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Work experience

Jun 2011Nov 2012

Marketing Manager Paediatric & Adult/Travelers Franchises

Sanofi Pasteur MSD

Responsible for Paediatric and Adult/Travellers Vaccines Franchises.

With similar functional responsibilitites as described for the Senior Brand & Customer Manager Gardasil & Adult position but for both Paediatric & Adult Franchises.

With special asignment to the strategic aspects of the products in charge.

2 Product Managers (1 per Franchise) + 2 Marketing Assistants on direct report. Reporting to the General Manager of the Company.

Jun 2011Jun 2012

Senior Brand & Customer Manager

Sanofi Pasteur MSD

Design, development and implementation of Gardasil's IPA (Integrated Plan of Action), first vaccine to protect against cervix cancer and other diseases related with the human papilloma virus (HPV), and the rest of the Adult Vaccines Franchise.

Elaboration, planning and implementation of the Gardasil's strategy for each of its customer groups: Decission Makers and Payors (Central & Regional levels), Influencers (KOLs, Scientific Societies & others), Prescriptors (Gynecologists, Paediatricians, Oncologists, General Practitioners, Public Health Specialists, Dermatologists, among others), Advisors (Nurses/Midwives & Pharmacists), Patients (Associations and other groups), Key Accounting (Big Corporations & Companies, Healthcare Insurance Companies, Hospitals, Local Administration), Media (Health & Lay public Media, Internet & Mobile Channels), Partners (in/out the Pharma Industry).

Multichannel coordination of Gardasil activities for each customer group.

Leader & Cooordinator of Gardasil POR (Product Operational Review Group).

Responsible for the Forecast and Promotional Budget of the Adult Vaccines Franchise Sales as well as the Franchise figures for the 5YP and Business Review presentations.

Nov 2011Jun 2012

Member of the Ambition 2014 International Group

Sanofi Pasteur MSD

Gardasil Ambition 2014 is a special group of 10 people from across the SPMSD organization which has -under the direct supervision of the President of the Company- the specific objective of defining global strategies and programs aiming to recover the confidence on HPV vaccination in Europe and achieve  Gardasil coming back to sales growth in 2014.

It is a cross-functional supra-national team with only 2 Marketing people, being myself on of them. I was specificly in charge of the HPV vaccination coverage improvement programs and their subsequent roll-out to the subsidiaries.

Oct 2005Jun 2011

Marketing Manager Paediatric Vaccines

Sanofi Pasteur MSD

Marketing responsible for the Paediatric Vaccines Franchise.

With similar functional responsibilitites as described for the Senior Brand & Customer Manager Gardasil & Adult position but for the Paediatric Franchise.

2007 Best Product Galien Prize Winner for RotaTeq.

1 Product Manager under direct report plus 1 Marketing Assistant.

Reporting to the General Manager. Memeber of the Direction Board of the Company in Spain.

Nov 2005May 2006

Member of the RotaTeq Task Force International Group

Sanofi Pasteur MSD

Multi-task international group created on occasion of the RotaTeq (vaccine against rotavirus gastroentheritis in children) launch in Europe.

Under the supervision of the MSD-USA (RotaTeq owner) delegate in SPMSD for the vaccine and coordinated by the SPMSD RotaTeq International Marketing Manager, the RotaTeq Tas Force was integrated as well by the following people: 1 Marcket Access, 1 Supply Chain, 1 Legal, 1 Medical Affairs and 1 Marketing (me, as it happens).

Objectives: Prepare the whole organization in Europe for the RotaTeq launch, align in each country the launch operations in MSD with the SPMSD local launch activities, shape the market in Europe for the new concepts in RV vaccines represented in RotaTeq, catch-up in sales as soon as posible with the GSK's product launched 6 months earlier.

Apr 2004Nov 2005

International Product Manager

Astellas Pharma - Yamanouchi Pharma

European Marketing Coordinator in the “Umbrella Project”, an international working group for the alignment of the respective Dermatology Business Units in the merging process between Yamanouchi and Fujisawa companies.

The team was led by the European Director of the "Umbrella Project" and coordinated by 2 International Product Managers, 1 by company. I was the one appointed by Yamanouchi.

My specific rol into the team was to prompt and collect ideas from the Derma Product Managers across the Yamanouchi European subsidiaries on how to make topical corticoids and topical immunomodulators -theoretically rivals in the market and coming each of them from a different company- promotionally compatible, to estimate their viability and then to present them to the "Umbrella Project Group" for discussion and eventually submition to the Japanese Merging Board.

Mar 2005Oct 2005

Product Group Marketing Manager

Astellas Pharma

Marketing Responsible for the Dermotology, ENT, Respiratory, Cardiovascular and Primary Care (GP & Paeditrics) Therapeutic Areas and Specialities.

Responsible for Protopic, first topic immunimodulator for the the treatment of atopic dermatitis.

Reporting to the General Manager of the Company.

Sep 1998Mar 2004

Senior Product Manager

Yamanouchi Pharma

Marketing Responsable for the Derma and ENT Therapeutic Areas.

Also responsible for the company's Business Development Management.

Sep 1994Sep 1998

Marketing Manager

Laboratorios Stiefel España

Marketing responsible for the Reimbursed, OTC and Hospital use product ranges in the company.

Also responsible for the sales to Public Administration

Training Manager

Communication and Public Relationships Committee  Coordinator

Sales Administration responsible

Reporting to the Ganeral Manager.

Direct supervision over 1 Product Manager and a Marketing Assistant plus a Secretary shared with Sales  Department.

Jun 1991Sep 1994

Sales Area Manager

Laboratorios Stiefel España

Sales Area Manager with responsibilities over the South-Western territory of Spain.

Direct supervision over 13 Reps.

Reporting to the General Manager.


Online Marketing
Creation, development, implementation and monitoring of the digital presence for brands and businesses (B2B, B2C and B2B2C):   Website building and optimization Search engine optimization (SEO & SEM - PPc campaigns) Content strategy Social Media presence and integration management Affiliation and E-.mail marketing Offline-online aligment and optimization and Omnichannel approach Customer relationship Inbound + outbound tools aligment and optiimization Customer engagement Customer fidelization/retention and advocates building Online identity/personality and sentiment management Mobile marketing management
Experience by product registration status
Ethics/reimbursed products: Lactisona, Vasonase, Protopic, Synalar Rectal, Synalotic and other brands into the Synalar range, Protopic, Neblik, Gelidina, Cutanit, Benoxygel, Isotrex, Isotrex Eritromicina, Eridosis among others. EFP/OTC products: Dastosin, Zineryt, Solucel, Emolitar, Tarmec, Vitanol and others. Cosmetics: Spectroban, Sartol, Dermisona, Physiogel and others. Special status: Vaccines (Gardasil, RotaTeq, Varivax and other 30+ different brands). Hospital use products: Oilatum, Biopsypunch, Curettes and other disposable products.  
General Marketing Skills
Customer focused Results driven Business engaged Communication / Influence expert Creativity and Innovation Critical Thinking                                                                                                      Excellent Planning, Organization and Execution skills
Communication abilities
Clearly communicate strategies, risks and opportunities to all levels of the organization Evangelize brands to internal/external stakeholders Share best practices with marketing colleagues of other countries. Find creative ways to influence and motivate other people
Leadership capabilities
Proactive business direction setting to internal and external stakeholders in a multicultural environment. Cross-functional leadership to deliver business results. Engagement of all internal and external resources necessary to drive strong business results. Excellent interpersonal personal relationship skills to both internal and external parties. Functional leadership – marketing thought leadership towards the market and coaching role to the organization.  Inspirational, committed and motivational behaviour across all levels of the organization.
Customer focus
Customer Relationship strategy leading to create early success and achieve long term value. Marketing activity creation around customer-designed processes, customer-driven dynamic channels, customer interaction and engagement. Marketing Strategic Planning built around customer's needs and wants: Customer knowledgement management Segmentation Targeting Objectives definition per target audience Value proposition definition Tactics by audience segment & multichannel approach development Tactics execution and success level measurement
Business Management Leadership
Management of Annual Operating Plans, P&L’s and annual business strategies consistent with fact-based Business Plan building. Profit-maximization approach to Marketing and Brand Management. Brand lifecycle management with solid launch preparedness, strategic competitive grow and profit maximizing consolidation and decline and/or line extension. Quality forecasting of brand revenue, spending and profitability. Plans metric implementation to ensure the correct return of investment measurement and improve the marketing efectiveness. Effective mapping of internal and external stakeholders.


Oct 1996Jun 1997



Medical-MKT Projects


My passion is building strong brands through customer focus, smart product development to tap into needs, and creative content leverage leading to achieve the business objectives.

I like the concept of Marketing Managers being like "swiss army knives", being able to wield a complete set of skills, from traditional strategic thinking and team working to more up-to-date netwotking management and creative flair.

Proactivity, leadership and excellent communication abilities are some of my personal and professional skills.

Other Training & Educational Courses

  • "Drug Discovery, Development and Commercialization", University of California, San Diego (USA, 2013)
  • "Competitive Stretegy", Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat (München, Germany, 2013)
  • "Gamification", University of Pennsylvania (USA, 2013)
  • "Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship", Duke University (USA, 2013)
  • "Experto en Marketing Farmacéutico", Instituto de Empresa (Madrid)
  • "Expert in Project Management", London Business School (Aix-les-Bains, France)
  • "Experto en Gerencia de Ventas. Gestión de equipos y territorios de ventas. Gestión de porfolio de clientes", Mercuri Internacional (Madrid)
  • "Brand Leadership Development. Strategic Sessions", Egon Zehnder International (London, UK - part of the "Umbrella Project")
  • "Pharma Brand Planning Course", C.E.L. for Pharma (Madrid)
  • "Curso de habilidades directivas y liderazgo. Gestión del cambio y dirección de equipos", IOR Consulting (Madrid
  • "Empowerment. Executive Skills Development Programme", Andere y Associados/Boston Group (Madrid)
  • "Dirección por objetivos. Coaching & Counselling", Mercuri International (Madrid)


  • Cherry fruits unintentional producer
  • Real Betis Balompié fanatic
  • Jazz music inconditional
  • Solitary jogger (well, in one of my 6 iPods company)
  • Dennis Lehane's novels avid reader
  • "Hora de aventuras (Adventure Time)" cartoon intrigued fan (under my children's advice)
  • MarketingProfs Pro member, HubSpot follower... and EyeForPharma experienced reader, of course
  • Twitter skilled but Facebook indifferent; Pinterest inconditional (3.000+ pins and growing)
  • Smurfs Village game (undeclared) addict (against my wife's advice)
  • Golf failure (sigh!)

.. and a lot of other things for which life is worth living.