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Personal Property Brokers conducts estate sales in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sorting through the personal property of a deceased person is often a daunting and sometimes emotionally difficult task. Those left behind often turn to a company like PPB, which will both appraise and liquidate the deceased’s personal property, generating the highest possible return for the estate’s executors, trustees, attorneys, and administrators. The proceeds from the sale are also higher when it is conducted through an estate sale company as the Personal Property Brokers has greater exposure to potential buyers.Personal Property Brokers was founded by Liz Thompson in 1985. At the time, she had just closed her somewhat similar business, Mid City Furniture, a used furniture store that she started in 1969. Conducting this business, which had sales in excess of $1M for several of the 15 years she owned it, taught her the entrepreneurial skills she later employed at PPB. Additionally, it gave her the expertise in inventory that she continues to deploy in appraising estates. Beginning with a 2,500-square-foot store in 1969, she eventually grew the business into a 10,000-square-foot-space. At its peak, Mid City Furniture was the largest-ever used furniture store in Las Vegas.Concurrently with the opening of PPB, and the closing of Mid City Furniture, in September of 1984, Liz also joined Desert Realty to manage the Listings and Sales of properties managed by Desert Realty for absentee owners. Her Real Estate business has evolved into her specializing in Trust and Probate properties along with conducting Estate Sales and Open Houses onsite at many of these Estate listings.