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-I feel as if I have had a personal knack for advise and consultation on a variety of matters.   +My time studying in psychology has assisted my growth in this skill set.   +While this skill is quite subjective, I've received high regards from multiple groups including the references listed.    
Publicty Director
-Publicity Director for the Longwood University campus' radio station, WMLU 91.3   -Led a team of individuals in spreading advertisement for WMLU 91.3 over the campus of Longwood University    -Helped organize/advise the Battle of the Bands and Bandfest   -Organized several events over campus to advertise for WMLU 91.3   -Designed Posters/Fliers for Station and DJ's  
Graphic Design
-I've been drawing all my life, but not until my college career have I been offering my work professionally. Though I was part of many personal projects that required my skill in high-school, It was not until my college career that I began to sell my art through commission work and the related.   -Despite my longevity of creative work, I have not been professionally trained as much as the typical art student. However, many years of observing and practice has prepared me so that I am not completely without direction in design.    -A portfolio can be arranged if interested.


Though I seek to gain experience in multiple careers, my final goal is directed towards Creative Directing. I have had an ambition for art my entire life, and working in the past with my college Radio station has inspired me more so to direct projects of the design medium. I will not say that my current major in psychology is of confusion in my direction, but a new viewpoint in which I desire to take my career path. I do not expect to obtain my goal in years soon to come, but I do wish to get oriented with the path more directly in the new year to come.

As said, I am not looking for just one goal, be it in work place or occupation. However, I would be very interested to work with either Cartoon Network, Focus Pictures, Bethesda, Naughty Dog, Disney/Pixar, or Dreamworks in the future.  

Work experience

Sep 2011Oct 2011

Building Manager

Longwood University

-Arranged rooms within the Lankford Student Union for events

-Opened on Sundays and closed the other days of the week

-Assisted individuals who required assistance from the front desk when the Faculty Building Manager was on leave




Longwood University


David Chambers

-Commissioned design work for website and book cover 

Jeff Halliday

-Worked for as member of WMLU 91.3 (organizations in which he advised for)