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Education and training

Mar 2014 -            Software University - Sofia

Dec 2015              Software Engineer

                                Principal subjects and occupational skills covered:

                                Level 1:

            • Java Basics
            • Web Fundamentals(HTML/CSS)
            • JavaScript Basics
            • PHP Basics
            • Teamwork and Personal Skills

                                Level 2:

            • Object Oriented Programming
            • Advanced JavaScript
            • JavaScript Applications
            • High Quality Code
            • Unity 3D

                                Level 3:

            • Databases
            • Database Applications
            • Web Services and Cloud
            • Web Development Basics
            • ASP.NET MVC
            • Java Spring Framework

                               I have completed the last level 3.

Sep 2010 -            Technical University - Sofia

Aug 2012              Master of Energetics and Electrical Equipment

                                Principal subjects and occupational skills covered:

            • Managment of the technological processes by energy consumption
            • Diagnostic of the electrical power systems
            • Information technologies in electrical systems
            • Diagnostic of electrical power systems
            • Photometry and colorimetry
            • Light sources
            • Starting control gear for discharge lamps

                                Diploma available on request

Sep 2006 -            Technical University - Sofia

Aug 2010              Bachelor of Energetics and Electrical Equipment

                               Principal subjects and occupational skills covered:

            • Electrical Equipment
            • Electric Power Supply
            • Automated systems in Electric Power Supply for Industry
            • Energetic technology and Environment
            • Electrical part of robotic systems

                                Diploma available on request

Apr 2012             AVO Language and Examination Center

Jan 2013             First Certificate in English Course, Level B2

                             Available on Request


Employment History

Nov 2016              SAP

Now                       Software Developer

                              Currently at SAP I am working on the development   of the SAP Cloud                                                Platform Disaster Recovery solution.

            • Java
            • Javascript, SAP UI5
            • NodeJS
            • BPM with Activiti processes


Aug 2015              Unimasters Logistics

Nov 2016              Software Developer

                               I have responsibilities for development of web applications and services
                                for the business specific needs. Some of the programming languages
                                and technologies that I am currently using are:

            • C# , .NET framework, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API
            • Javascript, JQuerry and nodejs
            • Html5,CSS3, Bootstrap 3 framework
            • PHP, Laravel 5

Mar 2013 -            Siemens AG

Jan 2015               Project Engineer

                                During my work at Siemens I had the opportunity to work on а wide
                                variety of projects related to the building automation systems and
                                control of HVAC equipment. My duties includes the following:

            • Developing of the software for the PLC units(PX, SIMATIC S7)
            • Developing of the User Interface for the Desigo Insight platform
            • Coordination and quality assurance of the projects developed from
              the team based in India.

Jan 2012 -             Delta Pro Lighting Netherlands

Feb 2013                Lighting Architect

                                 During my work at DPL I had liability for developing of different kinds

                                 of lighting projects in several countries:
                                 Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and Bulgaria. The work at DPL
                                 gave me the opportunity to work on different kind of projects for
                                  industrial, office and home lighting. More information about the
                                 projects that I worked on during this period you can get from the
                                 following link. Lighting architect portfolio


One of the projects on which I worked during my education at Software University is the online shop The project is developed with ASP.NET MVC framework. Also it has implemented integration of the courier company service for setup and send shipments directly from the administrator's panel. Other frameworks and technologies which are used in the project are:

  • jQuery
  • SignalR
  • Entity Framework
  • Bootstrap

You can get better impression of this project from the following link:

Also you can get more information for the project from its repository: