Set on more than 300 acres of woods and farmland in Washington State, Penrith Farms offers young people struggling to realize their potential and transition to adulthood a comprehensive educational, therapeutic, and recreational program designed to boost their confidence and teach them the skills necessary to become positive and productive members of society. The facility caters to young men and women who have emotional or behavioral issues, poor social skills or low motivation, attachment disorders, legal problems, and low self-esteem. By fostering an atmosphere that emphasizes positive peer support and a solid work ethic, Penrith Farms can offer individuals solutions to these and other problems. High school students who join the Penrith Farms community may either continue their education through Newport High School or participate in an alternative setting in order to work at their own pace. Individuals looking to finish high school and begin earning college credits may enroll in the Running Start Program. Penrith Farms also enables students to take classes through Spokane Falls Community College and Spokane Community College.Outside the classroom, Penrith Farms continues to develop students' sense of responsibility and achievement through several activities. Residents become fully immersed in organic gardening, which involves planting fruits and vegetables, harvesting, building fences, and working together to overcome the challenges of growing food. Other pursuits include vocational training in areas such as animal husbandry, engine repair, computing, horsemanship, cooking, and photography. Music education also plays a vital role in the program.Finally, Penrith Farms assists clients with preparing for life as adults by teaching them basic financial, housekeeping, and career skills. Instructors provide lessons on car and health insurance, bank accounts, credit scores, and strategies for job applications and interviews.

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