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Work experience

Jun 2012Present

2013 World Barista Champion

Licata Coffee Consultants

Cafe consulting, barista training, competitor training, roast analysis, coffee quality assessments, workshops.

Jan 2015June 2018


Roast Ratings, LLC

Owner and lead taster for coffee evaluations. 

Roast Ratings is a consumer focused coffee reviewing website. It applies a scoring system to any retail packaged coffee to place it's rating in comparison with others. Roast Ratings is also an educational resource for coffee knowledge and a light hearted blog to engage the public.

Dec 2012Dec 2014

Quality Assurance Manager

Parisi Artisan Coffee

Sample roasting, cupping, green purchases, production roasting input, cafe training, barista competitor training/mentor. Winner of the 2013 World Barista Championship!

Jan 2012Jun 2012

Quality Control

Isla Coffee

Cupping, espresso development, and representative. 


Aug 2001May 2008

Associate of Arts



2013 World Barista Champion

Coffee quality advocate, industry representative, consultant

 I am available to clients for:

-Approved product endorsements


-Cafe, roasting, and barista training sessions

-Private training

-Coffee flavor and roast analysis


To improve the quality and understanding of the coffee industry. Education of industry professionals and consumers alike, though often through different approaches. An emphasis on mastery of craft for professionals, and approachability and enjoyment for consumers.

Great change is ultimately the result of hard work, dilligence, and forward thinking. My goal is to create great changes in the specialty coffee industry.


Training and Education
To stop learning is to stop living. One allure to the coffee industry is the aspect of constant education potential.    The methodology and techniques of teaching are of great importance to the retention of information for the recipient. For this reason I list 'Training and Education' as a skill. I have been honing my techniques in education for a number of years and have received high praises. I employ highly detailed information and understanding for coffee professionals to increase the fundamental level of knowledge. When working with consumers and casual coffee enthusiasts I begin with a general understanding and build to the level at which the individual/group is comfortable with. Often in our industry we overload the casual consumer with too much information too quickly. 
I learned to roast in Hawaii while preparing for the World Barista Championships in 2011. As I had produced my own coffee, I also wanted to represent the roasting of it.   As the Quality Assurance Manager of Parisi Artisan Coffee, I am constantly observing our roasting process and giving feedback based on the flavor in the cup. This direct relationship between cupping and roasting techniques has given me enormous amounts of insight into what is affecting the flavor in the roasting process.   Roasting analysis is vital to the specialty coffee industry and is a service that I offer as a consultant. 
I originally received training as a barista from: Holly Bastin @ PT's Coffee Tim Wendelboe, 2004 World Barista Champion Sammy Piccolo, Latte art and World Championship barista   By 2007 I began forging my own concepts in the coffee industry, and in 2009 I began training baristas full time in Hawaii.   I started competing as a barista in 2005, with high placements/wins at various regional and national level events. In 2007 and 2008 I placed 2nd in the United States, but did not win the title until 2011. That year I finished 2nd place in the World Barista Championship. After taking the 2012 year off to judge and reevaluate I came back to win it all in 2013! The journey to the top has taken me from cafe work, to roasting, and even to coffee farms where I have produced my own coffee. A very encompassing education.  



Sep 2012Present

BGA Level 2 Certification

Barista Guild of America
Sep 2012Present

Certified Lead Instructor

Barista Guild of America

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