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Seasoned professional with experience within legal, medical, and retail organizations. Familiar with business processes from the perspective of a technology specialist, teacher, mentor, helpdesk, food service, project manager, and health technician. Support involves periodic reporting that follow organization and government guidelines, multitasking w/ conflicting goals, conflict resolution, process documentation, process improvement, online/classroom and one-on-one training, and direct health care for autistic adults and children.

Core Qualifications

  • Assess needs and resourcess for clients
  • Experience reporting under Maryland Waiver Program
  • Provide timely daily / bi-weekly documentation of services consistent with regulatory and program guidelines.
  • Experience coordinating & delivering direct services
  • Committed to meeting needs of diverse students
  • Development and management of individual support plans
  • Excellent Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Demonstrated excellent critical thinking skills
  • Employ evidence-based practice
  • Promote a safe, ethical, and professional environment.
  • Person-centered planning
  • Team development
  • Develop and implement educational lessons, activities, and training that focus on skill development, career readiness, recreation, and on-going education.
  • Delivery of daily program needs
  • Project Design & Process improvement (Agile)
  • NHCPS Adult, Child & Infant CPR, AED, First Aid Certification
  • NPDC Antecedent-Based Intervention Training
  • AAMC Annual Health Technician Training 2016, 2017

Work Experience

AccessAbility Medcare, LLC / Care.Com         Health Technician                                           Nov 2016 – Present

  • Submit reports according to guidelines, policies and standards of AAMC and the Maryland Autism Waiver Program
  • Report to Management, Parents, and Family Counselors concerning work and client behavior
  • Develop Individualized programming (IBIBo) and fitness programs
  • Provide in-home and community one-on-one assistance; Planned community outings and activities.

MGC Internet Community Incorporated            Business Manager                                         Jul 2012 – Sep 2017

  • Supervised contractors; ran daily stand-ups, reported status to clients
  • Payroll and administrative reporting to State of Maryland
  • Designing web pages and applications using wire-frames, diagrams, and written specification

Federal Labor Relations Authority                      IT Support                                                        Sep 2000 – Jul 2012

  • Agency Representative for IT contractors (COTR)
  • Network / HelpDesk Manager
  • HelpDesk Process Improvement

Food and Drug Administration (CDER)              IT Support                                                          Aug 1990 – Sep 2000

  • Independent worker at satellite buildings; identified, solved, and documented computer and network failures
  • HelpDesk Senior Tech providing process improvement, guidance and support for staff and contractors
  • Designed batch program later modified for software installs; Designed and published statistical methodology.