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I am a Front End Engineer with strong experience on JavaScript, HTML and CSS, my principal skills are focused on React - Redux and Angular Ecosystems. I have worked on Bank Systems, Logistics software, Commercial tools like ERP’s and CMS’s, some visual sites for marketing and even on Gaming. I have experience on large scale applications and decentralized systems such as Heroku, AWS EC2, S3, 53, CloudFront among others. I’'m extremely curious about multidisciplinary work and multicultural knowledge.

I also have a Back-End Background on Node.js and JAVA, with experience in tools/frameworks like Docker (Compose), Sails.js (Express), Hapi.js, Firebase, Firestore, MongoDB and JAVAEE, Spring, JPA, Hibernate, MySQL, PostgreSQL.


Feb 2018Present

Front-End Engineer

PSL Corp - Software Development (International)

I have been working in PSL as a Front-End Engineer. Here, I've been focused on React-Redux ecosystem, processing large data sets in serverless applications and optimization of user experience.

Project: Funnel and Stacks Apps - Keystone Strategy USA

Role: Full Stack JavaScript Developer 

- Working on Stacks: An app that processes in real-time more than 1000 registers on the client side, with a serverless architecture built in React-Redux app.
- Implementation of new functionalities on a Node.JS (Express) API based on a Docker compose network.
- Managing the entire development cycle from features design to deployment on Heroku and mLab cluster.
- Development of high-quality time responsive features based on React components.
- Conducting technical interviews with Software Developers highly skilled in JavaScript and React.

Jun 2016Feb 2018

Web UI Developer


I worked at Globant as a Web UI Developer using tools/frameworks on the React - Redux and Angular ecosystems. I've specialized in user interfaces, NodeJS Back-End and Front-End integrations, optimization of user experience and digital marketing. Also, I implemented common tasks as creating reusable, efficient and testable components, translating business logic into well performance JavaScript code and coordinating with the Load and Performance team about possible approaches to test in large scale, the stages on several apps to reach environment L&P test cases.

Project: Continuous Maintenance - iSeatz US. (American Express - IHG)

Role: React – Redux – Web UI Developer

- Project stack: React - Redux – Server Side rendering.

- Lead implementation of new features on American Express Platinum Clients App.


Project: Iridium Platform Features - Warner Brothers Games San Francisco.

Role: React - NodeJS – Web UI Developer

- Lead implementation of new features on Iridium WB’s platform for DC Legends Mobile Game.

- Improve the admin tool for customer support users.

Project: Adult Swim Chat Assess & Fix - Turner US. (Cartoon Network)

Role: React - NodeJS – Web UI Developer

- Project stack: React - Redux - Redux-observable - RxJs - Ramda - TypeScript.

- Lead implementation of an Firebase DB strategy for improve real time chat performance.

- Understand third party Front End code to translate to L&P team the way to test the app.

- Identify bad or inefficient code and make refactors to improve performance and maintainability.

Project: CNY Project – Comafi Bank.

Role: Angular JS - Node Js – Web UI Developer

- Lead implementation of an internal platform for the bank to inspect the applications for credit cards

- Technical introduction to new team members

- Identify bad or inefficient code and make refactors to improve performance and maintainability

Project: Payment Methods – Davivienda Colombian Bank.

Role: Angular JS - Node Js – Web UI Developer

- Lead implementation of an internal platform for the bank to inspect the applications for credit cards and sales on stores.

- Create geolocation components for trigger mobile notifications.

Jan 2014Jun 2016

JAVA Web Developer

Komet Sales

I worked at KometSales as a Full-Stack Java Web analyst, developing large scale software for the flower sales industry in the US. At that moment I stood-out as a Full-Stack web Developer using as technological stack JavaScript, BackBone.js, HTML5, CSS3, JAVA, JAVA EE, Spring, Twitter Bootstrap, Stylus, Hibernate, JPA, MySql, agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban among others. In this company I worked as a business logic specialist as well as in the implementation and maintenance of java microservices on platforms as Amazon AWS: EC2, S3, Route53, Dynamo, RDS (MySql).

PM: Pablo Robles ( [email protected] )

Jan 2013Sep 2013

Software Developer 


- Development of Firmware (C, C++) for Micro-controllers for a domotic platform of a UNE Telecomunicaciones (communication company).

- Development of a security platform of web register using fingerprint readers.

- Development of a JAVA Web platform to handle street occurrences for the transit authorities in Medellin, Colombia.

Supervisor: Mario Alonso Muñoz ( [email protected] )

Tech Talks

Redux-Observable - Globant React Week Feb 2018. (Speaker)


Jul 2006Dec 2014

Electronic Engineer

Universidad de Antioquía - Colombia

Teacher assistant of the course of Computer architecture. GITA Research Group alumni. Water Polo team member.