Paulo Engelmann


EXECUTIVE IN MANAGEMENT OF INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL RELATIONSHIP WITH CUSTOMERS AND CONTACT CENTER 43 YEARS OLD AND 18 YEARS OF CAREER IN LARGE COMPANIES SUCH AS: ATENTO BRASIL, SONY, DINAP AND AMERICAN EXPRESS. EXPERIENCE IN: MANAGEMENT OF CONTACT CENTER IN the QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE SCOPE MANAGEMENT OF PEOPLE, RETENTION OF TALENTS, IDENTIFICATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF POTENTIALS (COACHING) FOCUS IN CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IN THE MANAGEMENT OF POLICIES OF PRODUCTS AND ATTENDANCE MANAGEMENT OF FINANCIAL AND OPERATIONAL VIABILITY FOR PROPER CONTACT CENTER and OUTSOURCING INTERNAL COMMUNICATION AND RELATIONS WITH INVESTORS ABILITY IN the CORPORATIVE MANAGEMENT, INTERDEPARTAMENTAL RELATIONSHIP AND SUPPLIERS SPEECHS AND COURSES FOR CONTACT CENTERS MANAGEMENT DIRECTED FOR EXECUTIVES AND MANAGERS GRADUATED SOCIAL IN COMMUNICATION, EXTENTION COURSES WITH FOCUS IN MANAGEMENT BUSINESS-ORIENTED AND ADMINISTRATION OF CONTACT CENTER AND ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE IN ENGLISH AND IN SPANISH PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND Provider IT - Business Solutions 2007 (oct) - Current Sales Manager Business-oriented for the creation of the commercial structure, development of commercial strategies to reach the objectives, responsibility on the business-oriented results of the Unit, customers basis growth, direct and indirect channels sales management , administration of the marketing budget, reporting to Sales Director, presenting results and future actions. IOB Thomson - Public. Legal Market 2005 - 2007 Customer Care Manager Managed the cell of Relationship with customers (B2B), focused in First Call Resolution , improvement of the attendance processes, reorganization of the activities of the attendance, optimization of human resources, productivity increasing and synergy along the different abilities and skills of collaborators. Also participated of the process of evolution of the company, collaborating with attitudes and ideas for the continuous improvement of the relation customer x company. G&P Contact Center 2004-2005 Customer Care Manager Managed customers as UOL, Bank BGN, Folha de S o Paulo, Bank of Brazil with more than 1,000 working stations and great variety in the attendance models. Was responsible for all strategy of attendance improvement, adding values to the offered services; MIS evaluation; processes of continuous improvement; development of leaders and new talents; policies implementation for internal relationship; modernization of the business-oriented models of management of the company as rendering of services; financial resources optimization, searching investments in human capital, equipment and the business-oriented valuation of the yield. Atento Brasil 1999-2004 Global Manager of Operations and Services Participated of start-up of the company, since the moment of the division of the Central offices of Attendance of Telefonica (after the privatization of Telesp Public Telephone Company), acting directly in the activation of 4 sites in S o Paulo, beyond the site of the Caracas (Venezuela), during Nov/Dec-2000. Remotely formed, co-ordinated and led teams in the place and in the diverse points of attendance, answering for the attendance of large and important customers, such as: Telefonica, Gol Airlines, Federal Government Saving Bank and VR, beyond the participation in Annual Planning, Budgets, Internal Communication. Main executive in the operations, negotiated with customers the new solutions before the attendance, identified to chances of new businesses and adjustments in the Customer Care politics and commercialization, as well as the continuous accompaniments of operational and financial results. It gained Prize ABT 2002 Category Outsourced Better Call Center (inbound / outbound) - Gol Airlines. Sony Card Administrator of Credit Cards Ltd 1996-1999 Senior Coordinator of Operations Participated of start-up of the company, where Sony launched the credit card with the Amex flag. It participated actively in the choice of the business partners, mainly in the act of contract of CardSystem (CSU) as supplying of services and the Bank Inter American Express as Advisory. Responsible for the operational areas of the card, all answered for the system of Attendance, Credit, Collection, Card Issuance and Back Office, defining the politics of concession of credit, plans of mileage, benefits of the card and scripts of attendance. Integrant member of the committee of marketing for the decisions of communication channels, promotions and analysis of impacts and risks. Davox Autom veis 1994-1996 Board Assistant Reorganized several areas, such as administrative and sales. Was directly responsible for the changes at corporative sales process, minimizing losses for insolvency and raising the profitability. Participated of reorganization of companies acquired by shareholders of the company, mainly the corporative Car Rental AVIS, which had all modified administrative and operational management. Balc o do Telefone Compra e Venda de Linhas Telef nicas Ltd. 1991-1992 Branch Office Manager Participated in the development of a new phase in the market of telephonic lines, propitiating to the customers highest security and confidence in the carried through businesses. Promoted between collaborators the feeling of rendering of services of high standard, managed the branch office (Ibirapuera Mall) in all the segments (financial, administrative, maintenance, HR and Sales). Dinap - Distribuidora Nacional de Publica es S.A. (Group Publishing company Abril) 1989-1991 Commercial /Relationship Supervisor Was responsible for 6th and last placed region of sales of Brazil (Center-West, uptown of MG/RJ/ES). The main challenge was to improve the relationship between publication deliverers of the publishing company Abril and the book store salers. With intense work in field, with frequent trips, fast actions of motivation and solutions for administrative problems, in 1 year, the region already met in 2nd place in sales. [Started the career at American Express of Brasil in 1984 thru 1989, where acted as Operator. It was promoted for Customer Care Supervisor, being responsible for the management of 40 operators, rotation scale, reports of activities, contact with customers and represented the area of operations for the committees of Marketing (evaluation of impacts of the implemented actions), hiring and resignations.] ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Extenstion course focused in Management business-oriented and Administration of Contact Center, sponsored by Atento Brasil 2002/2003 (with MBA model). Bachelor degree in Social Communication, at University of S o Paulo/UNIP 1989 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Brazilian, natural of S o Paulo-SP, 43 years (30/jan/1965), married, 3 children. English spoken and advanced knowledge of Spanish. User of microcomputer in Windows environment (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Internet Explorer, Outlook). Participated of several courses and seminaries in the area of communication with emphasis in Management of People, Quality, Communication, Financial management, among others.

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