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The Perio Protect Method presents a solution to the problem of gum disease from which the majority of adult Americans suffer. Perio Protect sells trays that aid dental patients in treating communities of bacteria growing in small pockets flanked by teeth and gums.In 2004, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the Perio Tray, the main part of the Perio Protect Method. Since then, Perio Protect has earned respect from dentists throughout the United States and Canada. Perio Protect’s invention helps fight the oral bacteria that causes gum disease, and likely reducing the risk of contracting other diseases associated with gum infections by dispensing medication into the gingival sulcus. To safeguard against gum disease and the afflictions to which it can give rise, patients need not necessarily undergo painful dental procedures, but can start using Perio Protect’s Perio Tray immediately on a daily basis in the comfort of their own homes.Seeking better treatment for gum disease, many dentists have learned about the new technique during Perio Protect seminars. They say that Perio Protect gives patients the power to fight gum disease for themselves. Acknowledging that they usually have difficulty treating this problem, dentists who have used the Perio Protect Method express surprise at the technique’s success. The Perio Protect Method reduces bleeding in gums, removes plaque from teeth, and helps patients who have not responded well to conventional treatments, such as surgery and multiple cleanings.Dental hygienists have observed that some patients let gum disease go untreated because they prefer to skip procedures and thorough cleanings, but with the noninvasive Perio Protect Method, hygienists have treated skeptical patients experiencing painful symptoms from gum infections. They also have noted a significant decrease in the depth of patients’ oral pockets and bleeding, as well as the appearance of healthier gum tissue. Many have given the Perio Protect treatment to patients for several years.