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  • Public Accountant graduated in 2007 with more than 6 years of professional experience, mainly in the audit field, being involved in the manufacturing, Financial Services, Sales and Marketing environment, but also managing the sales deduction budget for Mass Merchant, Retail and Price Clubs Stores for the CE, HA and Mobile Market.

Work History



Vice Pacific Holdings Inc. (CA)
  • Bookkeeping - A.R. & A.P. Management.
  • Payroll Calculation & Remittances.
  • Tax reporting (GST, PST, and Income Tax).
  • Financial Reports.
  • Balances reconciliations (Bank, Customers, Vendors).

Internal Auditor

Samsung Electronics Mexico
  • Audit planning.
  • Internal control assessment.
  • Data trend analysis.
  • Public records and evidence authentication.
  • Computer Forensics (FTK-En-case).

Claims & Rebates Analyst

Samsung Electronics Mexico
  • Sell in & Sell out promotions analysis and reconciliations (C&R).
  • Chargeback and Customer Credit Line Management.

Internal Auditor

Bio-Servicios Corporativos (MX)
  • Internal Controls and Risks assessment.
  • Internal Audit procedures.
  • Bidding process review.

English Language Teacher

Quick Learning Institute (MX)
  • Teaching of English as second language basic and intermediate levels.

Audit Staff

Deloitte (MX)
  • Internal Controls and document verification for Personal Credit authorization (Financial Industry - Bank).
  • Financial reports reasonability verification (Financial Industry - Bank).
  • Physical Inventory (Animal Food Manufacturing).

Audit Staff

International Horwath Catillo Miranda (MX)
  • Document verification of expenses and cost of goods reported in financial statements of 4 construction companies.



Fraud Investigation, Detection and Deterrence Diploma.

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Forensic Audit, Fraud Risk and Internal Controls Assessment, Documentoscopy and Graphoscopy, Interview, Computer Forensics, Data Analysis. (120 hours)


Finance Diploma.

National Autonomous University of Mexico

Macro Economics, Financial statement analysis, Present and future value, Interest rates, Simple and compound interest, Financial ratios, Cash flows and investment projects (100 hours).

Main Achievements

  • Recovery of around $520,000.00 USD mischarged from Costco and Walmart (C&R).
  • Wal-Mart chargeback management reduction from $8,000,000.00 USD to $1,000,000 USD in 6 months(C&R).
  • Central Delivery Tracking Method (C&R).
  • Loss recovery of duplicated / abnormal charges SD and Warranty Claim process (Audit).
  • Detection leakage of logistics confidential information through FTK analysis (Audit).
  • Loss prevention due to duplicated and miscalculated amounts in construction investments.