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There are plenty of other things that a business needs tending to other than Social Media. That's where I come in.

Work experience

Jun 2014Present

C.E.O Independent Record Label

SN'R Records

It's a little startup that I currently own and I've been taking it so far this past year to  a respectable following on Social Media, thousands of digital downloads, CD sales, live shows, and thousands of streams on Social Media. Social Media is extremely important for any business to thrive because it gives them something scalable to make their executive decisions on the future of their company in today's digital economy. I've learned that and am ready to help other companies have a successful Social Media presence. I know I don't have tons of experience, but what I do have is passion. In today's work force it's easier for companies to just go ahead and hire High School graduates to do something for your company that you would usually give to someone with a degree. Well, why do that if you can easily teach that young adult exactly what you need from them and you can pay them less because they don't have that degree. This is one of the many things that I've learned to do as an owner of my own business. I'm going to help you leverage Social Media through what I've learned, because let me tell you, technology is continuously changing. I'm here to help you stay with the times and achieve relevancy as well as help you make more money. I'm passionate about combining my Social Media savvy along with my business experience to help your company move forward. The other day I saw Facebook as one of the two main sponsors at a highly televised political debate. Facebook along with other Social Media outlets are successful for a reason you know that and I know that. Let's get your business in on that success while it's still hot.


Nov 2014Present

Bachelor of Business Marketing, Graduation: May 2017       

University of Phoenix, Honolulu, HI
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Consumer & Buyer Behavior
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Direct Marketing & E-Commerce
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing Research