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Aug 1993May 1994


South Texas VoTech

Accounting 1

Aug 1978May 1982


Crystal City High School

Basic four year high school education

Work experience

May 2014Jun 2015

Truck Driver

Trimac Transportation

Safely travel todispatched locations, determine if there  is which tank to pull from , work the oil , hook up lines trailer to tank . Perform visual assesment of area if safe , start loading.  Remain outside the vehicle near the load line in case there are  sudden mishaps .Finish loading ,gather up hose and tools , do paperwork and safely transport the crude oil to assigned terminal . Call dispatch  and do it all over again  . For this job I always worked with a tanker trailer .

Dec 2011Apr 2014

Truck Driver

Texas Energy Services Inc.

First thing  obtain keys to assigned truck n trailer , perform pre trip inspection.  Call dispatch and find out whitch location to pull from .  Safely travel to location upon arrival always do a visual assesment or the area , if safe park truck and find out whitch tank to pull from . When done  close valves unhook hose , grab tools, finish paperwork then  safely transport product to assigned disposal site . For this company I always  worked with a tanker trailer .

Aug 2011Oct 2011

Truck  Driver

Park Construction Co.

As with all trucking jobs always start by performing a pre trip inspection of truck and trailer if all good travel to jobsite get in line by the equipment doing the loading , transport the materials to the designated site . Materials and locations for loading and unloading are always changing so need to always stay in touch with supervisor . On this particular job we raised part of the I -94 Interstate 12 ft.  Cause it was going under water .  On this job I drove a side dump tractor trailer

May 2010Aug 2011

Truck Driver

Gowan Construction

This company delt alot with redoing county roads  and highways since we were getting flooded every spring after all the snow melted .I got to drive different trucks for Gowan . There is thi town in North Dakota called Devils Lake With tourists bringing in most of themoney and the roads  flooding we came in to raise the roads and a couple of highways hauled alot of gravel along with dirt for building walls to keep the water away till we fixed the roads . For this company I drove End dumps   trailer as well as the 12 to 17 yard Dump trucks , also drove a side dump trailer . I was already thinking of relocating to Texas so when a couple of guys from Park construction told me about the project they were on  was scheduled to be completed by october  and they needed a driver cause one of the supervisors wanted to go home already . I told them I also wanted to go home  and october would be perfect  for me. They took me in as a special hire and the old guy got to go home and so did I .