, Safari, diverse E-Mail Programs

· NetObjectsFusion, iWeb, Wordpress, Joomla, MAMP Pro, Redline etc. (Website-Construction/Management) English Proof-Reading and Language Content Control, Copy-Writing, Website Structure Design and Testing for UI/UX ease and 'ergonomics'.

· Technical Drawing, Illustration and Construction using Illustrator (Isometric projection)

· Product Design using AutoCAD 2004, Form.Z 2.5 - 8.5, Rhino3D and (briefly)PalletteCAD

Hobbies and Interests

My life-long hobbies involve making and repairing all mechanical 'things' and where appropriate, using them, starting at the age of seven!

Since I was thirteen when I bought my first motorcycle, I have always had and restored vintage and classic Motorcycles, mostly British bikes and some cars, which I raced on the club circuits, SuperSaloons, ModSports and the classic bikes like Battle of the Twins etc. Since then, I have restored 52 bikes for myself (and quite a few for others) and ridden them with a passion. Aircraft have always been a keen interest of mine since very early on, as my father was a pilot with 40,000hours. I always took any opportunity to hang around the hangar and see how things came apart and went back together.

Materials and techniques I am familiar with include the use of paper, card, leather, wood, synthetics and various metals including precious metals. Restoration of furniture including inlaying in wood, metals and mother-of-pearl, decoration of surfaces by painting. Sand-, lost-wax- (ceramic shell) and investment (block) -casting of metals, casting resins, plaster and foundry sands for cores, fabrication and welding in metals, construction of furniture, interiors and patterns using wood and working with synthetic woods ('Ureol') for pattern making.

I started with making models as a child of seven, which developed through to goldsmithing, dental work including maxillo-facial reconstruction, then industrial pattern-making for foundry castings, through to lost-wax casting and also sculpture in clay, wood, stone and metal. Musical instrument building (guitars, balalaikas and violin-basses) repairing and playing; repair, restoration (including upholstery), maintenance and operation of cars, bikes, trucks, and vintage aircraft (including trials, racing and rallying of cars, trucks and bikes). Interior outfitting and renovation of properties, aircraft, cars and (house-)boats. Technical drawing and design using CAD also as a hobby, not restricted to occupational needs. 

From a personal point of view, and disregarding my fascination with language and communication, which I believe that I have already said enough about, I have other 'themes' that have followed me though my life...

My interest in photography has been with me throughout my life and I am competent in both wet-film and digital technologies and still employ both systems at a high level. I also repair and use old, mechanical cameras, of course, just for fun!

Music, like language, has always been 'there' throughout my life in some form or another and I still play regularly and enjoy it immensely.

I used to play Rugby, Hockey and Squash regularly at junior league level in the UK and in and for the military; cricket at and for the school, too.

Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1955. In: (then) Congo-Belge, Central Africa. Nationality: British and Australian. Marital status: Married,  (Divorced from German wife and 4 children in Germany).

Recent Residencies: Since September 9, 2005 in Adelaide, South Australia. October 2013 moved to Farnham in Surrey, UK (to aid my ageing parents to return 'home' at the ages of 87 and 91!) and in July 2014 travelled around Ukraine, with the intention of staying there for a while and learning about the culture. It is there that I met and married my wonderful wife, Maryna. We moved together to Germany in November 2106 and now residing and working in Leicester, UK since October 2017, with the intention of settling down at last.

Occupational/Life Experience/Work History

Following on from the section at the beginning:

November 2016 - September 2107: Employed by Stadler Edelstahl in Herford, Germany, as a welder/fabricator. Welding stainless steel of varying thicknesses, occasionally also bronze sheet - sometimes also to stainless! Please see "Present Situation" above and visit their website for an overview of the kind and standard of the work we do. Have developed some tools to facilitate some of the processes and improved cooperation within the team by personally  organising occasional out-of-work get-togethers with spouses and partners of my colleagues.

July 2014 - November 2106: Living in Ukraine and primarily teaching English and German in my own 'rooms' in Khmel'nitskiy.

Oct. 2012- July 2014. Canberra: Undertook Postgraduate Certificate in Migration Law (mostly online) at the ANU, whilst caring full-time for nonagenarian parents,  who returned accompanied by me to the UK (now residing with my brother in Farnham).

Apr. 2011- Sept. 2012,  Adelaide: Cert. IV in Small Business Management and setting up self employment as small manufacturer of parts for Vintage British Motorcycles, at the same time writing a book "All you ever wanted to know about being a Classic Bike Nut but didn't know who to ask" (which is for sale on Amazon)

Mar. 2009 - Mar 2011: Canberra: Weekend and block training leading to Certification in Nov 2010 as Accredited Life Coach with Beyond Success, actively involved in 'Coach Pro' program, including heavy involvement in crisis counselling for bushfire/flood victims and victims of rape, domestic violence etc. Business coaching and motivational training for managers, business owners and employees, goal-setting, time management and relationship issues.

Jul. 2010 - Jul. 2011: Adelaide: Wunda Projects, Edwardstown, employed as cabinet-maker and commercial interior outfitter. Work included complete interior outfitting of large retail stores, hotels and casinos (notably the one in Melbourne). Sitework for occasional stints in Melbourne and Perth.  Running of Nester and design in CAD, (Pallette-CAD, short-term ‘emergency’ appointment!) (as a result of the injury still at that time only able to do 'light work'). As Project Manager helped to streamline a number of completions, saving time, money and personel resources required, while improving communication both within the team on-site and between them and the workshop management, fine-tuning  on and off-site logistics and effectiveness.

Jan. 2009 - Jun. 2010: Adelaide: Full time Cert. IV and Diploma of Aviation at the Parafield TAFE, private and crew pilot's license (commercial and ATPL).

Oct. 2008 - Dec. 2011 Adelaide: Part time voluntary 'work' at Parafield Airport, Classic Jets Museum, restoring 1943 Bell Airacobra (amongst other things). Last was working on an F4U Corsair. Due to earlier , private hobby interests in aviation and restoration projects, was able to instruct some of the volunteers in pattern-making skills required for making castings and demonstrate the advantage of English-wheel skills as an extension to 'panel beating' in the traditional sense.

Jun. 2008 - Sept. 20012: Winton, QLD: Sporadic light work 'in season' on own Opal mine in Chiltern Hills, QLD, mostly operating excavator and other plant and machinery.

May. 2007 - Jun. 2008: As a result of workplace injury at Goodrich's, to both arms, unable to do any proper manual work. (Bilateral medial epicondylitis, corrected by operations - after 2 years!)

Sept. 2005 - Apr 2007: Adelaide: Employed at Goodrich Coremakers in Kilkenny as workshop manager, toolmaker and patternmaker. In charge of workshop, quality control, personell and their training, health and safety, as the owner and workshop manager stepped back prior to planned retirement. 

(May 2004 - Aug. 2004: Bielefeld, Germany: Occupational training AutoCAD 2D/3D, FGE Bielefeld, training whilst employed at Kulbrock's)

Feb. 2004:                          Started application process for visa etc to Australia, after a visit there to see my brother and do some work in a friend's art foundry in Gulgong, NSW.

Feb. 2004 - Aug. 2005: Bielefeld: Pattern maker at "Kulbrock Modellbau", Ummeln by Bielefeld.

Nov. 2001 - Jan. 2004:  Bielefeld: Apprenticeship retraining program as industrial pattern-maker at "UK Modellbau", Steinhagen by Bielefeld, making mostly precise casting patterns for (mostly) automotive applications. Helped as senior apprentice with training of the younger members and keeping an eye on honing their manual skills and taking quality control on board for their own work. Also responsible for health and safety and first aid in the workshop.

Oct. 1996 - Oct. 2001: Bielefeld: Dental technician at "Les Dents" dental laboratory , Bielefeld.

Apr. 1992 - Oct. 1996: Bielefeld: Marketing Manager at ESGE MARBY, Manufacturer of high-quality bicycle accessories, Bielefeld. Job description:

• As marketing manager, responsible not only for 'hands on' product  design and development watchdog, but also for expanding our Foreign Markets, looking after sales representatives in 10 European countries and the USA.

• Responsible for the design and production of  minimalistic (ecologically viable)packaging in card and for technical documentation for all products (assembly instructions, exploded diagrams and instructions for use, including all company brochures and advertising and packaging) in 11 languages. The aim was to reduce the use of language as much as possible except for brochures and advertising and to produce clear, succinct and unambiguous diagrams and drawings as supporting documentation with all products, so as to not require words (and therefore translations) at all, if possible. This was achieved after 18 months across the whole range of products.

Export-customer and representative relations and liaison, coordination of trade-fairs.

Coordination of translations and photography for all advertising/brochure material.

• Keeping in contact with and giving technical assistance to extreme-bike-tourists with the aim of development and improvement of our products, marketing and promotion. Responsible in-house for testing our products to destruction, locating design flaws and suggesting and implementing improvements and workarounds - and then giving them to testers in the field.

• Responsible for representation of the company (when abroad as sole company representative) at national and international trade fairs (predominantly in Germany, England, France and Switzerland).

• All technical drawings that were drafted in the time I was employed there were from my "pen" (computer).

ESGE-MARBY unfortunately went to the receivers in October 1996, finally bowing to the insurmountable price-pressure exerted by the Taiwnese competitors

Feb. 1989 - Mar. 1992 Bielefeld/Gu2tersloh/Münich: Technical Customer Service Technician for Apple Computer responsible for:

• Heterogenous Networking.

• Technical repairs.

• Hardware & Software Problem-Solving, Solutions and Consulting.

• Teaching Grafics/Design/Illustration Software.

• Customer-Service in the private and corporate sectors for "Gruppe Nimbus", Gutersloh and "Computer-Team", Bielefeld under contract to Apple in München, Also involving 24-hour call-out to the clients in the printing/pre-press industry.

Aug. 1986 - Jan. 1989 Dental technician at "WMZ Labor", Bielefeld.

Aug. 1983 - Jul. 1986 Apprenticeship as dental technician at "WMZ Labor GmbH", Bielefeld. Apprenticeship was allowed to be shortened 6 months, due to highest grades attained in intermediate exams.

Apr. 1983 - Jul. 1983 Worked as dental laboratory assistant in "WMZ Labor GmbH", Bielefeld.

Jan. 1982 -Mar. 1983 Employed in silk-screen-printing department of "Inge-Plastik Adelt", Bielefeld (where I learned German ... ).

Aug. 1976 - Dec. 1981 Marseilles/Djibouti: Joined the Foreign Legion in Marseilles, spent most of the five years in East Africa (Djibouti), amongst other things I learned to fly and was involved in military operations in many different theatres of conflict

Trained at Bullough Barracks in Aldershot (while still boarding at a close-by private school in the cadets) as a vehicle-maintenance instructor and in general vehicle fabrication and repairs: Use of Lathes, Milling-Machines, Pillar Drills, Grinders and all appropriate hand- and machine-tools became second-nature, including welding, repair and maintenance of all plant and equipment (also under 'difficult and hostile environments')

Aviation Safety Training

Emphasis on Industry Safety Management Systems 'Best Practice'

When training as a Commercial Aviation Pilot, a very strong emphasis is put on the 'Human Factors' element and the considerable ongoing responsibilities involved. Pilots are exhaustively examined in Safety Management Systems, their implementation on a daily basis, their design and development in a constantly changing workplace. Quality-, Risk- and Safety-Management are absolutely paramount in any industry, where responsibilities rise above those found on the retail-shop-floor in their implications, the future of not only the individual, but also the industry as awhile may depend on a clear commitment to and the existence of a well-defined safety culture.

Whether deployed in charge of an aircraft or (mining-) machinery of any size or function, the responsibilities and duties, as well as the disastrous results of not following established safety systems, become patently obvious. Recognising possible areas of neglect/complacency, reducing potential danger/ hazards and reducing risks is only one side of the coin. Factors like tiredness, levels of competence, emotional and mental distractions, lack of concentration and/or resources are factors that are often 'overseen' by the staff themselves and also management, with possible, at the very least undesirable, results.

My life-long interest in Ergonomics, Safety and optimisation of processes has always stood me in good stead, and I am at present about to embark on an online Certifivate IV in OH&S, leading to a diploma by the end of next year, which will give me formal qualification in that area. Combined with my broad life-experience, I feel that I have much to contribute in this specific area and always have, always will, be dedicated to all aspects of work safety, including First Aid.