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Seasoned professional with experience within legal, medical, and retail organizations. Familiar with business processes from the perspective of an IT specialist, teacher, mentor, food service, system and project manager, and health technician. Experience with reporting that follow organization and government guidelines, multitasking w/ conflicting goals, conflict resolution, process documentation, process improvement, online/classroom and one-on-one training, and direct health care for autistic and at-risk adults and children.

Core Qualifications

  • Assess needs and resourcess for clients
  • Experience reporting under Maryland Waiver Program
  • Provide timely daily / bi-weekly documentation of services consistent with regulatory and program guidelines.
  • Experience coordinating & delivering direct services
  • Committed to meeting needs of diverse students
  • Development and management of individual support plans
  • Excellent Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Demonstrated excellent critical thinking skills
  • Employ evidence-based practice
  • Promote a safe, ethical, and professional environment.
  • Person-centered planning
  • Team development
  • Develop and implement educational lessons, activities, and training that focus on skill development, career readiness, recreation, and on-going education.
  • Delivery of daily program needs
  • Project Design & Process improvement (Agile)
  • NHCPS Adult, Child & Infant CPR, AED, First Aid Certification
  • NPDC Antecedent-Based Intervention Training
  • AAMC Annual Health Technician Training 2016, 2017

Work Experience

AccessAbility Medcare, LLC / Lead4Life         Case Manager                                                 Nov 2016 – Present

  • Submit reports according to guidelines, policies and standards e.g. of AAMC and the Maryland Autism Waiver Program
  • Report to Management, Parents, and Family Counselors concerning work and client behavior
  • Develop Individualized programming and fitness programs
  • Provide in-home and community one-on-one assistance; Plan community outings and activities.

MGC Internet Community Incorporated            Business Manager                                         Jul 2012 – Sep 2017

  • Supervised contractors; ran daily stand-ups, reported status to clients
  • Payroll and administrative reporting to State of Maryland
  • Designing web pages and applications using wire-frames, diagrams, and written specification

Federal Labor Relations Authority                      IT Support                                                        Sep 2000 – Jul 2012

  • Agency Representative for IT contractors (COTR)
  • Network / HelpDesk Manager
  • HelpDesk Process Improvement

Food and Drug Administration (CDER)              IT Support                                                          Aug 1990 – Sep 2000

  • Independent worker at satellite buildings; identified, solved, and documented computer and network failures
  • HelpDesk Senior Tech providing process improvement, guidance and support for staff and contractors
  • Designed batch program later modified for software installs; Designed and published statistical methodology.