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I am a motivated and enthusiastic Communications Media major at North Carolina State University. Not only do I enjoy working with film, TV and marketing but I have experience in all of those categories through work and schooling. I am very eager to get my foot in the door by getting my first job in the industry.

Work experience

Jun 2007Present

Production Assistant

Video Contact
  • Acted as Key Grip during filming.
  • Provided creative advice when filming angles, lighting, etc.
  • Worked in editing booth adding effects and cutting the piece together.
  • Helped distrubute product and dealt with customers.
Jan 2009Present

College Representative

  • Pre-promotion around NCSU's campus for Ubisoft Game releases.
  • Distribute products through various mechanisms around campus.
  • Organize, plan and budget video game launch parties at the campus game room.
  • Report back to Ubisoft headquarters in San Francisco with event results.


Aug 2007Present


Jun 2005Jul 2006

  • Attended Film Production summer school for two summers.
  • Won Best Comedy in 2005 summer school film awards.
  • Edited/Produced film that won Best Drama in 2006.
  • Attended advanced film program during the second summer.


Jamie Hoarty

To whom it may concern, 

      When Paul Eagle first approached me about interning with my video production company, I thought I was going to be donating a lot of time to bring him up to speed on my industry. Soon after his internship began in late summer, I realized that he was not the average intern that was going to cost me a lot of time. Paul told me he was “familiar” with Adobe Premiere Pro. That was an understatement. In fact, he has taught me several shortcuts in Premiere that I’ve found very useful! I then got brave enough to let him do some actual editing. I first duplicated the timeline, figuring that I’d have to go back and redo his work (I actually gave him some real work to do). I played back the editing Paul did and didn’t have to touch a thing. I couldn’t have done it better myself, so a $10,000 marketing video left our facilities with all of Paul’s editing intact.

      However, there’s so much more to the production industry than knowing how to run a non-linear editing application. There’s the creative side and Paul shines here, too. I have shown Paul the programs that have rolled out of here, and I actually take his feedback very seriously.

      Maturity is a personality trait of Paul’s that I’ve found very helpful, for I don’t need to “talk down to him.” I honestly talk to him as I would an employee; as an adult. I’ve been able to take him seriously enough that he has actually been useful to my business during his internship. I never expected that this would be the case.

      I feel strongly that Paul will not only benefit from a good college education from a university that has a strong film and television production program, but I feel that the university will benefit from his presence as well.

      Paul appears to not just have interest in film and video production, but he has his heart in it as well. Through the years, I have found that these types are the best in our field, at any age.


Jamie Hoarty

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