Proactive leader and creative problem-solver with demonstrated success in increasing revenues, market share and earnings, achieving cost reductions and improving client satisfaction in customer-facing operations and diverse organizations. Proven skills to manage complex business and technology issues. Adept at research, redesigning processes, developing and improving teamwork, and managing technologies throughout their life cycle.


Work History

Work History


MGC Internet Community Incorporated
Jul 2012 - Present

MGC Internet Community Incorporated was incorporated in Maryland, USA in 2012 doing business as My Global (MGC).  Establish criteria for contracted work using wire-frames and process descriptions, interview and brief customers and contractors on needs, review work, and pay contractors and service providers. Manage financial information and work with point of contacts concerning technical and administrative problems. Meet with other business representatives and prospective customers.

Independent Projects

Research, Presentation, and Instruction Experience
Jan 2002 - Jan 2016

Professor Theodore Kariotis (2008 to Current)

Developed materials for publications such as charts and maps for articles, worldwide presentations, and class website.

Columbia Union College - CUC (2003 - 2006)

Adjunct Professor

Taught Data Communications, A+, and Network+ in traditional and online setting. In online components, posted assignments and engaged students using Blackboard.

Digital Corp (2002)


Taught A+ and Network+ Certification courses in classroom.

Business Analyst: Network Svc & Customer Support

Federal Labor Relations Authority
Sep 2000 - Jul 2012

Performed technical planning, design, development, testing, implementation, and management of Internet, intranet, and extranet activities, including systems architecture, application development, and vendor and technical management of websites. Supported customers in network management and computer support for assigned area of responsibility.  Participated in the development of policies and procedures for assigned specialties.  Managed projects as assigned.

Webmaster for FLRA / Network Manager & Administrator for FLRA Enterprise

  • Designed the strategy for cutting over from bridged network to Frame Relay.  Received Award.
  • Responsible for network backups and restoration of information
  • Responsible for website backups.
  • Developed plan to work towards Section 508 compliance and beyond (UX improvement)
  • Responsible for quarterly EEO statistics posting and other mandated info on front page.

Senior Helpdesk Technician / Customer Support

Developed, proposed, updated, maintained, and improved documentation for HelpDesk processes.  Developed processes for handling eConferencing. Developed documentation for troubleshooting network problems.

  • Inefficiencies reduced the number of average calls per day from 52 to 7 calls.
  • Responsible for Active Directory (Server 2008) / MS Exchange administrative tasks (Adding users, add/remove from distribution lists, name changes, etc.)
  • Responsible for CISCO UNITY administration and basic system maintenance
  • DAR (Designated Agency Representative) for FTS-2000 and FTS-2001. Provided support for WITS 2001 and their migration to WITS3 and Networx.
  • Supported the migration of the Centrix telephone system to Cisco VOIP testing data and voice circuits.  

Management of Public Systems

Developed documentation for editor training using the Drupal WYSIWYG editor. Developed processes and documentation for publishing FLRA decisions and trained personnel. Managed systems for compliance (FOIA and EEO reporting) and agency public training programs.

  • Reduced the average time to publish FLRA Decisions from weeks to 30 minutes.
  • Eliminated the need for specialized programs and training also reducing costs.
  • Eliminated the need for a dedicated person for publishing Decisions.
  • Responsible for assisting in the use of the Polycom & Adobe Connect for scheduling meetings
  • Responsible for Polycom & Adobe Connect software upgrades and meeting processes

Computer Specialist

Food and Drug Administration
Aug 1990 - Sep 2001

Provided local technical support for over ten years. Technical support included helpdesk work and laboratory automation support in the AIDS and animal labs. Developed a statistical analysis for a study to determine if a chrono-cancer drug can be labelled with a time for the drug to be administered. My methodology was the focus of one publication and subsequently used for other publications and presentations.  Developed an automated record keeping process for Pharmacists and MDs ongoing training and certification. Managed a 12-member helpdesk process improvement team.

Cryptographic Repairer

Military Service Time
Mar 1983 - May 1988

U.S. Army Signal Corp Cold War Era Veteran. TS security clearance. Honorable Discharge.

Computer and Voice Network Sytems Support

Positions prior to August 1990
Sep 1981 - Aug 1990

 Managed various hospital systems including Pharmacy, Radiology, Dental and Patient Intake (National Naval Medical Center 1989-1990). Developed bids for network contracts and Installed Novell and 3COM networks for clients (ATAC Corp. 1988-1989). Developed applications and documentation using COBOL, FMS, and Digital's DCL on a Digital VAX 8350 (CASA 1988). Worked in a COMSEC environment repairing devices through module and discrete component replacement (US Army 1983-1988). Computer instructor for after-school and summer camp program (Mater Dei School 1981-1983) 


High-level IT Skills Competency

  • Systems Administration: Windows Server, VMWare, Oracle Virtualbox, LAMP stacks and appliances

  • Developed and delivered Tier 1,2,3 IT Helpdesk processes and provided process improvement for IT Operations and System management in hospital and legal environments

  • Lead technical and multinational development teams containing 5 - 30 members

  • Managed Systems and Projects: Agile,  Scrum, Kanban

Veteran of US Army Signal Corp, Honorable Discharge, TS/SBI Clearance




Capella University
Jan 2003 - Jan 2010

Organizational Management. Dissertation topic: Synthetic Dissent

Bachelor of Science

Strayer College
Jan 1990 - Jan 1992

Computer Information Systems


Agile - Scrum - Modified RAD

My Modified RAD methodology worked very well with a number of projects that I worked on. For example, a software tool for a Laboratory protocol Alleva Project (FDA), a restructuring of the web document (Agency legal decisions) publishing process (FLRA) and an enterprise IT network migration (FLRA). My approach to interative development and creative input by all associated parties found incredible success reducing the time of results for the Alleva project from 1-2 months to seconds,. The FLRA Decision process which previously took over a month now publishes a decision in less than 15-20 minutes eliminating an FTE, special software, and the publishing of an unofficial interim document with to-be published decisions. I used my methodology in many projects but these are the most impressive results. 

Team Building

I believe in diversity and allowing creative input. I specialize in developing products that are to transform a confusing or complex task into an intuitive process. I use a process that I developed during my studies at UMUC that I call modified RAD. I encourage cross-training and patience with others who have difficulty at times working in a collaborative system. While I am patient with people, I believe in a learning organization and often become impatient with continuous poor time and material calculations. I see project management as an art that I truly love and while I get better, each team and project makes me feel like a beginner.