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Work experience

Aug 2005Present


Muscogee County School District- Marshall Middle School

·Advises parents and/or legal guardians of student progress for the purpose of supporting teacher’s expectations, developing methods for improvement and/or reinforcing classroom goals in the home environment.

·Assesses students' progress towards expectations and goals, etc. for the purpose of providing feedback to students, parents, and administration.

·Collaborates with school personnel, parents and various community agencies for the purpose of improving the quality of student outcomes, developing solutions, and planning curriculum.

·Daily attendance and punctuality are required for the purpose of ensuring the goals of the work unit can be met.

·Instructs students through differentiated activities for the purpose of improving their success in academics through a defined course of study supporting the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS).

·Monitors student activities for the purpose of providing for the safety and welfare of students.

·Prepares teaching materials and related reports (e.g. grades, attendance, etc.) for the purpose of documenting student progress and implementing lesson plans and/or tests.

·Uses standard practices/methods to perform assignments for the purpose of providing an effective school program and addressing the needs of individual students.


Cancer Claims Specialist


Representative Specialist

American Eagle Federal Credit Union

In School Suspension Technician

Muscogee County School District- Hardaway High School


Georgia Professional Standards
Jan 2010Present

Master of Education

Columbus State University

My expected date of graduation is December 2011.


Middle Grades Certification

Columbus State University

Bachelor of Science

Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University

Advanced Academic Diploma

Central High School

AASL Standard 4: Program Administration

Reflection of Standard

It is important to have a plan governing the management and usage of resources in the library.  It is necessary to have policies, procedures, and methods for measuring strengths and weaknesses of the library media program as well as plans for making it more effective.

4.1 Managing Information resources: Selecting, Organizing, Using

4.2 Managing Program Resources: Human, Financial, Physical

4.3 Comprehensive and Collaborative Strategic Planning and Assessment

I created a budget for an middle school media center. I used relative line item designations from the Muscogee County School District.  Purchases were selected based on the needs of the school's learning community.  As a media specialist, one must be able to create and effectively manage a budget to ensure the success of the media center.

Artifact 1:  EDUT 6118: Media Budget with comment

Every library must have  resources in order to be considered a Library.  The first step in doing so is creating a collection development policy as well as an reading policy.

Artifact 2:  EDUT 6116 Collection Policy

The purpose of the grant writing assignment was to identify and discuss grants that I would be interested in pursuing.   I chose to investigate STEMester of Service Grants, the Dollar General Back to School grants, and the Dollar General Youth Literacy grants. The projects from the grants would provide students with opportunities to use technology to deepen and demonstrate their learning. The grants will assist in purchasing new equipment, materials, software, and continuing/implementing programs. The programs would nurture the intellectual, artistic, and creative abilities of children from low-income households.  These grants would benefit Marshall Middle school and the community.

Artifact 3:  Grant Writing: EDUT 6215: Grant Writing

This journal documents my visitations and experiences as I worked towards obtaining my 90 hour requirement of completion.  It not only includes the activities I participated in, it also discussed the knowledge I gained from each experience.

Artifact 4: EDUT 6698 Field Experience Journal

I created a list that states ways to determine if an item needs to be ‘weeded out’. Weeding is a necessary part of collection maintenance that ensures that the collection is current and eliminates overcrowding shelves in the media center. 

Artifact 5: EDUT 6117 Weeding Assignment

AASL Standard 1. Use of Information and Ideas

Reflection of Standard

The library should aid and encourage learning by providing access to information.  Teachers, students, and patrons should receive aid from the librarian through a variety of resources.

1.1 Effecient and Ethical Information-Seeking Behavior

1.2 Literacy and Reading

1.3 Access to Information

1.4 Stimulating Learning Environment 

I met Standard  whenI completed observation hours in a school library and the public library and recorded my experiences. It gave me an in depth look into what goes on in a library and how I can better serve patrons.

Artifact 1:  EDUT 6115 Journal

To ensure that students have updated and appropriate materials in the media center, I am sharing my weeding procedures.  Weeding helps collections relevant, accurate, and useful; and it facilitates more effective use of space in the library media center.

Artifact 2:  Policy for Collection Weeding

For this screen capture assignment I created a tutorial for students. The tutorial walks them through each step of creating an advertisement using Microsoft Publisher 2007.  As a media specialist in the 21st Century one must equip and empower students to use the latest technologies to fulfill curriculum standards.

Artifact 3:Screen Capture

The collection policy that I reviewed was from Phenix City Public schools. Phenix City Public Schools district media specialists joined together to write the district library media policy and the school board approved the plan.  The plan was prepared in March 2010 and was revised June 2010.  This following collection policy is in effect for the Phenix City Public Schools. 

Artifact 4: EDUT 6116 Collection Policy

As a media specialist, one must be able to provide teachers with research-based activities that result in positive student achievement. I conducted an action research project on Effects on Learning Outcomes of Employing Math Trade Books. 

Artifact 5: EDUT 6999 Capstone Research Project

This Powerpoint was created for use at the Graduate's Symposium to explain my completed action research paper. The Powerpoint includes the research topic, the purpose of the study, the goals and objectives of the study, a brief explanation of reviewed literature, methodology, data analysis, and conclusions and recommendations. 

Artifact 6: EDUT 6999 Symposium Powerpoint

AASL Standard 2: Teaching and Learning

Reflection of Standard

It is important to address prior knowledge of learners and how they learn best  in order to build upon that knowledge to ensure the transfer of information literacy.  Effective teacher librarians are able to assess all learning modalities and apply innovative teaching strategies. 

2.1 Knowledge of Learners and Learning

2.2 Effective and Knowledgeable Teacher

2.3 Information Literacy Curriculum 

I learned how to designed lesson plans by researching different instructional design models and comparing  them.

Artifact 1: Thematic Unit

One of the discussion assignments was to research the role of the LMS in relation to students.  It is the responsibility of the LMS to make sure that students are able to access, evaluate, and use information effectively.  Therefore, one must be aware of the many aspects of the role and consistently self evaluate to ensure that one is performing well.

Artifact 2: Management

I created a technolgy plan that can be used in the classroom  using various forms of technolgy.

Artifact 3: Edutopia

To meet standard 2.3, I created a Dewey Decimal Power Point to help students learn about classification and arrangement of books in the library.This will enable patrons to become efficient in seeking information for academics and leisure purposes.  Self-service is a time management strategy that enables one to focus on other tasks without neglecting patrons.

Artifact 4:  EDUT 6116 Dewey Decimal System Powerpoint

The assignment was created to allow me to think beyond basic planning and more towards the ID process as a whole. 

Artifact 5: EDUT 6209 Design a Network Powerpoint

AASL Standard 3: Collaboration and Leadership

Reflection of Standard

A media specialist is a part of the leadership team. It is important that media specialist collaborate with teachers and adminstration. It is also important for a media specialist to know the community that they serve.  Having a rapport with patrons and the community enhances the LMS's ability to provide equity and access to resources.

3.1 Connection with the Library Community

3.2 Instructional Partner

3.3 Educational Leader

In order to learn about other Library community , I visited various libraries and reported on them.  Aside from visiting the various libraries, I also interviewed the librarian in charge  to meet Standard.

Artifact 1:  Library Project Part 2

Artifact 2:  Library Project Part 3

The wikispace project that we created was a thematic unit using the book Henry's Freedom Box.  It is designed to provide multi-disciplinary activities that can be utilized from grades P-6.  The group members were Ginger Ellsworth, , LaKeitra Feagins, Andre Kirby and myself.

Artifact 3:

I created a thematic unit for sixth grade. The unit focuses on data collecting which is covered under the domain of  data and probability in math GPS. The project is a cyberstudy of data that includes interactive analyzing data and interpreting the results of data  collecting activities.

Artifact 4:  EDUT 6215: Thematic Unit

This journal documents my visitations and experiences as I worked towards obtaining my 90 hour requirement of completion.  It not only includes the activities I participated in, it also discussed the knowledge I gained from each experience.

Artifact 5: EDUT 6698 Field Experience Journal


My teaching philosophy focuses on the relating mathematical skills to real life application. I believe that I learn from my students as they learn from me.  I try to teach students according to their different learning styles and I try to accommodate them to ensure that they learn.  All children are able to learn.  All children cannot learn at the same pace, or learn the same amount, but all children can learn.  I believe that we should not only teach the academic subjects (math, science, reading, etc) but teach information skills and provide access to information so students can function successfully in society.


  • Nominated Teacher of the Year, Marshall Middle School, Columbus, GA, 2007-2008
  • Received Golden Apple Award, MEA Credit Union, Columbus, GA, Fall 2007

Professional Responsibilities

My impact of library/technology management knowledge and skills assist me in providing engaging lessons and current and modern publications.  This supports accurate record keeping and better communication with students, parents, faculty, administration, and community. As 6th grade team leader, I lead weekly team meetings, report information from the team leaders meeting, and assist teachers in classroom management.  I have received training in Thinking Maps, SMARTboard, Atomic Learning, Renaissance Learning, Working on the Work, and Compassing Learning Odyssey.  The previous training has helped me to incorporate technology more in my lesson plans and create more engaging activities.

Community Services

  • Videographer, Girls Basketball Team, South Girard Jr High School, Phenix City, Alabama (2009-2010)
  • PTA President, Ridgecrest Elementary, Phenix City, Alabama (2007-present)
  • Secretary, Pastor Aide Committee, St. Paul Greater Love Ministries, Phenix City, Alabama (2007-present)
  • Member, Program Committee, St. Paul Greater Love Ministries, Phenix City, Alabama (2007-present)
  • Stewardess, St. Paul Greater Love Ministries, Phenix City, Alabama (2005-2010)
  • Team Mom, Team: Cubs, Phenix City Girls Softball, Phenix City, Alabama (2004)
  • Sunday School Teacher, St. Paul Greater Love Ministries, Phenix City, Alabama (1999-present)


I will maintain my professional activities by using technology effectively with students and faculty, serving as a learning facilitator, engaging in continuous self-evaluation, keeping materials updated, and provide access to information and resources. 


Laura Reed

Arnold Middle School

2011 51st Street

Columbus, GA 31904

Tamura Magwood

Baker Middle School

1830 Shepherd Drive

Columbus, GA 31906

Freddie J. Evans

St. Paul Greater Love Ministries

3996 Sandford Road

Phenix City, AL 36869