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Business Strategy


Social Media

Mobile Apps

Among others


Comprender la forma en que nuestra forma de hacer las cosas se transforma mediante la tecnología y ser un actor de este cambio.

Understand the way Technology will change our lives, in the middle of the groundswell.

Be an actor of changes in our lives through my best job.


He sido responsable de diversas áreas: RRHH, IT, ERP, Operación de la Dirección General, Internet, además de alinear los sistemas y procedimientos de todos los módulos de las diferentes instancias administrativas: Cuentas por Cobrar, Cuentas por Pagar, Contabilidad General, Compras, Presupuesto, Finanzas, Almacén. Mis responsabilidades han estado siempre alrededor de la tecnología, la administración, la comunicación y la educación.

I have been responsible of diverse areas such as HR, IT, Internet, etc. I have a vast experience in leading teams towards implementation of new technological platforms oriented to IT.

Work experience



Key Technologies

Creation of Teams of Development of Databases and Multimedia in order to make 21 CD's of High school subjects such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Spanish, Geography, etcetera.

Each CD with 5 different components: Mainly oriented to help Teachers in group administration and student evaluation, and one Learning Object, reinforcing hardest topics for each grade, as a support tool.

Feb 2008Dec 2009

Director de Vinculación

Incubadora de Talento

Played a Public Relations role to enhance Videogames Developers -even those recognized as Industry's Leaders- to joint together in order to create a pull of enterprises and start to behave as one organized structure, through an aggregation strategy sharing common objectives.


Director de Develop Veracruz

Develop, Learning & Knowledge

Director de Centros Develop, Veracruz. The role here: Convince Technologic Institutes and Universities of the state of Veracruz to incorporate a Develop Classroom, with a new e-learning model to obtain Java certifications (various). Achieved theese agreements, the challenge was to obtain 1000 certified students all along the state.

The results here were fantastic, never seen before, in terms of this quantity of students getting this certification. Nowadays this is a model so efficent, that SUN (Oracle) recognizes it as its best self learning model.

Jun 2006Dec 2007



Starting from zero, developed a new model of private channel of TV. Once the model stablished, started getting the team to make it real. 

Again making teams of work to solve this challenge.

The real problem :market were saturated so neither capable of getting audience nor addvertising. So that project -situation warned from the beginning- did not start very quick, right now is on the air, but with a very high costs. Channel 125 of Cablevisión it's name is Efekto TV


IT Director

El Universal C.P.N.

Main achievments: Creation of a compact but efficient team to give renewal to all the technology installed in the company.

Renewal of Hardware: several steps.

Step 1. Hardware (servers) in the Site. 

PROBLEM: More than 40 servers! All of them PC's .

SOLUTION:  Instalation of 2 Racks 

Step 2. Software

Applications based on weak plattforms but of mission critical

Migration of all applications to strong platforms

Step 3. Development

Development and connection of old plattform to brand new plattform

Step 4. Migration to an external ERP

Designation of a Team Group to distribute partial migration depending of the module, a representative of each department.

Step 5. Joint and connect external applications developed in house with the ERP and make reports and a Control Pannel.

Step 6. Renewal of all computers

PROBLEM: Just like the Site, all the employees were using different PC's

SOLUTION:  Rental model to replace all PC's.


HR Director

El Universal C.P.N.

Main Achievements. Solving Payroll situation, atarting to concentrate all the employee payments in one single place.

Starting from the selection and ending with the operation of a Payroll system (afterwards connected to the ERP) tottaly adjusted to Mexico's legislation and yearly updated.

Besides, switch in with systems arround payroll, just like the access systems recording attendance.

Integration of Teams in order to solve this problem.

Besides, the operation of the area, continued giving service to Education, Payroll, Attendance, Salary Evaluation, Contract Control, Seccurity, Union Relations. 


New Business Director

El Universal C.P.N.

Pioneer of News Portal site in Y2K.

Challenge: Making the best site of a leading news company.

Achievement: Solve through integration of teams the challenge by working coordinately sinchronized to goals and time.

Coordination of teams towards effective reach of goals.

Development Team: Develop Portal's code.

Contents Team: Dynamic feed of information (minute by minute).

Design Team: Integration of all teams through a unique look anbd feel.

All this through an Admninistrative efficent optique.




Supervision, sizing, leadership and operation of one of the earliest ERPs: JDEdwards

All the modules based on an AS/400 and processing data of all the properties of the company, more than 20 buildings all arround Mexico.

Made team work in association with JDEdwards consultors to install and implement the ERP successfully.

Nowadays this system operates migrated to a Windows environment.

With the efficient intallation of this plattform, GAccion got the transition to a public company very softly, because financial numbers were given on time and of course processed correctly.


CBT Aeromexico


Alas de América,educational instance of Aeromexico Airline. After Aeromexico and Mexicana

In the previous stage (only Aeromexico) the main achievement was to shorten budget through CBT's developed in-house.

Besides, research in applications developed in-house for equipment maintenance in order to make courses to offer courses for all Engenieer so thay would reccord all data in the system's database.




Diplomado en Linux ofrecido por la UNAM.



Diplomado en Informática


Organized Results Oriented Achievement  of goals as a way of life Control, control, control  
Human Relations
Very comfortable in Public Relations. Love to work with people.
Trained for research.
Team Work
Team work efficiently and in harmony searching for best results allways.
Project Management
Project Management in diverse environments, all with Technological equipment, software and organization with a very clear methodology all perfectly delimited before start deployments.