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Pedro Hernandez

"It's not about how hard you can hit, It's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward" - Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Balboa


Thank you for viewing my portfolio, this includes my skills, goals, work history, and achievements. 

Mission, Vision, Value


I am  a caring individual who will do anything while being ethical to meet my goals.


I will push myself to be the best police officer in the city. I will promote leadership and compassion throughout my team ,and other members of society. I will stand firm on serving and protecting my city.


I value freedom, justice, and equality.

Resume & Cover Letter

Enclosed on this section is pdf files of my resume and cover letter.


Short Term Goals

  • Completing Muay Thai training
  • Completing my Criminal Justice diploma
  • Obtaining my restricted firearms licence

Long Term Goals

  • Becoming an officer on the Calgary Police Service
  • Being accepted into the Narcotics team with CPS
  • Becoming a detective in the Calgary Police Service

Work history

Sep 2014Present

Car Audio Salesman

Visions Electronics
  • Open & close car audio section
  • Kept section neat & tidy
  • Kept a good intelligence of new car audio devices
  • Helped installers with stereo installs
  • Dealt with customer issues
Jan 2013Oct 2014

Interim Sales Manager

iWorld Connect
  • Opened & closed the store
  • Kept employees on task
  • Made the schedule for the store
  • Made sales goals for employees
  • Dealt with customer service issues
  • Sold computer and other Apple devices
  • Handled deposit every night at close

Apr 2012Jan 2013

Sales Representitive

Rogers Wireless (Digital Communications)
  • Activated & upgraded phones
  • Sold accessories for phones
  • Made sure customers were getting the best valued plans
  • Trusted with keys to open & close the store
  • Had access to store safe
  • Made sure the store was clean and that other employees were on task
Feb 2011Apr 2012

Assistant Manager

Jersey City
  • Trusted with keys to the store to open or close
  • Kept jerseys and shirts in alphabetical and size ordered
  • Took orders for customers to receive products they inquired about
  • Sent out jerseys to get crested for customers or for store items
  • Made sure store was clean at the end of every closing shift
  • Kept hat wall organized
  • Processed most types of transactions


Sep 2015Present

Criminal Justice Diploma Program

Lethbridge College
  • Gained a great knowledge of criminal law in Canada
  • Learned how to deal with people in rough situations
  • Worked out on a daily basis
Sep 2006Jun 2010

High School Diploma

Winston Churchill High School
  • Played on the high school rugby team for 3 full seasons
  • Won provincials with the rugby team
  • Excelled in social studies
  • Captained the Bulldogs JV rugby team 



I can adapt to any working environment put in front of me. Adapting to different situations is one of a few skills I have learned over my past working experiences.

Honest & Reliable 

I am always honest to my employers, and other employees about what matters in my job. I am also reliable for needing any shift covered, and for showing up on time.

Interpersonal Skills

Working in the customer service industry since I was a young teenager has helped me greatly with my interpersonal skills. I have learned how to deal with any type of person in what ever mood they are in. I can also speak a second language (Spanish) fluently, which I find helps deal with a specific group of people and cultures as well.

Strong Leadership

Having managed a few stores it has taught me how to lead a team to reach their goals, and beyond their limits. Captaining, and coaching various sports team throughout my life has shown me how to be a strong leader, and how to meet the objectives tasked to me.


  • Playing musical instruments such as: drums, and guitars.
  • Working on restoring my truck
  • Competing in mixed martial arts
  • Playing ball hockey
  • Installing car radios in all kinds of cars & trucks
  • Designing & drawing tattoos


May 2012Jul 2012

Coaching Ball Hockey

u16 Wildcats, U9 Scorpions, U16 Lethbridge Kings
  • Coached the U16 Wildcats ball hockey team to a league championship
  • Coached the U9 Scorpions ball hockey team also to a league championship and stayed undefeated throughout the entire season.
  • Coached the U16 Lethbridge Kings, in the 2012 Southern Alberta Summer Games, and won the gold medal against four other teams.

Awards & Certificates


Tyler Koyata

Government Worker

Lethbridge Gov’t

Lethbridge, AB


Kerry Peters

Assistant Store Manager

Visions Electronics

Lethbridge, AB


Daryl Harr

Company General Manager

iWorld Connect/WestWorld Computers

Edmonton, AB


Contact info