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Work experience

Jun 2009Present


Gibson Technology Consulting Services


  • Provide technology consulting serves for Fortune 500 organizations to improve revenue, reduce cost, set strategic direction and to solve major business issues.
  • Consulting services provided to travel tourism & restaurant, hospitality, SAAS and manufacturing / distribution sectors.
  • Consulted on Technology Strategy, Market Revenue generation, and IT improvement.

Selected Accomplishments include

  • Developed technology strategy for Fortune 450 company to support major business event (sale, refinance, IPO) in three years.Strategy improved overall revenue, business systems, technology and IT organization improvement (talent, processes and effectiveness).
  • In support of new business initiative for an education services company, conducted IT evaluation and provided IT Improvement Plan that facilitated IT transformation from traditional infrastructure organization to online services.
  • For e-invoice Software as a Service technology organization, developed travel tourism market entry plan
  • Consulted for Fortune 750 hospitality company on China market entry.


Wyndham Hotel Group


·Responsible for all aspects Wyndham Hotel Group IT organization including application development, technology operations and sellable technology solutions for 12 brands with 7,000 hotels (franchise, managed, and owned) worldwide.

·Managed a 500 person organization (12 direct) with a $100M expense and $31M capital budget.

Selected Accomplishments include:

·Business Acumen / Revenue Contribution - Improved internet revenue by 40% YOY for three consecutive years. Improved business revenue +7% for 2000 locations in a year in which the industry declined -9%.

·Transformed IT to Strategic Asset. In a three year period, led an underperforming organization to become a business asset with a 10K line item ($10M EBIT contribution) and an InformationWeek Top 500 award winner.

·Reduced IT Cost Burden - In an 18 month period, reduced IT expenses by -20% while modernizing the technology to give the organization a competitive advantage.

·Strong Interpersonal Leader – Retention rate 99% while conducting significant change in the 500 person organization.


Divisional CIO

Vanguard / ANC Car Rental (Alamo & National)


·Managed all aspects of Alamo Local Market Division’s (520 branch locations) IT organization including application development (client server, web, mainframe, mid-range) networking, data center, telephone, e-commerce, call center, procurement / acquisition and business process modifications.

·Responsible for a 50 person organization (7 direct) with a $6M budget.

Selected Accomplishments include:

oTransformational Leadership in Business Crisis Situation - Realigned IT organization to support business in 60 days.In one year, the IT organization was considered a strategic asset by the CEO and was critical to long term viability.

oBroad Technology Experience - Utilizing vastly different technologies, developed business control system that improved 168,000 vehicle fleet utilization by +2% while managing the IT organization at 1.2% of revenue.

oInternational Knowledge and Leadership - Reorganized international IT organization to improve support and lower costs. In Chapter 11, maintained employee retention rate above 95%, in an overall environment that experienced a 70% retention rate






·Directed IBM’s five e-commerce applications supporting 38 countries and four enterprise applications supporting 450 extranets worldwide.

·Managed an 80 person team (5 direct) with an $8.7M budget.

Selected Accomplishments include:

·Established Fortune 10 E-Commerce Operation - Established IBM's worldwide e-commerce operations and support organization in four months that resulted in increased web sales for a $4B channel.

·Improved Efficiency 300% - Focused on organization execution and improved support efficiency from 80 people: 1 application to 80 people: 10 applications in two years.




·Surface Line Officer and Acquisition Specialist whose final assignment included responsibilities for the US Navy’s Tomahawk Weapon Control System and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Control System programs.

·Final responsibility included a R&D organization with $67M budget and staff of 350 scientists, engineers, system engineers and application developers.

Selected Accomplishments include:

·Strategic Thinking - Developed and assisted implementation of US Navy Land Attack System Strategy in 1998.

·Technology Innovation - Led five large concurrent mission critical system developments (greater than $20M each) which modernized the US Tomahawk Missile, developed the UK Tomahawk Missile program and created a common UAV control system for all services.

·Cost Avoidance & Tremendous Growth – Through open architected technology was able to convince the US Navy to build additional land attack weapons on the Tomahawk Cruise Missile platform which avoided additional control system development and led to 100% organization growth in 18 months.


CIO/CTO with 23 years experience leading IT organizations, and a successful track record of re-aligning IT to increase profitability through sound leadership and business enabling technology solutions

Business Acumen – In last four organizations was able to significantly improve the bottom line by developing solutions that improved revenue by as much as +9% and reducing costs by as much as -30%.

Sound Technology Management – Successfully conducted five IT re-alignments for Fortune 500 companies that lead to IT becoming a strategic asset and making the business strategy a reality.

Interpersonal Leader – A visible executive who executes and understands leadership. Has a career organization retention record of 98%.

Varied Business Experience – Successful in diverse industries including manufacturing, tourism / hospitality, product R&D and retail.Comfortable in simple business environments as well as complex international Fortune 10 organizations.


Pete possesses a broad and innovative technology and business background in both government and industry sectors.With over 23 years of diversified information technology management experience, his strength is turning around large IT organizations to improve value and create strategic business solutions.He successfully led five large technology organization turnarounds.

Pete spent the first 14 years of his career with the Department of Defense directing large research and development organizations and technology operations.He spearheaded many cutting edge technology programs for the US Navy, including systems for the Tomahawk Cruise Missile and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.Under his leadership, these organizations doubled their income to $67 million in a two-year period.He was also instrumental in developing the overall surface land attack weapon system procurement strategy for the U.S. Navy.After his DOD career, Pete joined IBM where he consolidated and improved their worldwide e-commerce operations to gain a competitive advantage and was responsible for the IT operations of a four billion-dollar revenue stream.After IBM, Pete turned around Alamo Rent A Car's local market division's IT organization.Additionally, he aligned IT as a strategic business asset while maintaining IT cost's at 1% of revenue.His initiatives resulted in lowering corporate head count by 30% during a fourteen-month period.

In October 2005, Pete joined Cendant (now Wyndham Worldwide) where he served as Chief Technology Officer.He transformed an underperforming information technology team to a business asset with 10K line item responsibility.In this position, he revamped the 500 person organization to support global operations, improved customer service, created systems that improved revenue by 9%, developed sellable services and implemented an innovative architecture to give the organization a competitive advantage.


2009 - InformationWeek Top 500 award.

  • In three years, lead a large underperforming IT organization to an InformationWeek Top 500 Award and a 10K line item responsibility.

Management Strengths

With over 23 years of diversified information technology management experience, his strength is turning around large IT organizations to improve business value. Other strengths include:

Business Acumen

IT Management

Interpersonal Leader

Strategic Vision / Planning

System Development / Delivery

IT Operations

E-commerce/Revenue Management



Revenue Generation
Succesfully track record of generating revenue. Two examples:  Improved internet revenue by 40% YOY for three consecutive years. Improved business revenue +7% for 2000 locations in a year in which the industry declined -9%.
Merger and Acquisitions
Over the past seven years conducted five merger and aquisitions. Acquistions included complete business acquistion as well as brand acquisition 
International Technology Operations
Responsible for international technology operations in two organizations. In third organization responsible for international support for e-commerce operation to a Fortune 10 organization
Information Technology Organization Alignment
Completed five complex information Technology organization turn arounds.